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New Under The Dome Season 2,Episode 9 Official Spoilers,Plotline Revealed By CBS

Recently, CBS served up the new, official synopsis/spoilers for their upcoming “Under The Dome” episode 9 of season 2. The episode is entitled, “The Red Door,” and it sounds like things will get very intense and intriguing as Barbie gets captured by a couple of mystery guys, and more!

In the new, 9th episode press release: Barbie is going to get apprehended by a group of mysterious men. Press release number 2: When Barbie is apprehended by a group of mysterious men, he is going to be relentlessly interrogated about his connection to the Dome. Meanwhile, Big Jim will make a deal that could seal the fate of the residents of Chester’s Mill forever. Read more »

New The Giver Movie Delivered Weird Storyline,Great Suspenseful Ending & More

The Weinstein Company released their new drama/sci-fi flick, “The Giver” into theaters this weekend. i just checked it out and thought it was just ok. The plotline was a little too strange for my taste, but I thought it had a decent ending with lots of suspense, action and more. It stars: Jeff Bridges, Meryl Streep, Brenton Thwaites, Alexander Skarsgård, Katie Holmes, Odeya Rush and Taylor Swift.

The movie is set in a utopian society in 2048 AD. After a big war, “the community” decided to get rid of colors, therefore different races and feelings, such as love and anger, because they felt that they only caused conflict. In their community, everything is about sameness, thus there is no money or social status. Everyone owns the same things, and everyone lives in a same sized house. Read more »

New Hunger Games 3,Mockingjay Movie Poster Shows Haymitch District 13 Action

Recently, Lionsgate served up this new movie poster (above) for their upcoming “Hunger Games 3: Mockingjay Part 1″ action/drama flick, and it gives us a new look at former Hunger Games champ, Haymitch Abernathy, in action for their District 13 promotional work. Haymitch is played by actor Woody Harrelson.

As for the movie, it stars: Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth, Woody Harrelson, Elizabeth Banks, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Jeffrey Wright, Stanley Tucci, Donald Sutherland, Julianne Moore, Natalie Dormer, Stef Dawson, Evan Ross, Lily Rabe, Patina Miller, Wes Chatham, Elden Henson and Jena Malone. Read more »

New Leftovers Episode 9,Season 1 Official Spoilers,Plotline Revealed By HBO

Recently, HBO served up the new, official synopsis/spoilers for their upcoming “The Leftovers” episode 9 of season 1. The episode is entitled, “The Garveys At Their Best,” and it sounds like things will get quite intriguing and dramatic as Kevin attempts to suppress his bad habits, track down a marauding deer, and more.

In the new,9th episode press release: Kevin will try to suppress his bad habits while tracking down a marauding deer in Mapleton. Laurie will receive not-unexpected news amidst a rising sense of foreboding. Tom is going to connect with his past against his better judgment. Nora will have a job interview. Kevin Senior (Scott Glenn) is going to receive an honor. Read more »

New True Blood Season 7,Finale Episode 10 Official Spoilers,Plotline Revealed By HBO

Recently, HBO delivered the new, official synopsis/spoilers for their upcoming “True Blood” finale episode 10 of season 7. The episode is entitled, “Thank You,” and it sounds like things will get quite interesting as Eric and Pam continue to struggle coping with their agreement with Mr. Gus, Sookie weighs her future with and without Bill, and more.

In the new, 10th episode press release: Sookie (Anna Paquin) is going to weigh a future with and without Bill (Stephen Moyer). Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) and Pam (Kristin Bauer van Straten) are going to struggle with their uncomfortable partnership with Mr. Gus (Will Yun Lee). Sam (Sam Trammell) will make a choice, while Andy (Chris Bauer) comes upon an unexpected inheritance. Read more »

New Witches Of East End Season 2,Episode 7 Official Spoilers,Plotline Revealed By Lifetime

Recently, Lifetime served up the new, official synopsis/spoilers for their upcoming “Witches of East End” episode 7 of season 2. The episode is entitled, “Art of Darkness,” and it sounds like things will get very intriguing as Killian starts doubting his feelings for Ava. An old family friend arrives for a visit, and more.

In the new,7th episode press release: Tarkoff, an old friend of the family, will visit Joanna and Freddie. Meanwhile, Wendy, Freya, Ingrid and Dash will attend an art gala where Wendy encounters someone from her past. And Killian is going to begin to doubt his feelings for Eva. Read more »

New Hunger Games 3,Mockingjay Katniss Spoilers Revealed By The Director

katniss everdeen in mockingjay movie image

According to a new report from, Entertainment Weekly chatted up “Hunger Games: Mockingjay” director, Francis Lawrence, and dished out new spoiler teasers for Katniss’ state of mind, new attire, and more. It turns out that Katniss will be quite distraught, confused, angry, and more.

At one point in their interview, Francis described Katniss’ situation in the new flick, stating: “It’s a very confusing, conflicted, complicated time for Katniss. She’s distraught, confused, angry.” Francis also revealed that we’re going to see more of the complicated President Coin, played by Julianne Moore, than in the source. Read more »

New Let’s Be Cops Movie Delivered Great Laughs,Drama,Action & More

let's be cops movie poster image

20th Century FOX released their new comedy flick, “Let’s Be Cops,” into theaters this weekend. I just checked it out and thought it was quite entertaining and hilarious, delivering a ton of laughs, drama, suspense and more. It stars: Damon Wayans Jr., Jake Johnson, Rob Riggle, Nina Dobrev, James D’Arcy and Andy Garcia.

In the new film, characters ,Ryan (Jake Johnson) and Justin (Damon Wayans Jr.), are feeling pretty down about their careers are the lack there of. Ryan is a former football star that got injured, and Justin is a struggling video game creator with a shortage on confidence. Eventually, they show up at a masquerade party in full cop costumes, because Ryan thought a masquerade party was the same as a costume party.

After getting shunned from that event, they found themselves being able to command unusual amounts of attention as everyone thought they were real cops. They had a little fun with it at first. However, Ryan started taking it too damn far by actually getting a fake cop car off of Ebay. Read more »

New The 100 Season 2 Abby & Clarke Teaser Spoilers Dished Out By The Producer

the100 clarke and abbey image

As previously reported, Zap2it was able to get “The 100″ executive producer, Jason Rothenberg, to dish out quite a few spoiler teasers at the recent 2014 Comic-Con event in San Diego,CA. In this final segment, Jason revealed that Abby and Clarke will still be apart and wondering if the other is dead or alive, and more.

Jason explained to them when asked what he’s most excited for in season 2: “For me, it’s Abby and Clarke’s story, since they haven’t been together since the pilot. She’s been obsessed with getting her daughter back ever since then. So in episode 2, she gets to the drop ship and her daughter’s not there. She finally got there and just missed her. Again, they’re still separated and wondering if the other Read more »

New Downton Abbey Season 5 Lady Mary Romance & More Spoiler Teasers Revealed

downton abbey lady mary image

Recently, E! Online delivered their newest spoiler chat session and dished new spoiler teasers for the upcoming “Downton Abbey” season 5 in regards to Lady Mary. It turns out that Lady Mary is going to finally come out of her depression issues and get her spirit back.

We’ll also see Mary get some romance action in with Gilliam and Blake at some point. In their spoiler chat report, they stated: “Let’s just say season five could easily be subtitled “How Lady Mary Got Her Groove Back.” “She’s very much out of mourning by series five. For me, it’s like a new Mary,” Michelle Dockery previews. “She’s got her spirit back…she’s got her bite back.” And yes, that includes Read more »