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Video: Robert Pattinson,Ashley Greene Did,Long Breaking Dawn Belgium Q&A Session

Robert Pattinson,Ashley Greene did,long Breaking Dawn Belgium Q&A session in these new videos (below). As previously reported, Twilight stars Robert Pattinson and Ashley Greene hit up Belgium on the 2nd leg of their big Breaking Dawn,promo tour,and sat down to answer fan questions for a whopping 22 minutes plus.

In the clip, the fans,unsurprisingly,cheered very loudly for the two stars. Rob and Ashley seemed very happy and delighted by the warm welcome. Then they talked about what types of things they’ve autographed while there. After that, they got down to the questions. Rob said he was really happy to be in Belgium. Ashley revealed that she worked in a restaurant before the Twilight Saga gig,and it’s changed her life in a very good way. Read more »

Kim Kardashian Reportedly Thinks Her Kris Humphries Marriage Was A Mistake & More

    kim kardashian us weekly magazine image

Kim Kardashian reportedly thinks her Kris Humphries marriage was a mistake & more. We’ve got another disturbing report about the Kim Kardashian marriage being on the rocks,and it doesn’t bode well for her NBA player,husband Kris Humphries at all. It looks like Kim is really starting to regret marrying Kris because he parties too damn much,and isn’t doing anything productive since the NBA is on lockout.

Sources for US Weekly magazine say, Kim has told Kris that he needs to do something productive. “The work ethic in that family really means something. He needs to get off his ass, like, yesterday. On some levels, she feels like she made a mistake.” Read more »

New Vampire Diaries Ep 7,Season 3 Pic Shows Dead Mason Confronting Damon

    mason talks with damon in vampire diaries ep 7,season 3 image

New Vampire Diaries ep 7,season 3 pic shows dead Mason confronting Damon. We’ve got a new photo from the upcoming “Vampire Diaries” episode 7,which is called, “Ghost World,” and during the episode, Mason Lockwood confronts his murderer Damon after,somehow,returning from the dead. He also gives Damon a good torturing before he decides to have a conversation with him.

I can’t really say I blame Mason because Damon did rip his heart out last season,so that sounds more than fair. Another part of the episode,shows Damon rolling up on Bonnie,pissed as hell that Mason is back. He,apparently,thinks Bonnie’s magic had something to do with Mason’s rising,and tells her to fix it, asap. Read more »

Summit Released New HQ Twilight Breaking Dawn Bella,Edward Honeymoon Movie Clip

    bella edward at honeymoon,breaking dawn image

Summit Released new HQ Twilight Breaking Dawn Bella,Edward honeymoon movie clip. Hey Twilight fans. We got a new clip (below) for your guys from the upcoming Breaking Dawn flick,and it features a good,high quality, version of the honeymoon scene where Edward carries Bella into the bedroom. And I must say, that dress really shows off Kristen’s awesome figure quite nicely. She’s a hot chick. Anyways, I digress.

Edward picks Bella up and carries her into the bedroom. The clip doesn’t show this,but later on, they go skinny dipping on the beach. The scene is very romantic. Read more »

AMC ‘The Walking Dead’ Revealed New Episode 4,Season 2 Spoiler Teasers

AMC ‘The Walking Dead’ revealed new episode 4,season 2 spoiler teasers. AMC Recently dropped some very short spoiler teasers for the upcoming episode 4 of season 2. The episode is titled, “Cherokee Rose.” Unfortunately,this is really a short tease. We’ll have more for you guys, later.

In the new episode 4, Shane will make a deadly sacrifice,and the group will try to hang on between living to die or dying to live. Yep,that’s it for now. Episode 4 airs Sunday,November 6th at 8pm central time.

As a consolation, the upcoming episode 3 will see Shane getting into a whole bunch of trouble after getting chased down by a ton of zombies in a school building. From the looks of it,he’s going to have a very hard time escaping because the damn door is locked. Read more »

New Video Shows Robert Pattinson,Ashley Greene Hanging With Fans In Paris,France

New video shows Robert Pattinson,Ashley Greene hanging with fans in Paris,France. We got this new video that features a whopping 4 minutes of Twilight Saga stars Robert Pattinson and Ashley Greene taking photos and signing autographs for their adoring fans over in Paris,France. As previously reported, they hit up the city of love to promote Breaking Dawn part 1 because they had the big premiere over there this past Sunday.

The video showed an panoramic view of the fan area,to start off with. Then a few seconds later,it showed Rob greeting all his eager French fans,who were,unsurprisingly all female. He generously posed for pictures with them,while Ashley rolled up behind him,shortly afterwards. Read more »

CW ‘Gossip Girl’ Released New Episode 6,Season 5 Spoilers

CW ‘Gossip Girl’ released new episode 6,season 5 spoilers. The CW recently dropped a new press release,revealing new spoilers for the upcoming “Gossip Girl” episode 6, after they return from their brief hiatus. The episode is entitled, ” I Am Number Nine.”

In the new episode, Blair will make all of her former minions and Charlie compete to secure the coveted bridesmaid spots in her upcoming royal wedding. Nate will finally get tired of keeping his relationship with Diana a secret, so he will decide to use Charlie to make Diana jealous. Read more »

New,1st ‘Star Wars,Phantom Menace 3D’ Movie Trailer Released Online Today

    star wars,phantom menace movie poster image

New,1st ‘Star Wars,Phantom Menace 3D’ movie trailer released online today. 20th Century Fox released the first movie trailer (below) for their upcoming action/sci-fi flick “Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace 3D” today,and it looks pretty damn entertaining as it features tons of battle scenes,and more. The movie stars: Liam Neeson, Ewan McGregor, Natalie Portman, Jake Lloyd, Ian McDiarmid, Pernilla August, Ahmed Best, Anthony Daniels, Ray Park, Kenny Baker, and Frank Oz.

In the flick, Naboo planet is being threatened by the corrupt Trade Federation, puppets of an evil Sith lord and his terrifying apprentice, Darth Maul . The seemingly benevolent Senator Palpatine is chief advisor to the queen, though there are suspicions surrounding him. Read more »

AMC ‘The Walking Dead’ Released New Episode 3,Season 2 Spoiler Teasers

the walking dead logo image

AMC ‘The Walking Dead’ released new episode 3,season 2 spoiler teasers. AMC recently released a couple of new, small spoiler teasers for the upcoming “Walking Dead” episode 3 of season 2. The episode is labeled, ” Save The Last One,” and things don’t sound good for Shane as he gets trapped in a school,and more.

In the new episode, the group will await Shane‘s return. Shane will find himself trapped in a school. Daryl and Andrea will search for someone in the woods. Hmm,sounds interesting. Episode 3 airs Sunday,October 30th at 8pm central time on AMC.

In related news, episode 2 airs tonight,and will show T-dog telling Dale he wants to split town before the others get back because he feels he could be one of the next to go. Read more »

CW ‘Gossip Girl’ Released New Episode 5,Season 5 Spoiler Clip

chuck with ne girl,gossip girl ep 5,season 5 image

CW ‘Gossip Girl’ released new episode 5,season 5 spoiler clip. CW recently released a new,sneak peek,spoiler clip (below) for the upcoming “Gossip Girl” episode 5 of season 5,and it looks like Chuck might be crushing out on a new chick in this clip. The episode is titled, “The Fasting and the Furious.”

In the new clip, Chuck notices a very attractive lady having some fun with her dog,and walks up to introduce himself. Before the meeting is over, the lady gives him her business card with contact info. Apparently,she’s a psychologist,so Chuck told her he’s been feeling out of sorts lately. Read more »