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New Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 Fan Photo Features Vampire Bella Dripping Blood

    bella swan dripping blood in breaking dawn part 2

New Twilight Breaking Dawn part 2 fan photo features vampire Bella dripping blood. We just came across this new,freaky,fanmade, photo,and we thought it was so good that we just had to post it. It gives us our first,possible look at what the beautiful Kristen Stewart will look like after she starts gulping down some blood in the upcoming Breaking Dawn part 2 flick.

I think this very last flick is going to be so good that they should consider a Bella Vampire spin off,or something because I’m sure Kristen is going to rock in it. In related news, part 1 just recently came out,and is already approaching the $1 billion dollar mark in worldwide sales with over $500 million dollars in earnings so far. Read more »

Lady Gaga Dropped New ‘Marry The Night’ Music Video Online

lady gaga in marry the night music video
Lady Gaga dropped new ‘Marry The Night’ music video online. Yesterday afternoon,the new Lady Gaga, “Marry The Night” music video joint hit the net,an shot up to the top of Google traffic trends. The new song is the 5th single from her 2nd studio album,titled, “Born This Way.” It was written and produced by Lady Gaga herself,along with Fernando Garibay. It was recorded on the tour bus during The Monster Ball Tour.

The music video was filmed in Staten Island and Harlem,New York on October 10th-13th,2011. Lady Gaga revealed that the new video would be her longest she has done,and will be the beginning of the story she never told us. It’s about 13 minutes long,which is super long for a music video. Read more »

Kris Humphries Claims Kim Kardashian Is A Fraud & Seeks Annulment Instead Of Divorce

Kris Humphries claims Kim Kardashian is a fraud & seeks annulment instead of divorce. Duh. No shocker,here. According to TMZ, Kris Humphries has finally woken up,and realized that Kim Kardashian duped him,claiming she’s a fraud,and just used him to get ratings for her reality show or shows, because they have so damn many of them that I’ve lost count. Kris is now seeking an annulment instead of a divorce.

Their sources say, “Kris now believes that Kim never intended to stay married to him, but needed a groom to fuel ratings for her show. Once they were finished taping, she just didn’t need a groom anymore.” Read more »

Robert Pattinson Freaked Out Over Having To Wear Shorts In Breaking Dawn,Weird

Robert Pattinson freaked out over having to wear shorts in Breaking Dawn,weird. MTV news recently chatted it up with the Breaking Dawn part 1 and part 2 set designer Michael Wikinson,and he revealed that mega star Robert Pattinson isn’t too keen with the idea of wearing shorts,at least,not in Breaking Dawn,anyways. In fact,he got utterly freaked out by the idea.

Michael told them, “It’s a challenge to put an Englishman in shorts. They have an instant freakout! I think it has to do with their public school uniforms that they wear as kids.” In related news, Rob revealed that his character Edward got pretty damn depressed after knocking Bella up in the movie because had to get a clear head about the whole situation,and everything happened so quickly. Part 2 will also bring in more vampires from all around the world,according to director Bill Condon. Read more »

Crazy Breaking Dawn Fans Fake Being Engaged To Try On Bella’s Wedding Dress

    bella breaking dawn wedding dress

Crazy Breaking Dawn fans fake being engaged to try on Bella’s wedding dress. According to TMZ, crazy female fans of Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn have currently been making fake wedding claims just so they can slip into the replica Bella Swan wedding dress that was featured in the latest installment of the series.

They say, the chicks are invading bridal boutiques, secretly lying about being engaged,so they can try on a replica of Bella’s wedding dress from the new movie. The replica dress is currently being sold at Alfred Angelo Bridal boutiques everywhere for $799 dollars. Read more »

Twilight’s Kristen Stewart Hoping To Eventually Ditch Talking Twilight Saga Forever

Twilight’s Kristen Stewart hoping to eventually ditch talking Twilight Saga forever. According to Hollywood Life , Twilight Saga main chick Kristen Stewart recently chatted it up with a Polish TV network named Polstat,and revealed to them that she’s ok with the whole Twilight chatter for now,but definitely wants to get to the point where she’s not ever talking about it any damn more.

She stated, “As much as I’m walking away, I will keep the door open with the light on so I can look back and remember. I’m hoping not to talk about it for the rest of my life.” I personally think that’s an unreal way of thinking, because Twilight is too damn huge,and she’s one of the main stars. Read more »

Robert Pattinson Spotted All Over A Giddy Kristen Stewart For New EW Mag Cover

    robert pattinson with Kriste stewart on entertainment weekly november 2011

Robert Pattinson spotted all over a giddy Kristen Stewart for new EW mag cover. Recently,the main Twilight Saga stars Robert Pattinson,Kristen Stewart,and Taylor Lautner got together to do a special photo shoot for Entertainment Weekly.

And as you can see, Taylor is clearly a 3rd wheel on this Twilight car as Rob and Kristen are deeply immersed in a loving embrace. Poor Taylor. He has to keep watching these two love birds go at it from the sidelines. He looks happy in this,though. Maybe he’s thinking about how much he’s getting paid. Read more »

Kristen Stewart Revealed Who She’ll Miss The Most From Twilight Saga

Kristen Stewart revealed who she’ll miss the most from Twilight Saga. Twilight Saga hottie Kristen Stewart recently chatted with Better TV about wrapping up the Breaking dawn movie series,and she revealed what she’ll miss the most about the whole experience. She said,”I’m going to really miss working with the boys with Taylor and Rob.” Aww.

In another interview,she also revealed that she’s not going to be sad to leave Breaking Dawn because she’s been doing it for so long. She still likes talking about the series and enjoyed making them,but is definitely ready to move on.

In related news, she’s currently filming her new “Snow White and the Huntsman” flick in London,and is sharing an apartment with Robert Pattinson. Read more »

Twilight Breaking Dawn Graphic Birth Scene Gave People Major Seizure Attacks & More

Twilight Breaking Dawn graphic birth scene gave people major seizure attacks & more. According to CBS news,some people just shouldn’t see Breaking Dawn part 1 because it can cause you to lock up and go into a seizure. Well, at least it did for this gentleman,and other people across the country.

They say, Brandon Gephart and Kelly Bauman watched the new flick Friday night,November 18th,and poor Brandon began convulsing during the bloody,graphic birth scene. Brandon said he doesn’t remember anything about the incident until he woke up on the theater floor. Read more »

AMC ‘The Walking Dead’ Dropped New,3rd Episode 7,Season 2 Intense Spoiler Clip

AMC ‘The Walking Dead’ dropped new,3rd episode 7,season 2 intense spoiler clip. Hey guys. We’ve got a 3rd,new,intense,sneak peek,clip (below) for the new “Walking Dead” episode 7 that’s scheduled to air this Sunday night,and it looks pretty damn intense as Shane is ready to open fire on that zombie barn. The episode is called, “Pretty Much Dead Already.”

In the new clip, Shane is seen,approaching the zombie barn,and sees a very mean,angry walker staring right back at him as if he’s ready for his next meal. After that, Shane walks back,and starts yelling, they need to fight for their survival. Read more »