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CBS Released Updated Big Brother 13 Premiere Date & Official Airtimes

CBS released updated Big Brother 13 premiere date & official airtimes. Hey,fellow Big Brother fans. Recently, it was reported that Big Brother 13 would premiere on July 6th by host Julie Chen. Well, CBS released the official schedule in a new press release,indicating that the premiere date will actually be on July 7th instead.

So,either Julie got it wrong,or CBS changed it. In either case, you can now expect to see the hit summer reality show premiere on Thursday, July 7th this year at 8pm central time. With their new press release,CBS also revealed the official TV schedule and airtimes. They’re the same as last year’s,so there won’t be any surprises in that area. Read more »

BB Access Revealed CBS Big Brother 13 TV Schedule

BB Access revealed CBS Big Brother 13 TV schedule. Hey fellow Big Brother fans. It’s almost that time of year again for CBS’s hit summer reality show Big Brother to return to the airwaves with more crazy drama,nauseous possible showmances,and more.

So, Big Brother Access recently revealed that the TV schedule for Big Brother 13 will remain the same as last year’s with the show airing on Sundays. Then back to back on Wednesdays and Thursdays with,of course, the live eviction show airing on the Thursday time slot. Read more »

CBS Revealed New ‘Big Brother 13′ Premiere Date & More

CBS revealed new ‘Big Brother 13′ premiere date & more. According to Bigbrother Network, CBS has recently revealed the official premiere date for the 13th season of it’s hit reality summer show “Big Brother.” That’s right Big Brother fans. It’s almost that time of year again. We’ve got just 3 more months to go before Big Brother 13 starts. It scheduled to premiere on Wednesday July 6th,2011.

It will again air three nights a week on CBS. The days of the week have not been revealed yet,but it will probably retain the same schedule that it had last year with the Sunday,Wednesday,and Thursday lineup. Read more »

CBS Big Brother 12′s Brendon & Rachel Got Engaged After Penis Incident

big brother 12,brendon and rachel
CBS Big Brother 12′s Brendon & Rachel got engaged after penis incident. According to TMZ, Brendon Villegas and Rachel Reilly from CBS’ Big Brother 12 reality show,have apparently decided to get engaged after that incident went down with Brendon confessing to trading nude photos with some strange girl on the internet a few months back.

This engagement news is actually a bit of old news,but I’m reporting it anyways because I totally missed this. Anyways, as you’ll recall, Brendon did a long video apology online,which showed him balling and crying his ass off,begging for Rachel to come back to him,and it looks like it worked because now they’re engaged and happy as ever, it appears. Read more »

Producer Revealed CBS Big Brother 13 Casting Starts In Early March

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Producer Revealed CBS Big Brother 13 casting starts in early March. Recently, Robyn Kass who is the producer for CBS’ hit reality,summer show “Big Brother,” took to her “Twitter” account to reveal that they will begin casting for the upcoming Big Brother 13 season.

It appears that since they’re casting, there may not be the rumored Big Brother All-Stars this season. I personally think they need to go another season before doing All-Stars again because that will make it a full six seasons like the original All-Stars season. Read more »

Big Brother 12 Brendon Made Crying Apology Clip To Rachel For Cybersex

big brother 12,brendon villegas image
Big Brother 12 Brendon made crying apology clip to Rachel for cybersex. As previously reported, Brendon Villegas who was a contestant on CBS’ hit reality show “Big Brother” this past summer recently got dumped by Rachel Reilly who is a girl he met on the show.

She apparently broke up with him for sending out naked penis photos to a girl who he had just met online,according to TMZ. Then to top it all off, he made this video (below),apologizing to Rachel,while crying his eyes out,and released it online for everyone in the entire world to see. Read more »

Big Brother 12 Rachel Broke Up With Brendon Over Penis Photos

rachel reilly,brendon villegas image
Big Brother 12 Rachel broke up with Brendon over penis photos. Ok, so according to TMZ, Rachel Reilly from the recent CBS Big Brother 12 reality show has broken things off with her boyfriend Brendon Villegas who she met on the show,apparently,because he sent out some dirty penis photos to another woman.

Also, to boot, he just recorded an apology video (below) of himself apologizing to Rachel,and balling like a baby. Then he put it out on the internet for the whole world to see,lol!!! They say he recorded the video to apologize for sending photos of his penis to a girl he had just met online. She then plastered them all over the internet. Weird. Read more »

Big Brother 12 Britney Says Her Arkansas House Is Unlivable After Fire

britney haynes,big brother 12 image

Big Brother 12 Britney says her Arkansas house is unlivable after fire. According to TMZ, CBS Big Brother 12 contestant Britney Haynes has finally revealed some info about the fire that burned through her Arkansas house last week on the same day as the Big Brother 12 finale show.

They say that she claims her home is unlivable after a huge fire ripped through it,and she might have to dip into her Big Brother 12 winnings to fix it. Britney told them the house is in horrific shape from water and fire damage,and she didn’t have any renter’s insurance. So, she might have to shell out some of her $25,000 Big Brother 12 prize money to pay for the repairs. Damn that “Brigade” alliance. Maybe if they weren’t there, she could have won the $500,000. Oh, well. Read more »

Big Brother 11 Michele Noonan To Get Naked In Playboy Reality Show

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Big Brother 11 Michele Noonan to get naked in Playboy reality show. According to TMZ and other sources, Michele Noonan from last year’s CBS Big Brother 11 reality show is now heading to Playboy to get naked and nasty in their new reality show entitled, “Foursome.”

They say that Michele will be joining four other former reality show stars to get butt ass naked for an X-rated,uncensored TV show,and three of them have sex on the show. Sources close to the production of the show, say that Michele Noonan from CBS Big Brother 11 and Heat from VH1′s “I Love New York” will both appear on the new season,along with Pumkin from “Flavor Of Love,” and Dunbar from MTV’s “Real World: Sydney.” Read more »

Big Brother 12 Annie Talks Being Saboteur,Enzo’s Manipulation & More

annie whittington,big brother 12 image
Big Brother 12 Annie talks being Saboteur,Enzo’s manipulation & more. CBS caught up to the beautiful,feisty,first Saboteur of the Big Brother 12 house Annie Whittington at the backyard interviews last night. She said, “I’m honored. It was so surreal. There’s no way to describe it. There’s no way to understand how it feels to be here,and even though I was angry at everyone, I love them all and they’ll always be part of my family. I’m really lucky.”

She said she couldn’t really talk about how the whole Saboteur thing first came about,but she revealed that she knew going in,she would be the Saboteur. She said, “It made me paranoid. I overtalked,and it kind of ruined the game play that I was going to have going in. The first couple of weeks,you’re just trying to adjust,get to know each other. I thought I was doing that,and I guess I was overtalking,and people took it as being fake and lying when I was just being truthful and myself.” Read more »