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Big Brother 13 Rachel & Brendon Nominated For Eviction Yesterday Week 4

Big Brother 13 Rachel & Brendon nominated for eviction yesterday week 4.

As previously reported, my hero this season Daniele Donato won Hoh for Big Brother 13 week 4 on Thursday night. Now according to Big Brother Network and the live feeds, she went ahead and threw dictatorship couple Brendon and Rachel on the eviction chopping block yesterday afternoon,and brought poor little Rachel to tears again. I love it!!!

Hours before the nominations, both Rachel and Brendon went to Daniele to squirm and beg for a deal. They spent about 45 minutes to a full hour trying to convince her that getting back with the core vet group would be the best move for her. Read more »

Big Brother 13 Rachel Begged Current Hoh Daniele For Her Mercy Last Night Week 4

     big brother 13,rachel  and dani talk week 4

Big Brother 13 Rachel begged current Hoh Daniele for her mercy last night week 4.

Ok, so as previously reported, Daniele Donato won the HOH competition for Big Brother 13,week 4 last night in an endurance challenge. Then at about 10:11pm on the live feeds, Rachel went to talk with Daniele alone,and basically pleaded with her to make a deal,so she could save her dictatorship alliance of Brendon,Jeff,and Jordan.

However, she soon found out that it wasn’t so easy to manipulate Dani into just accepting a deal with them. Rachel tried to threaten Dani with not getting their votes in jury if she sent one of them home this week,but Dani didn’t back down,saying, “maybe that’s a risk I’m willing to take.” Read more »

Big Brother 13 Daniele Donato Won Hoh Tonight Week 4

daniele donato

Big Brother 13 Daniele Donato won Hoh tonight week 4.

According to Big Brother Network and the live feeds, Daniele Donato won Big Brother 13 HOH earlier tonight in week four.

The contest was an endurance competition called “Big Brother Slalom.” It was set up like a surfboard competition,and it had them standing on swaying skis. The last one left standing,won the HOH.

When the feeds came back on, Adam and Lawon had already dropped off. Then Brendon fell next. All of a sudden the houseguests started getting pelted by fake snow. Then Jeff fell off about three minutes later,and he won a $10,000 prize. Jordan fell off next. 20 minutes later, Porsche dropped off. Read more »

Big Brother 13 Eliminated Dominic Tonight Week 3 & New Hoh To Be Revealed

Big Brother 13 eliminated Dominic tonight week 3 & new Hoh to be revealed.

Tonight’s eviction show kicked off with host Julie Chen,revealing that the stupid couples twist,which has been ruining this season so far,is finally over. Thank God.

Then they showed past footage from this week. They showed Daniele telling Brenchal that she’ll be pissed if Dominic goes home this week. Daniele also revealed that she will not let Brendon talk down to her like he does with Rachel,and they had a pretty heated argument over game play this week.

Jeff called out Dom for targeting him for a backdoor plan. Dom denied it,and Jeff refused to keep talking with him because he didn’t believe him. Later on, Dom tried to talk alone with Brenchal,Jeff & Jordan. They told Dom, he’s an accessory to Dani’s backdoor plan now,and it’s gonna send him home. Read more »

Big Brother 13 Dominic Spotted Campaigning Hard Before His Eviction Tonight

    dominic campaigning,big brother 13 image

Big Brother 13 Dominic spotted campaigning hard before his eviction tonight.

Well, Big Brother fans. I hate to admit it,but it does appear that Dominic is definitely getting evicted from Big Brother 13 on tonight’s live eviction show. However,that doesn’t mean that he’s given up. He’s been campaigning hard. Even earlier this morning on the live feeds,he was seen pleading his case for the newbs to band up against the vets to take them out.

Unfortunately, silly Porsche’s not down with that plan,and neither is floater Shelly as she’s banded together with her idols Jeff and Jordan. Earlier in the week, Daniele screwed up by pushing hard to get Brendon and Rachel to backdoor Jeff. The plan backfired,and Dominic is now taking the fall for it since he was partnering with Dani. Read more »

Big Brother 13 Dominic & Adam Stay Up For Eviction After POV Ceremony Week 3

Big Brother 13 Dominic & Adam stay up for eviction after POV Ceremony week 3.

According to Big Brother Network and the live feeds, the POV ceremony for Big Brother 13,week 3, took place yesterday,and Brendon,who won the POV, decided not to use it on the current eviction nominees Dominic and Adam.

This apparently made Daniele furious at Brendon again as she threw a fit,and started yelling at him. Then Jeff and Dominic started fighting over who’s idea it was to backdoor him. Adam jumped in the mix with Brendon and Rachel,claiming they promised him safety if he gave them his loyalty. Read more »

Big Brother 13 Brendon Won POV Competition Yesterday Week 3

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Big Brother 13 Brendon won POV competition yesterday week 3.

According to Big Brother Network and the live feeds, the Big Brother 13 POV competition for week 3 took place yesterday afternoon,and freaking Brendon ended up winning the damn thing,further giving the vets power in this game.

Apparently,the competition was a spelling comp. The players who competed were Brendon,Rachel,Adam,Dominic,and Jeff & Jordan who were randomly selected. Porsche was picked to be the host.

Dominic and Adam are currently on the eviction block,and were put there by reigning HOH Rachel,so I’m guessing that will stay the same after this week’s POV ceremony. Read more »

Big Brother 13 Dominic & Adam Nominated For Eviction Again Week 3

Big Brother 13 Dominic & Adam nominated for eviction again week 3.

As previously reported, crazy Rachel won the Big Brother 13 HOH for a 2nd time this past Thursday night on the live show. Now,according to Big Brother Network and the live feeds,she has nominated Dominic & Adam for eviction this week.

This crap is really getting tired as it’s their 2nd time in a row to be on the chopping block. I can’t wait until they stop doing this couples crap. Anyways,unlike last week,it doesn’t look like Dom’s the target.

They’ve been mentioning trying to get Adam out because they don’t really trust him,and they think they can work with Dominic,mostly due to Daniele’s influence. Read more »

Big Brother 13 May Bring Back One Of The First 4 Evicted Houseguests

Big Brother 13 may bring back one of the first 4 evicted houseguests.

According to Big Brother Network, when the first evicted houseguest of this season Keith Henderson left the house,it was revealed that they were only doing email interviews at this point,which indicates that Keith has been sequestered. That also means the 2nd evictee from last night Cassi has been sequestered also.

Since they are suspected of being sequestered,that means they could come back into the game at a later date. Also Ragan Fox from Big Brother 12 said he’s about 90 percent sure this is what CBS has in mind for this season as they are long overdue for this type of twist to happen again. Also, Evel Dick surprisingly left the season,so CBS definitely has room in their schedule to bring one of the houseguests back. Read more »

Big Brother 13 Eliminated Cassi Tonight In Week 2 & Rachel Won HOH Again

Big Brother 13 Eliminated Cassi Tonight In Week 2 & Rachel Won HOH Again.

Tonight’s eviction show kicked off with past scenes from this week. Then hostess Julie Chen showed up to explain what the hell’s been going on this week. Then they showed aftermath footage from the POV ceremony the other day when Dominic pulled himself and Adam off the block by using the veto on himself. Jordan was sorry that she had to put Cassie and Shelly on the block,but Cassi handled it well and gave Jordan a hug.

Shelly revealed that she regretted voting Keith out since it led to Cassi’s demise. She also said she struggled with keeping it a secret from Cassi that she voted Keith out last week. Then they showed the fight scene between Cassi and Rachel that ended with Cassi calling Rachel an ugly person inside. Read more »