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Big Brother 13 Brendon & Rachel Had Nasty Sex Again On Live Feeds Last Night

    rachel and brendon having sexin big brother 13 house image

Big Brother 13 Brendon & Rachel had nasty sex again on Live Feeds last night.

Well, as you’re all aware of, the very annoying Rachel and Brendon are back in the Big Brother house again this season,and according to Big Brother Newtwork and the live feeds,they dirtied the sheets again with another nasty,sex romp session.

Apparently, Brendon & Rachel had another argument last night,but then Brendon reeled her back in with a few kisses. Then pulled the covers up over their heads,so they could do their dirty sex romp,and put on a show. Read more »

CBS Revealed That Evel Dick Is Officially Out Of Big Brother 13 For Good

CBS revealed that Evel Dick is Officially out of Big Brother 13 for good. As previously reported, Evel Dick came on Big Brother 13 with his daughter Daniele Donato for the “Dynamic Duos” twist. He then left the house abruptly on July 7th. Daniele said he left on the live feeds,but had a 24 hour leave request in place,so it was technically possible for him to return.

Now, CBS has released an official statement,confirming his permanent departure from the show: “Due to a personal matter, Big Brother houseguest Dick Donato had to leave the game unexpectedly on Thursday. His departure will be addressed on the episode to be broadcast on Wednesday, July 13.” Read more »

Big Brother 13 Spoiler: Rachel Also Won Week 1 POV Yesterday

Rachel also won week 1 POV yesterday in this new Big Brother 13 spoiler. According to Big Brother Network and the live feeds, the first POV competition for Big Brother 13 took place yesterday evening,and Rachel came out the victor again. Now, she has the option to keep her Keith and Porsche eviction nominations the same. If she does,one of those people will be going home,which is just fine with me.

The people who participated in the POV were Rachel & Brendon,Keith & Porsche,and Jeff & Jordan. Adam ended up hosting the competition. The POV ceremony is speculated to occur this Monday. Stay tuned. Read more »

Big Brother 13 Rachel Nominated Keith & Porsche For Week 1 Eviction

Big Brother 13 Rachel nominated Keith & Porsche for week 1 eviction. As previously reported, Rachel won the first Big Brother 13 HOH this week,and according to Big Brother Network and the live feeds, she has decided to nominate Keith and Porsche for eviction in week 1.

Keith has been seen scrambling around the house,talking a bunch of nonsense about some people’s game play that isn’t in line with reality. Both him and Adam seem to be the odd ones this year. Also, Keith had a very “painful to watch” conversation with Daniele yesterday on the feeds. Read more »

Evel Dick Quit CBS ‘Big Brother 13′ Last Night For Unknown Reasons

dick donato image
Evel Dick quit CBS ‘Big Brother 13′ last night for unknown reasons. According to Big Brother Network,and the live feeds, Evel Dick from Big Brother season 8,quit the show last night after he was brought back in to be a part of the “Dynamic Duos” twist with his daughter Daniele Donato.

Last night on the feeds,Dick was called into the Diary Room,and after about six hours of being missing, Daniele started wondering what the hell was going on,along with other houseguests. Then earlier this morning, Daniele was called into the Diary Room,and was told that Evel Dick quit Big Brother 13 for personal reasons.

So, Daniele was given the “Big Brother Golden Key,” which ensures that she makes it to the final 10 spots. However,she will not be able to compete in any competitions until the final ten are left. Daniele said Dick was already on a plane back to Colorado. Stay tuned. Read more »

Rachel Returned & Won 1st Big Brother 13 HOH In Premiere Episode Tonight

Rachel returned & won 1st Big Brother 13 HOH in premiere episode tonight. Tonight’s premiere Big Brother 13 episode kicked off with the legendary host Julie Chen explaining the Big Brother game.

Then we eventually met all the 8 new houseguests Keith,Cassi,Shelly,Dominic,Kalia,Lawon,Porsche,and Adam. Keith immediately started flirting with all the women in the house. Most of the group lied about what they do for a living. Then Julie Chen shocked them by revealing that they had to partner with one of the other players as part of a duos twist. Read more »

Video: Big Brother 13 Castmembers Talk New Dynamic Duos Twist & More

Big Brother 13 castmembers talk new Dynamic Duos twist & more in this new video ( below). Superpass recently interviewed the 8,new houseguests for Big Brother 13,which premieres in just a few hours. The clip reveals that they are indeed privy to the new Dynamic Duos twist that CBS has planned for them. However, they obviously don’t know who will be entering the house with them.

In the clip, they discussed who they would not like in the house. Apparently, Dominic really hates the Evel Dick-type game play,while Shelly would actually like to play against Evel Dick,so she can challenge him. Read more »

CBS Released New ‘Big Brother 13′ Castmembers Commercial

big brother 13 cast commercial image

CBS released new ‘Big Brother 13′ castmembers commercial. CBS recently released a new commercial (below) for the upcoming “Big Brother 13″ hit reality show that’s set to premiere tonight. This new commercial features the eight new castmembers for this season: Cassi,Lawon,Dominic,Shelly, Porsche, Adam,Keith,and Kalia.

In the clip, the castmembers are jumping up and down,dancing around,and giving their pitch of what they’ll bring to the show. That Lawon dude is quite a character. He should be pretty funny. I also look forward to seeing that beautiful model Cassi. I hope she doesn’t get voted out soon. Read more »

Video: Host Julie Chen Tours Big Brother 13 House With ‘The Talk’ Girls

julie chen and the talk girls in big brother 13 inside look clip image
Host Julie Chen tours Big Brother 13 house with ‘The Talk’ Girls in this new video (below). CBS just released this new clip that features Big Brother host Julie Chen,bringing her new “The Talk” celebrity co-hosts Holly Robinson Peete,Sharon Osbourne,Sara Gilbert,and Leah Remini for a tour into the Big Brother 13 house.

They end touring the entire house,and even play the game a little bit as their pictures are posted on the cast wall. Sara Gilbert said it’s like a dream come true since she’s an avid fan of the show. It shows their diary room sessions and everything. At one point, they get dressed up in funny costumes,and see the awful slop. Finally, Julie and Sharon team up to strategize. It’s pretty funny and silly. Check it out,below. BB13 premieres tomorrow night. Read more »

CBS Released New Big Brother 13 ‘Inside Look’ Clip With Cast & Julie Chen

julie chen in new big brother 13 inside look clip image
CBS released new Big Brother 13 ‘Inside Look’ clip with cast & Julie Chen. CBS recently released a new inside look clip (below),which features more views from inside the house with hostess Julie Chen,and interview clips from the contestants.

They give little takes on what they plan to do,and some of them sound pretty outrageous. My new girl crush in the house,is that model Cassi. I definitely hope she sticks around for a while. She’s absolutely stunning.

Julie Chen talks more about the “Dynamic Duos” twist,and confirms that the 8,new,BB13 castmembers won’t know about the twist until premiere night tomorrow. Read more »