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New Vampire Diaries Season 6 Second Half Dangerous Kai Spoilers Dished By Producer

Recently, TV Line served up their newest spoiler chat session and dished out new teaser spoilers for Vampire Diaries season 6 second half drama in regards to some more dangerous events that crazy Kai has in store, via producer, Caroline Dries .

It turns out that we’re going to see him keep poor Elena locked up until his demands are met, which is to get his much awaited merger action with his sister Jo! In their spoiler chat report, they said when asked about Kai: “No good is coming up for Kai. Executive producer Caroline Dries says the title for the Jan. 22 episode, “Woke Up With a Monster,” is directly related to Elena Read more »

Gotham Season 1 New Boy Wonder,A Mad Scientist & More Arriving In 2nd Half,New Spoilers

Recently, TV line delivered their latest spoiler chat session and dished out some new spoiler intel for Gotham season 1 future episodes. it turns out that in episodes 16 and 17, we’re going to see a couple of new characters make their way into the picture. A couple of them, includes a new Boy Wonder, a mad European scientist and more.

In their spoiler chat reveal, here’s what they had to say: “I will share with you the latest casting calls – including John Grayson and Mary Lloyd, teenage circus performers who will figure into Episode 16 and hint at the origin of a certain Boy Wonder. Episode 17, meanwhile, will introduce two recurring characters: Dr. Dulmacher (aka another Dollmaker), Read more »

New Good Wife Season 6,Episode 11 Official Spoilers,Plotline Revealed By CBS

Recently,CBS served up the new,official synopsis/spoilers for their upcoming “The Good Wife” episode 11 of season 6. The episode is entitled, “Hail Mary,” and it turns out that some very interesting stuff will go down as Cary actually gets ready for 4 years in prison after accepting the plea deal, and more.

In the new, 11th episode press release: “Cary (Matt Czuchry) will hire a prison consultant to prepare him for incarceration while the team at Florrick/Agos/Lockhart does everything in their power to help him. Also, Alicia (Julianna Margulies) is going to prepare for the State’s Attorney candidates’ debate.” Read more »

New American Horror Story Season 4,Episode 11 Official Spoilers,Plotline Revealed By FX

Recently, FX released the new,official synopsis/spoilers for their upcoming “American Horror Story: Freak Show” episode 11 of season 4. The episode is entitled, “Magical Thinking,” and it turns out that we’re going to some very interesting stuff take place as they’ll be trying to get Jimmy out of the slammer. Else will prep to take off for Hollywood, and more.

In the new,11th episode press release: “Elsa will prepare for her move to Hollywood. The Twins are going to grow enamored with a traveling salesman. Dell is going to plot Jimmy’s escape from police custody.” Read more »

New Hart Of Dixie Season 4 AnneBeth Love Life Problem Spoilers Dished By Producer

annebeth hart of dixie image

Recently, TV Line chatted up “Hart Of Dixie” executive producer, Leila Gerstein, and squeezed out some new season 4 spoiler dish in regards to AnneBeth’s tumultuous love life. It turns that we’ll see her still have a thing for Lavon, but unfortunately, Lavon’s eyes are currently reserved for a different woman at the moment.

In their session, Leila explained: “AnnaBeth, at the end of Season 3, broke up with Davis Polk because she realized she still has feelings for Lavon. Those feelings have not gone away, and AnnaBeth does not know that Lavon is in love with her best friend.

So that is going to lead to some complications Read more »

New NCIS Los Angeles Season 6,Episode 12 Official Spoilers,Plotline Revealed By CBS

Recently, CBS released the new,official synopsis/spoilers for their upcoming “NCIS: Los Angeles” episode 12 of season 6. The episode is entitled, “Spiral,” and it turns out that we’ll see things get very intense for Callen as he gets kidnapped by terrorists while working undercover in a mail room, and more!

In the new, 12 episode press release: “While Callen is undercover in the mail room of an office building to investigate an arms dealer, it will get over taken by terrorists and Callen is going to become a hostage. Read more »

New NCIS Season 12,Episode 10 Emotional Spoiler Promo Clip Hit The Net

Recently, CBS finally served up the new promo/spoiler clip (below) for their upcoming “NCIS” episode 10 of season 12, and it gives us new looks at some pretty emotional stuff as Tim decides to get all mushy by going over some rules he’s learned on the job and offering up a very teary-eyed “thank you” to Gibbs and company, and more. The episode is titled, “House Rules.”

In the new, 10th episode official storyline: “The NCIS team will end up, consulting with three cyber-terrorists they imprisoned after a city-wide Internet shutdown the week before Christmas. Also, McGee is going to reflect on the case and Gibbs’ infamous rules as he pens a heartfelt letter to his father.” Read more »

Agents Of SHIELD Season 2 Raina May Hit Super Hero Status Too,New Spoilers

agents of shield raina image

As previously reported, TV Line got to talk with “Agents Of SHIELD” producers, Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen, and got some really good 2nd half spoilers for season 2.

In this particular segment, they that Raina might be destined to hit up the same super hero path that Skye is on, and more. In their Raina spoiler reveal, they explained: “She may have been changed. You glimpsed a little bit of what may have happened to her, but in the very next episode, we learn exactly what happened. Read more »

New Once Upon A Time Season 4,Episode 11 Second Spoiler Clip Hit The Net

Recently, ABC delivered this new, 2nd sneak peek/spoiler clip (below) for their upcoming “Once Upon A Time” Winter finale episode 11 of season 4, and it gives us a new look at Hook, getting reminded of his impending doom that Gold has in store for him after his plan to free himself of the dagger falls through, and more! The episode is called, “Heroes And Villains.”

In the new clip, Gold and Hook are seen, engaging in a very interesting conversation about Gold’s plans to separate himself from the dagger’s control. Gold also doesn’t want Anna lurking around knowing his plans, so he orders Hook to make sure Read more »

New Nashville Season 3,Episode 11 Intense Spoiler Promo Clip Hit The Net

Last night, ABC served up the new promo/spoiler clip (below) for their upcoming “Nashville” episode 11 of season 3, and it gives us new looks at Deacon finally beating the everliving shit out of Luke after Luke is seen, just running over a whole bunch of stuff in a nasty anger fit. Rayna is spotted coming back to Deacon again for like the umpteenth time. The episode’s title is currently awaiting its official announcement.

The teaser description for episode 11, reads like this: “The wedding is off, but the drama is fully on!” Episode 11 is set to air on Wednesday night, February 4th at 9pm central time on ABC. Read more »