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Big Brother 12 Britney Spotted Flippin Out & Starting Pillow Fights

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Big Brother 12 Britney spotted flippin out & starting pillow fights. Yesterday afternoon,Britney came out of the diary room,and appeared to be real giddy for some reason. She immediately walked over to Hayden who she’s been spending a lot of time with recently, and started teasing him. She said, “You’re so boring Hayden! Do something fun!” Then she proceeded to hit him with pillows. Read more »

Big Brother 12 Ragan Seen Plotting With Britney To Stay Over Hayden

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Big Brother 12 Ragan seen plotting with Britney to stay over Hayden. Ok, so last night, Ragan called Britney into the cabana room to have the official chit,chat to get Britney’s vote to stay in the house over Hayden this week,and to also discuss what pitch he would need to make in order to get Lane’s vote. He asked Britney if she knew that she was next in the guy’s plans to leave the house.

Britney revealed that she’s not naive,and realizes that Lane would definitely keep Hayden over her if she doesn’t win HOH or POV next week. Read more »

Hayden Replaced Enzo For Big Brother 12 Eviction Today Week 8

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Hayden replaced Enzo for Big Brother 12 eviction today week 8. According to Big Brother Network and the live feeds, the POV ceremony took place earlier today. Lane who is the reigning HOH decided to replace Enzo,who won POV, with fellow Brigade alliance member Hayden instead of Britney.

So,now Hayden has joined Ragan on the Big Brother 12 chopping block. The scenario is that Hayden is supposed to be the pawn,so they can send Ragan home. However, Ragan could try and convince Britney to vote for him,and then have her convince Lane to turn on the Brigade to break the tying vote. But this scenario seems highly unlikely to me,so I definitely think that Ragan will be exiting the Big Brother 12 house on this Thursday’s live eviction show. Read more »

Big Brother 12 Britney Spotted Freak Dancing With Ragan Last Night

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Big Brother 12 Britney spotted freak dancing with Ragan last night. So, last night, Britney was spotted getting her freak groove on with Ragan on the Big Brother 12 live feeds. Apparently, the houseguests have to dance everytime the music starts playing in the house as a 3rd punishment,resulting from Lane opening up Pandora’s Box the other day.

The music would start playing once or twice during every hour,and when it did, all the houseguests immediately had to stop what they were doing,and shake their groove thang like nobody’s business. Read more »

Big Brother 12 Guests Spotted Doing Mandatory Dancing Last Night

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Big Brother 12 guests spotted doing mandatory dancing last night. Ok ,so last night on the Big Brother 12 live feeds, the 3rd punishment as a result of Lane opening Pandora’s Box was revealed. Apparently, about once or twice every hour,music would start playing. When it did, all the houseguests had to immediately stop what they were doing,and get up to dance their asses off.

It didn’t matter what type of music it was,they had to dance,dance dance. In the photo (above), Enzo,Lane,and Britney were spotted getting their boogie on as the music started playing. Read more »

Big Brother 12 Enzo Spotted Talkin About Ragan’s Demise Last Night

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Big Brother 12 Enzo spotted talkin about Ragan’s demise last night. The very confident Enzo was spotted having another one of his funny “Brigade” talks on the live feeds last night with Hayden and Lane. He talked about Matt’s demise along with Ragan’s upcoming demise. He said that Matt was doing his own thing,and that the Brigade came in like special ops,saw the situation,sniffed him out,and then took him out. It was great stuff. Read more »

Enzo Won Big Brother 12 POV Today For Week 8

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Enzo won Big Brother 12 POV today for week 8. According to Big Brother Network and the live feeds, the world must be coming to an end because Enzo finally won a competition earlier today in the POV comp for week 8. Since there’s only five houseguests left in the house,everyone got a chance to compete in the POV competition.

Now, with Enzo having won the competition, I’m guessing Lane will replace Enzo with Britney unless something really crazy goes down between tonight and Monday afternoon. And unless Ragan has some negotiating tricks up his proverbial sleeves,he’ll most likely be the one voted out of the house this week. It really was a “must win” situation for Ragan. I kinda feel bad for him because he was very smart,but just got outnumbered and couldn’t pull out the win when he needed to, this last time around. Read more »

Enzo & Ragan Nominated For Big Brother 12 Eviction Yesterday Week 8

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Enzo & Ragan nominated for Big Brother 12 eviction yesterday week 8. According to the Big Brother Network and the live feeds, the eviction nomination ceremony took place last night for Big Brother 12 week 8.

Lane who is the reigning HoH this week decided to put his fellow Brigade member Enzo on the block with Ragan,which is a bit of a surprise move as it was speculated that Britney would surely go up on the block with Ragan. Perhaps he didn’t want to give away his alliance too soon,and go through hell with Britney this early in the week. I do know if Ragan wins POV and Lane backdoors Britney,she’ll be freakin pissed. Read more »

Lane Won Big Brother 12 HOH Last Night For Week 8

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Lane won Big Brother 12 HOH last night for week 8. According to the Big Brother 12 live feeds, Last night, finally one of those damn “Brigade” members besides Hayden won a freakin HOH. After that huge double elimination show last night, it took the production team a couple of hours to setup for the 2nd HOH competition of the night.

The feeds cut out for a few hours,and when they came back on,they revealed that Lane had indeed won the HOH competition for week 8,which means the “Brigade” alliance are guaranteed a final four appearance in Big brother 12. If Lane sticks with his Brigade alliance,which I’m pretty sure he will, then he will definitely be putting up Britney and Ragan for eviction this week. I think Britney will have a huge problem with that. I’m sure Ragan expects it,and will be meditating on winning POV this week. Read more »

Matt & Brendon Evicted From Big Brother 12 Tonight In Week 7

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Matt & Brendon evicted from Big Brother 12 tonight in week 7. Tonight’s live double eviction show kicked off with past scenes from the show. Then they showed footage that occurred right after Britney put up Matt to replace Brendon who won POV. Britney revealed that she was considering putting up Hayden instead,but when Matt through Ragan under the bus,she decided that Matt should definitely go.

Ragan was upset about Matt throwing him under the bus. Matt tried to get Ragan back on his side by trying to tell Ragan he was defending himself as to why he should stay,but not throwing him under the bus. Ragan revealed to Matt that he finally figured out that Hayden,Enzo,Lane,and him were in an alliance. He hit it right on the nail by saying, that Matt was in it at one point. Matt went back and told the Brigade that Ragan might be on to them. However, they had issues with trusting Matt,so it didn’t really help his case much with them. Read more »