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Big Brother 13 Eliminated Jordan Tonight Week 10 And Final Hoh To Be Revealed

Big Brother 13 eliminated Jordan tonight week 10 and final Hoh to be revealed. Tonight’s special,live elimination show kicked off with more past scenes from this week. Then host Julie Chen brought us up to date on what’s going on. Next,they showed footage of what went down after Kalia got evicted last night and Adam won Hoh.

Jordan revealed that she voted for Kalia to stay so she could keep her word to her,and possibly get a jury vote from her. Rachel was kind of upset because she felt she had to get Kalia’s blood on her hands. Porsche immediately tried to talk game with Adam before he made his nominations. Porsche tried to sell him on the fact that it would be good if they were both in the final two,instead of going up against a vet.

Rachel tried to negotiate with Adam next,followed by Jordan. He was pretty vague with Jordan,and she got pissed because she thought he wanted to take Porsche to final two. She was so pissed that she wouldn’t let him speak. Jordan really gets angry when she doesn’t get her way. Read more »

Big Brother 13 Adam Nominated Porsche & Jordan Last Night Week 10

Big Brother 13 Adam nominated Porsche & Jordan last night week 10. According to Big Brother Network and the live feeds, reigning Hoh Adam decided to go ahead and nominate Jordan and Porsche for eviction last night. Since this is another speedy week,the POV competition also took place last night,and Porsche pulled it out to guarantee her place in the final three.

Now, Rachel and Jordan are up against each other on the block,and to top it all off,we’ve got another special,live eviction show tonight. So,either Rachel or Jordan will go home tonight. My biggest fear,is that Jordan will somehow slip into the final three again,and win Big Brother for a 2nd time,which would really suck. Read more »

New Vampire Diaries Season 3 Photo Features Elena In The Water

     elena in the water,vampire diaries season 3 image

New Vampire Diaries season 3 photo features Elena in the water. The CW recently released a new photo from the upcoming Vampire Diaries episode 2 of season 3,and it features the beautiful Elena,played by Nina Dobrev, in the water.

It looks like she’s trying to figure something out. I believe Damon is in this same scene at some point. The episode is called, “The Hybrid,” and things will get more intense with Klaus as he tries to run a new plan that will make him even stronger than he currently is. However,it will not play out the way Klaus wants it to. Jeremy will still be trying to figure why in the hell he’s seeing his dead girlfriends Vicki and Anna. Read more »

Christian Bale Spotted Filming New Batman 3,Bruce Wayne Scenes In Cali Yesterday

     christian bale,batman 3 nice suit image

Christian Bale spotted filming new Batman 3,Bruce Wayne scenes in Cali yesterday. Yesterday afternoon,the main “Batman 3: The Dark Knight Rises” star Christian Bale was spotted back on the Los Angeles,California set to shoot new Bruce Wayne scenes. He looked really sharp in his suit and tie ensemble. Bruce Wayne is,of course,the alter-ego for main character Batman.

According to sources, Christian Bale was photographed on the Los Angeles set yesterday,September 7th,along with co-star Anne Hathaway who plays character Selina Kyle aka Catwoman. They filmed scenes at different times. At one point, Christian got to hop in that badass,new Lamborghini to take if for a few spins as it’s the new Batmobile in the flick. Read more »

Twilight’s Kristen Stewart Spotted Super Hot In New ‘Premiere’ Magazine Photo

    kristen stewart in prestige magazine

Twilight’s Kristen Stewart spotted super hot in new ‘Premiere’ magazine photo. Recently,Twilight Saga beauty Kristen Stewart posed for the new issue of Premiere magazine with her co-star and boyfriend Robert Pattinson. This new single shot of her is absolutely gorgeous. She looks stunning in it,and is totally glowing as she stares intensely into the camera. I really dig Kristen these days because she is looking so hot,and her career is zipping right along.

She’s tapped to be in some huge movies outside of Twilight that sound really good. One of the ones I’m particularly interested in,is her role in the new Buffy The Vampire Slayer remake movie. That franchise has a ton of fans,which will make Kristen even more huge than she already is. Read more »

Robert Pattinson To Star In New ‘Pendragon’ King Arthur,Medieval Type Movie

Robert Pattinson to star in new ‘Pendragon’ King Arthur,medieval type movie. According to Hollywood Life,Twilight Saga leading man Robert Pattinson is currently in talks to star in a new medieval,themed movie called, “Pendragon,” which is a re-telling of the King Arthur story. It will be a similar type movie as what Kristen Stewart is doing in her new “Snow White and the Huntsman” flick.

Their sources reveal, Rob has been approached to star in the new movie. If the deal goes through,Rob will play the lead role of King Arthur. The film will reportedly be directed by Sylvain White. Sylvain directed past films Stomp The Yard & The Losers. Read more »

Big Brother 13 Eliminated Kalia Tonight Week 9 And Adam Won Hoh

Big Brother 13 eliminated Kalia tonight Week 9 and Adam won Hoh

Tonight’s special,live eviction show kicked off with past scenes from this week. Then hostess Julie Chen came on to explain what’s been going down this week. Next, they showed footage of what happened in the house after Kalia and Porsche were nominated. Rachel said she’s coming after Kalia for nominating her so many times.

Adam told Jordan, he’s on her and Rachel’s side. Jordan said,she didn’t fully trust Adam. Then they showed the POV competition. It was some sort of pie race contest,involving names of Big Brother 13 competitors. Jordan,not surprisingly, lost out first. Eventually,it came down to Adam and Porsche after Kalia lost out,and started balling. Then Adam pulled out the victory. Read more »

Nikita Season 2 Spoiler: Nikita’s Father To Show Up On The Scene & More

Nikita’s father to show up on the scene & more in this new “Nikita” season 2 spoiler. TV Guide recently ran their new Megabuzz edition,and revealed an interesting new spoiler for the upcoming season 2 of their hit action show “Nikita,” and it involves Nikita’s long-lost father showing up on the scene.

They revealed,that we might be meeting Nikita’s Father after Nikita uses information she found in the black box. Nikita and Michael will think the info they’ve found, might be her birth dad. It also turns out that her father has been hiding out, working against the government,just like Nikita.

Well,they say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,and it definitely holds true in this case. Read more »

New Batman 3 Movie Set Video Features Bane’s Compound & More In Los Angeles

New Batman 3 movie set video features Bane’s compound & more in Los Angeles

According to Shockya and the guy in this new “Batman 3: The Dark Knight Rises” video (below),this is the Los Angeles,CA movie set for Bane’s compound. It also features new bridge shots,props,and more.

In the clip,the guy walks us through the Bane’s compound area,and explains what it will look like when everything is finally set up. He mentioned that there will be some icebergs located somewhere around the area. He also showed a panoramic view of the entire landscape. Read more »

New Superman,Man Of Steel Set Pic Shows New Henry Cavill,Superman Fight Scene

    superman,man of steel fight scene

New Superman,Man Of Steel set pic shows new Henry Cavill,Superman fight scene

This new “superman: Man Of Steel” photo recently hit the net,and it features actor Henry Cavill all dressed up in full,muscular Superman costume. This particular photo features him prepping for a fight scene,in which he fights against a CGI enemy. That’s why he’s seen punching at thin air.

Henry reportedly really bulked up for the new Superman role. As previously reported,the flick is currently being filmed in Plano,Illinois. Earlier this week, they shot a scene that had tons of army guys rushing a building. It looked pretty serious. Read more »