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Petra & Dmitry Eliminated From ‘Dancing With The Stars 12′ Tonight

Petra Nemcova & Dmitry Chaplin,dancing with stars 12 image
Petra & Dmitry eliminated from ‘Dancing With The Stars 12′ tonight in week 4. Tonight’s elimination show kicked off with recap clips from last night’s performance show. Then they revealed one couple that was safe this week. Next, Romeo & Chelsie Hightower did an encore performance of their Fox Trot routine from last night to lead into the first break.

After the first break, Toby Keith sang his song titled “Should’ve Been A Cowboy.” Then Brooke Burke talked backstage with some of the contestants. Next, they showed more recap footage from last night’s performances to lead into the next break. Read more »

New Video: Jessie J Sang ‘Price Tag’ Song On Jimmy Kimmel Last Night

jessie j on jimmy kimmel live image
Jessie J sang ‘Price Tag’ on Jimmy Kimmel last night in this new video (below). Last night, British recording artist Jessie J hit the Jimmy Kimmel Live stage last night to rock her new hit song “Price Tag.” I absolutely love this song. I like the lyrics,the beat,all of it. She really has a unique sound. Price Tag is the 2nd single from her 1st studio album titled, ” Who You Are.”

The song was written by Jessie J and features rapper B.o.B in the official music video. The song was released on January 28th of this year. On the Kimmel show,she sported a sexy black outfit as she belted out the lyrics to Price Tag. She really appeared to be having a great time on stage as she worked the audience by strutting across the stage and waving her hands. Read more »

CW ’90210′ Released New Episode 19,Season 3 Spoiler Clip

ivy in 90210 episode 19 season 3 image
CW ’90210′ released new episode 19,season 3 spoiler clip. The CW recently released a new,sneak peek,spoiler clip (below) for the upcoming “90210″ episode 19 of season 3. The episode is titled, “Nerdy Little Secrets.”

In this clip, Ivy is seen going to the beach to set up her stuff for a picnic. She then calls her new boyfriend Raj up on the cell to find out where the hell he’s at because he’s apparently supposed to meet up with her there. After that, Ivy sees someone yelling out for help in the water. Read more »

Gossip Girl Ep 19 Spoilers: Serena Spies On Dan,Blair Relationship & More

blair with dan in gossip girl episode 19,season 4 image
Serena spies on Dan,Blair relationship & more in CW’s “Gossip Girl” episode 19 of season 4. We’ve got spoilers for the show,along with a promo clip after the jump. The episode is called “Pretty In Pink,” and things get interesting when Serena gets her cousin Charlie to spy on Dan and Blair’s relationship,and more.

In “Pretty In Pink” episode, Serena will enlists Charlie (guest star Kaylee DeFer) to go undercover to determine why Dan and Blair are spending so much time together, and what role an unexpected visitor is playing in their lives. Read more »

90210 Ep 19 Spoilers: Silver Acts Crazy From Adrianna Drug Swap & More

silver acts crazy in 90210 episode 19,season 3 image

Silver acts crazy from Adrianna drug swap & more in CW’s “90210″ episode 19 of season 3. We’ve got spoilers for the show,along with a promo clip after the jump. The episode is entitled, “Nerdy Little Secrets,” and things get pretty crazy for Silver after she starts taking the medication that Adrianna swapped out in the last episode.

In “Nerdy Little Secrets” episode, Naomi will get sick of hiding her relationship with Max. She will also be afraid he might be cheating on her, so she follows him to an academic decathlon event, to confront him. Silver will begin to behave erratically, which worries Navid and secretly pleases Adrianna because she has swapped out her medication. Read more »

Robert Pattinson Spotted Smiling Big For Matt Lauer & The ‘Today Show’

    robert pattinson  with matt lauer on today showimage

Robert Pattinson spotted smiling big for Matt Lauer & the Today Show. Yesterday ,Twilight Saga mega star Robert Pattinson showed up on NBC’s Today show with Matt Lauer to promote his new “Water For Elephants” flick. He appeared to be in great spirits as he cracked a big smile for the cameras while posing with the host Matt Lauer.

In related news,Rob recently revealed that he wrapped up his “Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn” filming. However, his popular co-star Kristen Stewart was spotted still filming scenes for it in Vancouver,Canada yesterday afternoon. Read more »

WB Released New Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Part 2 Feature & New Clip

    harry potter fights voldermort in deathly hallows 2 image

WB released new Harry Potter Deathly Hallows part 2 feature & new clip. Warner Bros. Pictures recently released a brand new featurette,movie clip (below) for the upcoming “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2,” and it looks very good as it features an all new,never before seen clip from the film,and more.

The new featurette clip shows new,unseen footage from the movie,along with interviews from the director David Yates,other crewmembers,and more. About midway through the clip,David Yates presents a special preview from the movie,which shows the evil Voldermort locating the elder wand. Read more »

Kristen Stewart Spotted Filming Twilight Breaking Dawn Vampire Running

    kristen stewart films vampire running scenes

Kristen Stewart spotted filming Twilight Breaking Dawn vampire running. Twilight Saga,leading lady Kristen Stewart was recently spotted back on the Breaking Dawn movie set yesterday afternoon in Vancouver,Canada to film some vampire running scenes it appears. She was sporting some black and blue workout gear for the scene as paparazzi snapped the money shots.

According to sources, Kristen was spotted back on the Breaking Dawn set yesterday afternoon,and was also wearing the ring that character Edward Cullen gave her in the flick. Guri Weinberg and Noel Fisher were on the set,and the stars were strapped to a device that replicated vampire running. Read more »

True Blood’s Evan Rachel Wood Said She’s Bisexual & Dominant

True Blood’s Evan Rachel Wood said she’s bisexual & dominant. According to Popeater, the very cute, True Blood, Queen Sophie Anne star Evan Rachel Wood recently revealed to Esquire Magazine that she is indeed bisexual just like her castmate Anna Paquin. She also revealed that she’s usually dominant when it comes to the ladies.

She said that she grew up being in love with David Bowie,so she was always into very androgynous things. “Guys, girls. I’m into androgyny in general.” After that, she went on to say that she’s more like the guy when it comes to girls,and that she’s the dominant one. She opens the doors,buys dinner,and she’s romantic. Read more »

Video:Producer Gives New ‘One Tree Hill’ Ep 18,Season 8 Spoilers & More

Producer gives new ‘One Tree Hill’ ep 18,season 8 spoilers & more in this new video (below). The CW recently released a new “One Tree Hill” episode 18,season 8 clip with producer Mark Schwahn,giving his take on the episode,along with a few spoilers,and new scenes. The episode is titled, “Quiet Little Voices.”

In the clip, Mark reveals that Haley will get rushed to the hospital. Then little Jamie will have fun with Quinn and Clay as they try to eat six saltine crackers in one minute. After that, Mark reveals that little Jamie is sitting right beside him to present the preview. He also brought along some saltine crackers. Read more »