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Rachel Talks Big Brother 12 Ragan Fight & More In New Interview Clip

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Rachel talks Big Brother 12 Ragan fight & more in new interview clip. CBS caught up to crazy and emotional Rachel Reilly last night at the Big Brother 12 backyard interviews. She said, “It was way different than I expected it to be. I had no idea that I would fall in love,and I had no idea that everyone in the house would dislike this much,but you know what? I think I played a really good game.

I fought really hard every week that I was there. I killed it in the competitions that I played in. I’m proud of my game. I’m proud of my game play and everything that I did. I don’t think I could’ve played a much better game.” Lol! I think she’s totally delusional. Read more »

Big Brother 12 Matt Talks Creating Brigade & More In New Interview Clip

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Big Brother 12 Matt talks creating Brigade & more in new interview clip. CBS caught up to the diabolical genius of Big Brother 12 Matt Hoffman at the backyard interviews last night. He said, “I don’t know how the show was edited. It sounds like it might have been a little bit goofy,but my only proof that I can offer is that Enzo named me the brains the night the Brigade was formed.

There’s a reason he did that. He did that because I was the brains! I didn’t make up that name,so somehow,in some crazy way, the show got worked where Enzo was like the Brigade father,and I’m interested in seeing how that came about, myself cause that ain’t the case.” Read more »

Big Brother 12 Ragan Talks Evil Rachel & More In New Interview Clip

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Big Brother 12 Ragan talks evil Rachel & more in new interview clip. CBS caught up to the very funny gay guy Ragan Fox who finished in 5th place on Big Brother 12, in the backyard interviews last night. He revealed that it was very difficult. He said, “The first three weeks in the house, I was under so much psychological and emotional duress that I was having physiological reactions. I couldn’t go to sleep. Not being able to discern between if someone is being nice to you because they genuinely like you,or if they’re trying to get ahead in the game. That takes a toll.

All these little moments like being a “have not” for me,became a metaphor for bigger things in my life,like being gay,not having the same rights as everybody else,not having a father. So, I was always connecting the dots from Big Brother to bigger aspects of my life.” Geez, he speaks so damn well. Read more »

Britney Talks Big Brother 12,Brigade & More In New Interview Clip

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Britney talks Big Brother 12,Brigade & more in new interview clip. CBS caught up to the adorable 4th place finisher for Big Brother 12 Britney Haynes at the backyard interviews last night. She still managed to be cute and entertaining even after the show had ended. She said, “I didn’t expect it to be as hard as it was,and I didn’t expect to suck in competitions as bad as I did. I thought I had some sort of physicality to me and indeed don’t.”

She revealed that the awkwardness of the house is a lot stronger than she expected it to be because she had to continue to be around people she didn’t like. She talked about her social game. She stated, “It was really difficult to try to kind of keep everybody happy,and you had to do it really secretively. Nobody liked Brendon and Rachel,so I couldn’t really be caught talking to them either. You had to be like super stealth about it.” Read more »

Big Brother 12 Lane Talks 2nd Place,Britney & More In New Interview Clip

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Big Brother 12 Lane talks 2nd place,Britney & more in new interview clip. CBS caught up to Big Brother 12 runner-up Lane Elenburg last night at the backyard interviews. He revealed that the first thing he wanted to do in the game,was not be the first one voted out,and that he never thought he’d be in the final two. He said that Hayden’s a great guy,and deserved to win because he won a lot of competitions and stuff,so he’s happy for him.

He thinks Britney is a good looking girl,but she’s engaged. However, he teased that he didn’t know if that was just game play or what,so he’ll see. He revealed that the whole mental aspect was the toughest part of being in the house. He said his favorite memory was talking to Enzo because he was so funny,so funny that he made him cry. Read more »

Big Brother 12 Enzo Talks 3rd Place,Movie Deals & More In New Interview

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Big Brother 12 Enzo talks 3rd place,movie deals & more in new interview. CBS caught up to the Meow,Meow himself Enzo Palumbo who finished in 3rd place on Big Brother 12 last night,in this new backyard interview clip (below). He continued to state, “I had a great social game,probably the best ever. I made the Brigade,probably the best alliance ever. To get to the final 3, was definitely something to be proud of,definitely.”

He also said that if Lane would’ve won the final HOH, he would’ve taken him to final 2,and he would’ve won the whole thing,and it sucks. Enzo also regretted not being able to make it to the final two,so he could say his final speech. Read more »

Hayden Talks Winning Big Brother 12 & More In New Interview Clip

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Hayden talks winning Big Brother 12 & more in new interview clip. CBS caught up to the winner of Big Brother 12 Hayden Moss last night at the backyard interviews of the Big Brother 12 house last night. Hayden revealed that he thought he would’ve been lucky just to make it to the jury at the start of the game,and now he’s really pumped and happy that he won.

Next, he said that he started winning things at the end of the game,and that their social game was pretty good,so that helped out a lot. He thought both Enzo and Lane were amazing,and that he thinks he’ll be friends with them for a very long time. He revealed that he had a final two deal with Lane since the beginning,plus he thought he had a better chance of winning against Lane. Read more »

Hayden Moss Won Big Brother 12 Tonight With A Close Vote

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Hayden Moss won Big Brother 12 tonight with a close vote. Tonight’s live two hour finale show kicked off with past scenes from the entire season. Then they showed footage and diary room footage of what Hayden and Lane were thinking of in terms of who they would take to the final two. Lane revealed that he doesn’t think Hayden would be the best choice.

Enzo said he’s still gonna try and get into the final two so he can win. He tried to convince Hayden and Lane that he doesn’t have a chance of winning if he goes to final 2. Hayden revealed that he might have a better chance of beating Enzo in the final 2. Enzo tried to convince Lane that he could not beat Hayden in the final 2. Lane agreed. After the break, Julie talked with Enzo,Lane,and Hayden in the living room. Read more »

Big Brother 12 Lane Spotted Sleepin It Up Again Today Before Big Finale

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Big Brother 12 Lane spotted sleepin it up again today before big finale. Hey fellow Big Brother fans. It’s been another great season up until this last week, anyways, because the photo (above) shows what has been an ongoing theme since last Thursday night’s exciting live show. It was reported that Enzo still tried to do a little game play by saying that if Lane or Hayden took him to final two, they would win over him. However, he really thinks he could have a shot at the $500,000 if he made it to the finals. Read more »

Big Brother 12 Britney’s Real House Caught On Fire In Arkansas Today

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Big Brother 12 Britney’s real house caught on fire in Arkansas today. According to TMZ, poor little Britney Haynes from Big Brother 12 has just got burned in more ways than one this year as her real house located in Arkansas caught on fire earlier this morning with her fiance Nick still inside.

Also, since Britney is currently sequestered from the outside world in the jury house,she has no idea that this has happened. They say that the Arkansas Democrat Gazette reported that Britney’s home caught on fire earlier this morning while her fiance was still in the home. However, he did manage to escape the huge blaze without getting any injuries. Read more »