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Big Brother 13 Jordan Looking To Send Dominic Or Cassi Home In Week 2

Big Brother 13 Jordan looking to send Dominic or Cassi home in week 2.

According to reports from Morty’s TV and the live feeds, Jordan,Jeff,Rachel,and Brendon are all looking to send either Dominic or Cassi home this week,with Dominic being the first option. They want to make deals with both Dominic and Adam just in case something goes wrong,but the overall goal is to get rid of Dominic first

Jeff wants Adam to get the golden key,and Adam said he’ll be their bitch for the rest of the season if that happens. He’s a complete moron. On the other hand,Daniel is starting to think it might be a good idea to keep Dominic around instead of Adam,but the other veterans have their minds set on evicting Dominic. Read more »

Keith Eliminated From ‘Big Brother 13′ Tonight In Week 1

Keith eliminated from ‘Big Brother 13′ tonight in week 1

Tonight’s live eviction show kicked off with past scenes from the show. Then Julie Chen recapped the season so far. Next, they showed more footage of what happened after the POV ceremony. Porsche expressed her disgust for Keith. Dom,Cassi,and Lawon wanted Porsche out,and thought it might be beneficial to keep Keith around.

Rachel revealed that they wanted to try and reel some of the newbies to their side. Dom thought the veterans were manipulative. Then they showed more footage of Rachel and Brendon arguing. They are so weird.

After the break, Brendon and Rachel continued to have their weird little conversations. Then they got back to game footage. The veterans wanted to make sure Adam was on their side,and gave him the opportunity to name their alliance. Read more »

Evel Dick Revealed Real Reason For Leaving CBS ‘Big Brother 13′ House

Evel Dick revealed real reason for leaving CBS Big Brother 13 house.

Recently, Evel Dick Donato hopped on his site to reveal the real reason why he left the current Big Brother 13 season in a video message.

In the video, Dick started off by shooting down all the rumors that were going around,accompanied with a few cuss words. Then he revealed that CBS told him,some bad news about someone who he was very close with,and it required his immediate attention.

Actually, CBS has contacted him a few times since he left the show, to see how he’s doing with the whole thing. He’s really appreciative of CBS for their support. The news wasn’t anything he knew ahead of time,and it hit him sideways when he heard about it. Read more »

Big Brother 13 Keith & Porsche Spotted Arguing Hard Before Eviction Today

    porsche and keith argue on big brother 13 image

Big Brother 13 Keith & Porsche spotted arguing hard before eviction today.

Ok, so weird Keith was back to doing weird things earlier today as he and his very unhappy partner Porsche were getting ready for tonight’s live eviction show on the live feeds.

Keith decided that he,for some silly reason,wanted to have another conversation with Porsche about what has gone down this past week. However, Porsche quickly let him know that she doesn’t want to talk to him,doesn’t like him,and no longer wants to be friends with him because he messed up her BB game. Read more »

Big Brother 13 Keith,Porsche Remain On Eviction Block After POV Ceremony

Big Brother 13 Keith,Porsche remain on eviction block after POV ceremony.

As previously reported, Rachel won Big Brother 13’s first HOH,and nominated Keith and Porsche for eviction this week. Later on, she also wound up winning the POV contest.

As a result of that, Rachel decided to keep the nominations the same after the POV ceremony,which took place two days ago. It’s still up in the air as to which way the house is going with this. Some of them want to keep Keith around since he’s nuts,and would take the focus off him. At the same time, there is some chatter about getting rid of Porsche because she might not be trustworthy. It’s definitely going to be interesting this Thursday. Read more »

Big Brother 13 Brendon & Rachel Had Nasty Sex Again On Live Feeds Last Night

    rachel and brendon having sexin big brother 13 house image

Big Brother 13 Brendon & Rachel had nasty sex again on Live Feeds last night.

Well, as you’re all aware of, the very annoying Rachel and Brendon are back in the Big Brother house again this season,and according to Big Brother Newtwork and the live feeds,they dirtied the sheets again with another nasty,sex romp session.

Apparently, Brendon & Rachel had another argument last night,but then Brendon reeled her back in with a few kisses. Then pulled the covers up over their heads,so they could do their dirty sex romp,and put on a show. Read more »

CBS Revealed That Evel Dick Is Officially Out Of Big Brother 13 For Good

CBS revealed that Evel Dick is Officially out of Big Brother 13 for good. As previously reported, Evel Dick came on Big Brother 13 with his daughter Daniele Donato for the “Dynamic Duos” twist. He then left the house abruptly on July 7th. Daniele said he left on the live feeds,but had a 24 hour leave request in place,so it was technically possible for him to return.

Now, CBS has released an official statement,confirming his permanent departure from the show: “Due to a personal matter, Big Brother houseguest Dick Donato had to leave the game unexpectedly on Thursday. His departure will be addressed on the episode to be broadcast on Wednesday, July 13.” Read more »

Big Brother 13 Spoiler: Rachel Also Won Week 1 POV Yesterday

Rachel also won week 1 POV yesterday in this new Big Brother 13 spoiler. According to Big Brother Network and the live feeds, the first POV competition for Big Brother 13 took place yesterday evening,and Rachel came out the victor again. Now, she has the option to keep her Keith and Porsche eviction nominations the same. If she does,one of those people will be going home,which is just fine with me.

The people who participated in the POV were Rachel & Brendon,Keith & Porsche,and Jeff & Jordan. Adam ended up hosting the competition. The POV ceremony is speculated to occur this Monday. Stay tuned. Read more »

Big Brother 13 Rachel Nominated Keith & Porsche For Week 1 Eviction

Big Brother 13 Rachel nominated Keith & Porsche for week 1 eviction. As previously reported, Rachel won the first Big Brother 13 HOH this week,and according to Big Brother Network and the live feeds, she has decided to nominate Keith and Porsche for eviction in week 1.

Keith has been seen scrambling around the house,talking a bunch of nonsense about some people’s game play that isn’t in line with reality. Both him and Adam seem to be the odd ones this year. Also, Keith had a very “painful to watch” conversation with Daniele yesterday on the feeds. Read more »

Evel Dick Quit CBS ‘Big Brother 13′ Last Night For Unknown Reasons

dick donato image
Evel Dick quit CBS ‘Big Brother 13′ last night for unknown reasons. According to Big Brother Network,and the live feeds, Evel Dick from Big Brother season 8,quit the show last night after he was brought back in to be a part of the “Dynamic Duos” twist with his daughter Daniele Donato.

Last night on the feeds,Dick was called into the Diary Room,and after about six hours of being missing, Daniele started wondering what the hell was going on,along with other houseguests. Then earlier this morning, Daniele was called into the Diary Room,and was told that Evel Dick quit Big Brother 13 for personal reasons.

So, Daniele was given the “Big Brother Golden Key,” which ensures that she makes it to the final 10 spots. However,she will not be able to compete in any competitions until the final ten are left. Daniele said Dick was already on a plane back to Colorado. Stay tuned. Read more »