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HBO Released New ‘True Blood’ Episode 3,Season 4 Spoiler Clip

crystal in true blood episode 3,season 4 image
HBO released new ‘True Blood’ episode 3,season 4 spoiler clip. HBO recently released a new,sneak peek,spoiler clip (below) from the upcoming “True Blood” episode 3 of season 4. The episode is called, “If You Love Me Why Am I Dyin’?”

In the clip, Jason is still lying strapped to the bed as Crystal and her crazy lover Felton discuss their plans for him. Jason tells Felton to just kill him instead of messing around. Eventually, Crystal tells Jason, she won’t let Felton kill him,and thanks him for what he’s about to do even though he doesn’t know what the hell that is yet. Read more »

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Released New Episode 6,Season 2 Spoilers

Pretty Little Liars released new episode 6,season 2 spoilers. ABC Family recently released a new set of spoilers for the upcoming “Pretty Little Liars” episode 6 of season 2. The episode is labeled, “Never Letting Go.”

In “Never Letting Go” episode, on the eve of the Rosewood Charity Fashion Show, Aria, Emily, Hanna,and Spencer will get surprised with Jessica DiLaurentis’ return to town and her request that they participate in the show on Alison’s behalf.

Aria will take the opportunity to try and help jog Jason’s memory of the night Ali disappeared, as Hanna starts to get her hopes up that her father’s attendance may mean more than he’s letting on. Read more »

ABC’s ‘All My Children’ and ‘One Life to Live’ To Continue Airing Online

ABC’s ‘All My Children’ and ‘One Life to Live’ to continue airing online. According to Deadline, ABC has decided to license “All My Children” and “One Life to Live” to a company named Prospect Park. This new deal will allow the company to air the two soap operas online,thus keeping the shows alive beyond their regular TV cancellation dates.

It’s an exclusive multi-year, multi-platform deal that will enable Prospect Park to continue production of “All My Children” and “One Life To Live,” and will air them to consumers online,along with emerging internet enabled TV sets. Read more »

Video: Big Brother 13 Castmembers Talk New Dynamic Duos Twist & More

Big Brother 13 castmembers talk new Dynamic Duos twist & more in this new video ( below). Superpass recently interviewed the 8,new houseguests for Big Brother 13,which premieres in just a few hours. The clip reveals that they are indeed privy to the new Dynamic Duos twist that CBS has planned for them. However, they obviously don’t know who will be entering the house with them.

In the clip, they discussed who they would not like in the house. Apparently, Dominic really hates the Evel Dick-type game play,while Shelly would actually like to play against Evel Dick,so she can challenge him. Read more »

Batman 3,Dark Knight Rises Filming new Skydiving & Aircraft Scenes In Scotland

Batman 3,Dark Knight Rises filming new skydiving & aircraft scenes in Scotland. According to Movieweb, the new “Batman 3: The Dark Knight Rises” flick has been filming skydiving and aircraft scenes over in Scotland. At one point,one of the parachute guys lost control and crashed into a house,but he came away from it unharmed.

They shot several skydiving scenes at the Cairngorm Gliding Club in the Highlands of Scotland,and the top secret shoot took place at the Gliding Club’s Feshie Bridge site. Parachutists were dressed in black,and used a private jet ,which was painted black. Read more »

Robert Pattinson Spotted Smiling With Fans At Cosmopolis Night Shoot Yesterday

    robert pattinson on cosmopolis night shoot image

Robert Pattinson spotted smiling with fans at Cosmopolis night shoot yesterday.Twilight Saga leading man was recently spotted out again,hanging with his adoring fans on the set of his new “Cosmopolis” flick in Toronto,Canada. He appeared to be having a great time with them as he posed and smiled for the cameras in his casual attire,along with his usual baseball cap.

According to sources,Rob graciously posed with fans after filming new Cosmopolis action scenes last night. He was very focused on the set as he filmed more outdoor gunshot scenes in downtown Toronto,Canada. Read more »

Pretty Little Liars Released 2,New Episode 5,Season 2 Spoiler Clips

spencer yelling on the phone  pretty little liars season 2,episode 5 image
Pretty Little Liars released 2,new episode 5,season 2 spoiler clips. ABC Family recently released 2,new,sneak peek,spoiler clips (below) for the upcoming “Pretty Little Liars” episode 5 of season 2. The episode is called, “The Devil You Know.”

In the first clip, Hanna tries to offer Caleb food and ice from her fridge,but discovers they don’t have anything. Then Caleb tries to express his concern for her,but Hanna’s not into it,and tells him he shouldn’t be concerned about her. Read more »

Liam Neeson Spotted Filming Batman 3,Dark Knight Rises As Ra’s al Ghul

liam neeson

Liam Neeson spotted filming Batman 3,Dark Knight Rises as Ra’s al Ghul. As previously reported last month,actor Liam Neeson joined the cast of the upcoming “Batman 3: The Dark Knight Rises” as character Ra’s al Ghul.

Now,Hitfix is reporting that he was spotted onset,shooting a scene a couple of weeks ago. It’s unknown if it was a flashback scene or not,but the sure thing is, he filmed a scene. Read more »

Twilight’s Kristen Stewart Spotted Catching Rumored Flight To See Robert Pattinson

    kristen stewart at lax yesterday

Twilight’s Kristen Stewart spotted catching rumored flight to see Robert Pattinson. Twilight Saga cutie Kristen Stewart was recently spotted out yesterday afternoon,catching a rumored flight to see her popular co-star Robert Pattinson in Canada.

Hollywood Life revealed there’s a ton of buzz on Twitter that claims she boarded an Air Canada flight to see Rob in Toronto,and her flight was definitely an “out of country” flight since she had her passport with her. Read more »

True Blood Alexander Skarsgard Spotted Cali Gym Hopping With New Chick

    alexander skarsgard with new girl at gym

True Blood Alexander Skarsgard spotted Cali gym hopping with new chick. True Blood,Eric Northman star Alexander Skarsgard was recently spotted out in West Hollywood,California two days ago,hitting up the gym with some new hot chick. Alexander appeared to be pretty focused as paparazzi snapped photos.

Alexander sported all-black attire as he headed to keep his physique in top condition for his True Blood gig. Last night, the new True Blood episode 2 of season 4 aired,and we saw Eric Northman lose his memory after the witches worked their magic on him. He’s in bad shape at the moment. Read more »