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Robert Pattinson Hardcore Flirts With New Hot Chick In New ‘Cosmopolis’ Movie Photo

Robert Pattinson hardcore flirts with new hot chick in new ‘Cosmopolis’ movie photo. The studio recently dropped this new photo from their upcoming drama flick “Cosmopolis,” featuring mega Twilight star Robert Pattinson,getting his staring mack on with his hot co-star Sarah Gadon,who plays character Elise Shifrin in the flick.

I can just see the sexual tension oozing out of this photo,and believe me, Rob’s character Eric Packer has a lot of sex with tons of different women in this one too. I swear, Rob and Kristen Stewart were made for each other,because they love to do these sexual,Indie flicks like nobody’s business. Read more »

New ‘The Avengers’ Movie Poster Features All The Heroes In Cool,New Action Setting

New ‘The Avengers’ movie poster features all the heroes in cool,new action setting. Marvel Studios recently dropped this awesome,new,movie poster for their upcoming super hero flick “The Avengers,” and it looks pretty damn cool as it shows Nick Fury,Black Widow,Ironman,and Captain America doing action poses up top.

Then it has Bruce Banner aka Incredible Hulk,Thor,and Hawkeye doing their thing down below. The movie stars: Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Tom Hiddleston, Stellan Skarsgård,and Samuel L. Jackson. Read more »

Robert Pattinson,Kristen Stewart To Return To France Together For Film Festival In May

Robert Pattinson,Kristen Stewart to return to France together for Film Festival in May. According to a new report from Hollywood Reporter, Twilight Saga mega star Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are already about to head on back over to France together in May,because they have two,new,movies to promote at the 65th Cannes Film Festival.

The Festival starts on May 16th. K-Stew will be promoting her new “On The Road” flick,while Rob will be promoting his new “Cosmopolis” movie. This is the perfect opportunity for the two love birds to get away to France again,and blame work as the reason at the same time. Read more »

Spartacus Vengeance Released 2nd,New,Finale Episode 10 Spoiler Clip

Spartacus Vengeance released 2nd,new,finale episode 10 spoiler clip. Yesterday,Starz dropped this new,sneak peek,clip (below) for their upcoming “Spartacus: Vengeance” episode 10,and it looks pretty interesting as Spartacus and Gannicus have a little Bro moment. The episode is called “Wrath Of The Gods.”

In the new clip, Spartacus explains to Gannicus that they need to stay steadfast to sound tactics in order to survive. Gannicus then tells him,he understands why he stayed alive this long. Spartacus goes on to explain that they’ll have to face Glaber and his army. Read more »

Ringer Ep 20 Spoilers: Henry Gets Arrested For Tyler’s Death Due To A Witness & More

Henry gets arrested for Tyler’s death due to a witness & more in CW’s “Ringer” episode 20 of season 1. We’ve got spoilers for the show,along with 2,sneak peek,clips after the jump. The episode is entitled, “If You’re Just An Evil B!tch Then Get Over It.”

In the new “If You’re Just An Evil B!tch Then Get Over It” episode, Bridgette will still be posing as Siobhan,and admits to Agent Machado that someone tried to kill her months earlier,and she thought it was Andrew. Bridget is going to go to Henry’s apartment, where Siobhan overhears Bridget accuse Henry of Tyler’s murder.

Meanwhile, Catherine (guest star Andrea Roth) will go to desperate extremes to bring Andrew closer to her. Read more »

Robert Pattinson,Kristen Stewart Spotted Kissing,Holding Hands At Katy Perry Concert

Robert Pattinson,Kristen Stewart spotted kissing,holding hands at Katy Perry concert. As previously reported, Twilight mega stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart,hit up a big Katy Perry concert this past Monday night,March 26th.

Now,we have some new details from,and their pretty juicy as Rob and Kristen engaged in some more,major PDA action. A concert attendee said, “I saw them quickly sneak a few kisses. Kristen was kind of in front of Rob, singing along at times. It was cute how he was looking on at her! They also held hands when they went to the backstage part.” Read more »

Robert Pattinson,Kristen Stewart Partied Hard Again Last Night At Katy Perry Concert

Robert Pattinson,Kristen Stewart partied hard again last night at Katy Perry concert. As previously reported, mega Twilight couple Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have been hitting up the town quite a bit here lately. They were seen,partying it up this past Saturday,March 24th.

Now a new report from Hollywood Life,reveals that they hit the town again last night,March 26th to party it up at a Katy Perry concert. They say, a couple of their fans spotted them at the Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles,California,watching the great Katy Perry perform at the low-key venue. Read more »

Desperate Housewives Ep 19 Spoilers: Bree Gets Arrested For Murder & More

Bree gets arrested for murder & more in ABC’s “Desperate Housewives” episode 19 of season 8. We’ve got spoilers for the show,along with a promo clip after the jump. The episode is entitled, “With So Little to Be Sure Of,” and it looks pretty wild as Bree gets hauled off to jail for murder,and more.

In the new “With So Little to Be Sure Of” episode, Susan will discover that Mike had been hiding a secret from her for years. Bree is going to attempt to hire a high-powered attorney when she becomes the prime suspect in the murder of Gaby’s stepfather.

Gabrielle will discover a sexy way to earn a bigger commission Read more »

Selena Gomez,Ashley Benson Spotted Watching Hunger Games At New Movie Set

Selena Gomez,Ashley Benson spotted watching Hunger Games at new movie set. Over this past weekend,the huge,new “Hunger Games” movie had just about everyone,hitting up the theaters to check it out,and movie starlets Selena Gomez and Ashley Benson were no exceptions.

Ashley tweeted this shot of them at the local movie theater in St. Petersburg,Florida yesterday afternoon,March 25th. She caption it with, “Seeing Hunger games in D box werkkkkkk @selenagomez.” As previously reported, the two stars are currently filming a new,crazy movie down there,called “Spring Breakers” with other starlet Vanessa Hudgens. However,they got to take a break over the weekend. Read more »

Robert Pattinson,Kristen Stewart Photographed Kickin It At Concert Other Night

Robert Pattinson,Kristen Stewart photographed kickin it at concert other night. As previously reported,mega Twilight Saga stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were spotted tight as ever,kicking it at a Marcus Foster concert in Los Angeles,California this past Saturday night,March 24th.

Now, has acquired this new photo of them,which you can see by Clicking Here. K-Stew looked really hot for her man in another set of tight jeans. Both of them were casually dressed as they enjoyed the festivities.

According to sources, Rob and Kristen hit up the The Hotel Cafe to watch the concert. Read more »