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New Big Brother 13 Castmember Porsche reveals Her Game Plan & More

 big brother 13 porche image
New Big Brother 13 castmember Porsche reveals her game plan & more. Recently,CBS put together some videos to help the new Big Brother 13 castmembers introduce themselves. In the video (below),new castmember Porsche reveals her possible game plan,her personality,and more. What a name,huh? Her parents must have had a thing for Porsches.

In the clip, Porsche revealed that she would like to play Big Brother to experience all the different challenges and prizes that go along with it. She said she left back a ton of friends and her cell phone to be there. She’s a pretty girl that’s not mean to everyone. Read more »

CBS Big Brother 13 May Bring Back Dr Will,Boogie & More In Major Twist

     big brother 13 twist cast image

CBS Big Brother 13 may bring back Dr Will,Boogie & more in major twist. Ok,so as previously reported,CBS revealed the new Big Brother 13, 8 castmember, photos yesterday,and also revealed that there’s a major twist in place,which will round out the rest of the cast to the full 14 people.

The twist is called the “Dynamic Duos” twist. In this twist,they will be bringing back three dynamic duos couples that have played the game in the past,back into the house to compete. The best part of this,is that you guys get to vote on which duos come back into the house. Read more »

Video: CBS Introduces New ‘Big Brother 13′ Houseguest Cassi

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CBS Introduces new Big Brother 13 houseguest Cassi in this new video (below). CBS recently revealed the new houeguests for their upcoming “Big Brother 13″ season,and also put together a video series for them. Up first, is the beautiful Cassi who’s tougher than she looks,and reveals her plans for the house.

In the clip, Cassi revealed that she would also like to play Big Brother for the experience,not just the money. She loves to interact with people of all types. She also revealed that she’ll miss her father the most while she’s in the Big Brother house.

She said she’s quirky and fun,and doesn’t plan on being caddy,but the other girls may go after her when they can’t get a rise out of her. Read more »

CBS Revealed New ‘Big Brother 13′ Houseguests Cast Photos Today

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CBS revealed new ‘Big Brother 13′ houseguests cast photos today. Ok,fellow Big Brother fans. We’ve got some very good news for you,and boy is it extremely interesting. Of course, we’ve got the new Big Brother 13 cast photos,but there’s a huge twist that’s going on,which will apparently round out the rest of the cast. As you can see. There’s only 8 photos for the Big Brother 13 cast.

The reason for this, is that CBS is going to bring back former duos to join the existing 8 member cast (the duos are listed below). The best part of all this,is that you guys get to vote on which duos return to the game. Read more »

CBS Revealed A New Set Of ‘Big Brother’ 13 House Photos

    new big brother 13 house photos set 2 image

CBS revealed a new set of Big Brother 13 house photos. As previously reported,CBS revealed a set of new photos from the Big Brother 13 house yesterday.Now,they have released a second set,which shows the classic Chess set area,more bedrooms,another angle from the kitchen,the cast wall,and more.

In related news,Julie Chen revealed that there’s going to be a new twist to the game this year. It’s called the “Dynamic Duos” twist. All she gave away,is that they will play a significant role in the game. Also,”Media Day” footage should be coming soon. That’s where the press people took the new house for a spin,and played a 24 hour version of Big Brother. Don’t forget, the premiere is Thursday,July 7th. Read more »

Video: Julie Chen Tours Big Brother 13 House,Spills Spoiler Twist & More

julie chen in big brother 13 house image
Julie Chen tours Big Brother 13 house,spills spoiler twist & more in this new video (below). CBS Big Brother 13 host Julie Chen appeared on Entertainment Tonight Canada’s show last night,and gave a brief tour of the house. She also revealed the twist that CBS has in store for the game this year.

In the clip, Julie revealed that the whole theme will be “Venice Beach.” They also showed the pool table and hot tub. Then they made their way to the bedroom areas. Julie Chen called one of them, the “Katy Perry” bedroom. Finally, Julie revealed that there will be a “Dynamic Duos from the past” twist,and they will have a significant role this season. Check it out,below. The premiere is July 7th. Read more »

CBS Revealed New ‘Big Brother 13′ House Photos Today

    big brother 13 house photos

CBS revealed new Big Brother 13 house photos today. Ok, Big Brother fans. It’s time to get really excited because, earlier today, CBS finally revealed a first look at the Big Brother 13 house,and it looks gorgeous to say the least. The kitchen area has a space for 14 houseguests,so that gives us our number of people this year

It’s also been reported that the house has 9 sleeping spots on the first floor,a fortune teller machine in the lounge room, benches by the HoH door, and a mysterious, locked back bedroom. The houseguests are expected to be revealed anytime now,so stay tuned. Also they will officially enter the house on July 3rd with the official premiere debuting on the 7th. Read more »

Producer Tweeted CBS Big Brother 13 Cast Is Almost Here & More

Producer tweeted CBS Big Brother 13 cast is almost here & more. CBS,Big Brother 13 producer Robyn Kass recently took to her Twitter to reveal that the new cast for the upcoming “Big Brother 13″ hit,summer,reality show, is almost ready to be unveiled. She wrote, “BB13 cast announcement almost here!!! Woo Hoo.”

As previously reported,the cast announcement is expected to be made this Tuesday or Wednesday. Also “Media Day” took place today. That’s where press people test out the new BB house,and also participate in a 24 hour version of Big Brother with voting,contest,the whole nine yards. We’ll get video of that up on the site as soon as it’s available. Read more »

CBS Big Brother 13 Houseguests Finally Get Revealed This Week & More

CBS Big Brother 13 houseguests finally get revealed this week & more. According to the Big Brother Network, the Big Brother 13 houseguests are going to finally get revealed this week. Also,Media Day is going to be taking place this Monday,June 27th. Media day is when people from the press test out the Big Brother House for one day,and play a speedy version of Big Brother by playing games,voting people out,the whole nine yards.

We’ll get footage of that up when it becomes available. Also, we have dates for when the new Big Brother house will be revealed,along with the day the houseguests officially enter the house. So with no further ado, the tentative date for when the houseguests will be revealed is currently either this Tuesday or Wednesday, June 28th or 29th. Read more »

Big Brother’s Regan Fox & Daniele Donato Land New Big Brother 13 Show

    regan fox,daniel donato image

Big Brother’s Regan Fox & Daniele Donato land new Big Brother 13 show. According to Big Brother Network, Big Brother 12’s Regan Fox and Big Brother 8’s Daniele Donato have landed a new show for the upcoming Big Brother 13 on the live feeds. The show is called “Rumor Control,” and it debuted earlier today. But don’t worry, you can always watch the recorded show back on the live feeds in case you missed it. Read more »