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Big Brother 13 Jeff Won Hoh Earlier Tonight Week 7

Big Brother 13 Jeff won Hoh earlier tonight week 7

As previously reported, annoying Brendon got ousted from Big Brother 13 for the 2nd time on the live show earlier tonight. Then they did a physical Hoh competition that ran longer than the show because it involved the contestants having to run back and forth until they filled a big jar up to a certain level. The first one to do it,won Hoh.

According to Big Brother Network and the live feeds, Jeff ended up winning it in just under two hours,so it looks like Dani could be in quite a bit of trouble this week,but one things for sure,is she’ll definitely get to play the POV with the POV ticket she won last week if it comes down to that. There is a slim chance that Dani could pull off a deal with Jeff,but it’s really very slim right now. Read more »

Big Brother 13 Eliminated Brendon A 2nd Time Tonight Week 6 & Hoh To Be Revealed

Big Brother 13 eliminated Brendon A 2nd time tonight week 6 & Hoh to be revealed

Tonight’s live eviction show kicked off with past scenes from this week. Then host Julie Chen came on to explain what’s been going on,along with showing footage of what happened after Dani put Brendon on the block after the POV ceremony. Brendon said Dani won’t be able to get him out twice. Rachel said Dani is stupid for making them enemies. Then Rachel had another long crying session with Brendon.

Rachel also called Shelly evil for grinning after Brendon got put on the block. Brendon revealed he only needed four votes to stay in,and he’s gonna try to get them. Brendon tried to work his weak social game on Adam,claiming,Dani wants all the males out. Read more »

First Underworld 4,Awakening Movie Teaser Action Trailer Released Online

    kate beckinsale in underworld 4 movie image

First Underworld 4,Awakening movie teaser action trailer released online

Screen Gems recently released the first movie teaser trailer (below) for their upcoming “Underworld 4: Awakening” flick, and it looks pretty good as the sexy Kate Beckinsale has returned to the franchise for another round,and she looks hotter than ever in that tight,black suit. The movie stars: Kate Beckinsale, Stephen Rea, Michael Ealy, Theo James, India Eisley,and Charles Dance.

In the flick, Kate Beckinsale returns in her lead role as the vampire warrioress Selene, who escapes imprisonment to find herself in a world where humans have discovered the existence of both Vampire and Lycan clans Read more »

True Blood Anna Paquin To Star In New ‘Straight A’s’ Comedy Movie

True Blood Anna Paquin to star in new ‘Straight A’s’ comedy movie

According to Variety, True Blood,Sookie starlet Anna Paquin has signed on to co-star in a new comedy movie gig with actor Ryan Phillippe. The movie is titled, “Straight A’s.” The filming started two days ago in Shreveport,Louisiana with James Cox directing it. Dave Cole wrote the script.

The flick will focus on Phillippe’s character who is a man that’s been in and out of rehab for 10 years,and is haunted by the ghost of his dead mother pressing him to return home to the family he turned his back on years ago. Read more »

Big Brother 13 Shelly,Brendon Spotted Chillin Out Hours Before Eviction Tonight

    brenchel with shelly,big brother 13 image

Big Brother 13 Shelly,Brendon spotted chillin out hours before eviction tonight

Well people this has pretty much been the scene for Brenchal around the house on the live feeds. With the exception of Shelly,Brendon and Rachel have been glued to each other ever since he re-entered the house,and hopefully Brendon’s 2nd and final demise will occur tonight in the eviction show.

Brenchel’s game play makes me nauseous because they have no social game,and just give up and get angry when things don’t quite go their way. Then they wonder why everyone tries to get them out. Wtf? Anyways, it looks like Shelly should have the votes to stay over Brendon. If not,Dani will be in deep trouble. I think if either Kalia or Porsche don’t win Hoh, Dani will be in trouble anyways,but if Brendon’s still there,it will obviously be much worse. Read more »

Vampire Diaries Released New ‘Secret Circle’ Faye Witch Preview Clip

secret circle faye witch image

Vampire Diaries released new ‘Secret Circle’ Faye witch preview clip

The CW along with Vampire Diaries producer Kevin Williamson recently released a new preview,spoiler clip (below) for the Faye witch in their new show “Secret Circle,” which will be debuting alongside Vampire Diaries this fall.

In the clip, Phoebe Tonkin who plays witch character Faye,chimed in to reveal what her character is all about,along with showing new scenes from the show. Phoebe revealed that her character is the bad girl on the show. She’s unpredictable,very impatient,and very hungry for power. She also has very bad intentions. Read more »

Video: Vamp Castmember Talks Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 Details With AH

angela sarafyan
Vamp castmember talks Twilight Breaking Dawn part 2 details with AH in this new video (below). Access Hollywood recently caught up to the beautiful Angela Sarafyan who plays Egyptian vampire Tia in Breaking Dawn part 2,and she gave away few teasers about her role in the film,and more.

In the flick, she talked about how much fun she had filming on the Breaking Dawn set. She revealed that it was rainy and cold on the set,but yet it was very beautiful,and they all had little electric fire places. Then she got into Breaking Dawn talk. Read more »

Robert Pattinson Gave Kristen Stewart A New $40,000 Golden Love Locket & More

Robert Pattinson gave Kristen Stewart a new $40,000 golden love locket & more

According to Hollywood Life and their sources, Twilight Saga star Robert Pattinson has gone all out,and shelled out a whopping $40,000 on an impressive golden love locket for his rumored girlfriend Kristen Stewart.

They say Rob gave her an antique gold and platinum locket that contains photos of them inside of it,along with a personalized,heavy romantic, inscription that carried a price tag of 40 grand. The inscription is written in Latin,and says, “Even if you can’t see me, my love for you is always there.” Whoa! Heavy. Read more »

New ‘The Avengers’ Movie Photo Features Hero Hawkeye

    the avengers,hawyeye movie image

New ‘The Avengers’ movie photo features hero Hawkeye. Marvel and Paramount Studios recently released this new photo from their upcoming super hero,action flick “The Avengers,”and it features character Clint Barton aka Hawkeye. Hawkeye is a world-class archer and marksman. His above average reflexes and hand-eye-coordination make him the most proficient archer ever known.

He is also trained to throw knifes, darts, balls, bolas and boomerangs. He is a natural athlete,and is also very formidable at unarmed combatant, thanks largely for longtime combat training with Captain America. Read more »

Pretty Little liars Ep 11 Spoilers: Spencer Gets Into More Trouble & More

spencer in more trouble,pretty little liars season 2 image
Spencer gets into more trouble & more in ABC’s “Pretty Little Liars” episode 11 of season 2. We’ve got spoilers for the show,along with promo clips after the jump. The episode is called, “I Must Confess,” and things get pretty sticky again for Spencer as she’s seen getting into more trouble with the girls over A,and more.

In “I Must Confess” episode, Emily will hit a breaking point after being pushed around, threatened and more by “A,” and her friends know that something drastic has to be done to save her. The girls will turn to the only person they have come to trust and know Dr. Anne Sullivan. Read more »