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Two Duos Dropped Out Of CBS Big Brother 13 Dynamic Duo Twist

Two duos dropped out of CBS Big Brother 13 Dynamic Duo twist. As previously reported,Big Brother 13 is on its way back with a new “Dynamic Duos” twist,which would bring 3 pairs of past duos back into the the house to join the new,eight Big Brother 13 houseguests. However, two pair of the past duos have reportedly confirmed they’re not interested.

The original list of duos were: Brendon & Rachel,Dr. Will & Mike Boogie,Jessie & Natalie,Evel Dick & Daniele Donato,Jeff & Jordan,and Hayden & Enzo. But now,Bigbrothernetwork is reporting that Dr. Will & Boogie,Natalie & Jessie have confirmed they are not interested in participating. Read more »

New Big Brother 13 Castmember Adam Plans To Lie,Cheat,Steal & More

adam,big brother 13 image

New Big Brother 13 castmember Adam plans to lie,cheat,steal & more. In the video (below),new CBS Big Brother 13 castmember Adam revealed his plans for winning Big Brother,and more. His plans include,lying,cheating,stealing,and whatever it takes.

In the clip, Adam said he wants to play Big Brother so he can be known as a winner. He left behind an amazing girlfriend to play the game. He’s unique because he’s the heavy metal teddy bear. He’s very powerful aggressive,yet cuddly. Read more »

New Big Brother 13 Castmember Dominic Plans On Backstabbing & More

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New Big Brother 13 castmember Dominic plans on backstabbing & more. New, Big Brother 13 castmember Dominic recently shared his plans for the Big Brother house,and it seems as though he plans on being a little sneaky at first. Then he wants to go on the attack with a lot of backstabbing (video below).

In the clip,Dominic said he wanted to do Big Brother for the adventure,and thinks it’ll be a lot of fun. He pretty much left everything behind to play Big Brother. He plans on being unlike anyone else in the game,and also intends to stab people in the back towards the end. Read more »

CBS Big Brother 13 Cast Spotted Entering House For The First Time Today

    big brother 13 cast enter house image

CBS Big Brother 13 cast spotted entering house for the first time today. Earlier today,the new Big Brother 13 houseguests Cassi,Adam,Dominic,Kalia,Keith,Lawon,Porsche,and Shelly were spotted entering the house for the very first time. They appeared to be very excited as they were smiling big when they headed inside.

Given that the new “Dynamic Duos” twist is a secret from them right now,they’re probably wondering why their cast seems so small because, remember,there’s only eight of them in there right now. The smart ones will probably figure out that CBS has something brewing for them. As previously reported,they’re planning on bringing three pairs of past duos into the house to surprise them. Read more »

Video: CBS Big Brother 13 Press People Test House,Play The Game & More

CBS Big Brother 13 press people test house,play the game & more in these new videos (below). Last week, CBS held their annual Big Brother media day where they invite people from the press to enter the house for 24 hours. They test out the house,and actually play a 24-hour version of the game.

The following five clips shows the entire media day footage where they participated in contests,POVs,HOH,and eventually voted each other out 1 by 1. Check it out,below. In related news,Big Brother 13 is going to have a big twist this season,called the “Dynamic Duos” twist,which is going to bring a pair of three duos from the past back into the house. It’s going to be great. The premiere is this Thursday,July 7th. Read more »

New Big Brother 13 Castmember Kalia Reveals Her Lying,Manipulative Plans

kalia,big brother 13
New Big Brother 13 castmember Kalia reveals her lying,manipulative plans. In the video (below), new,Big Brother 13 houseguest Kalia revealed that she’s ready to lie,manipulate,and more to win the game.

In the clip, Kalia revealed that her only reason for playing Big Brother,is to win the money. She left behind great friends,family,and a boyfriend to play Big Brother. She’s going to lie to everyone in the game,and assume that no one will tell her the truth. Read more »

New Big Brother 13 Castmember Keith Reveals His Insane Game Plan

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New Big Brother 13 castmember Keith reveals his insane game plan.In the video (below), crazy,new Big Brother 13 contestant Keith revealed his plans to win Big Brother,and they include him and a three-girl alliance,manipulation,and more. I can’t actually believe this guy will act this way in the house,but if he does, he’ll be a total riot and outed the first week.

In the clip,Keith said he thinks it’ll be a great experience to play Big Brother,and have the world get to know who he is. He left his family,church,and cell phone behind to play Big Brother. He plans on creating an alliance with three girls,and calling them Keith’s Angels. He also plans to use them to manipulate the rest of the house,and he wants another girl on the side for a showmance. Read more »

New Big Brother 13 Castmember Lawon Reveals His Lying,Cheating Plans

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New Big Brother 13 castmember Lawon reveals his lying,cheating plans. In this new video (below),new CBS, Big Brother 13 houseguest Lawon revealed that he’s ready to lie,steal,and more to win the show. Also, his fashion sense is buck wild.

In the clip,Lawon reveals that he’s quite a character,and I suspect that he’s the token gay guy this season. He said he’s accomplished all he’s needed to accomplish just by getting on the show. He left behind his friendships to play Big Brother. Read more »

New Big Brother 13 Castmember Shelly Spills Her Winning Alliance Plan & More

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New Big Brother 13 castmember Shelly spills her winning alliance plan & more. Recently,new Big Brother 13 contestant Shelly created her video (below),which introduces herself,and also answers questions from fans about what to expect from her in the game,and more.

In the clip,Shelly said she wants to play Big Brother because it’s one of the greatest human experiences out there,and she wants to see if she can combine all of her past experiences to win the show. She left behind her husband,daughter,and job to do the show. Read more »

New Big Brother 13 Castmember Porsche reveals Her Game Plan & More

 big brother 13 porche image
New Big Brother 13 castmember Porsche reveals her game plan & more. Recently,CBS put together some videos to help the new Big Brother 13 castmembers introduce themselves. In the video (below),new castmember Porsche reveals her possible game plan,her personality,and more. What a name,huh? Her parents must have had a thing for Porsches.

In the clip, Porsche revealed that she would like to play Big Brother to experience all the different challenges and prizes that go along with it. She said she left back a ton of friends and her cell phone to be there. She’s a pretty girl that’s not mean to everyone. Read more »