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Big Brother 12 Matt Campaigned Hard To Brigade To Stay Over Enzo

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Big Brother 12 Matt campaigned hard to Brigade to stay over Enzo. Yesterday on the Big Brother 12 live feeds, Matt refusing to give up, began his hardcore campaigning efforts to his supposed “Brigade” alliance even though it’s not much of an alliance for him anymore.

He talked with Hayden and Lane,and told them that he is still totally committed to getting the “Brigade” to the final three or whatever it is,and that it would make more since to keep him over Enzo because he can still be the ears of both sides of the house where Enzo cannot. Read more »

Enzo Spotted On Big Brother 12 Sporting His Stylish Penguin Suit

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Enzo spotted on Big Brother 12 sporting his stylish penguin suit. Enzo who is currently one of the Big Brother 12 housegusts who are up for eviction this week,was spotted walking around the house in his stylish penguin suit yesterday. I thought it was a nice look on him,lol!! He’s the only person I’ve seen to make the penguin attire look pretty cool as he sported his sun glasses,along with his usual brown hat.

He appeared to have no shame as he strutted around the house eating whatever the heck he was eating. Enzo apparently had to wear the penguin suit as a result of something that went down in the recent POV competition. Read more »

Big Brother 12 Ragan Seen Telling Matt He’ll Likely Go Home This Week

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Big Brother 12 Ragan seen telling Matt he’ll likely go home this week. Yesterday on the Big Brother 12 live feeds, a little bit of drama went down between Ragan and Matt after Matt got put on the eviction chopping block. Ragan started putting two and two together to realize Matt had thrown him under the bus,tossing his name out there for eviction this week to Britney.

Ragan said he started hearing things about Matt throwing him under the bus earlier in the day. After the POV ceremony,he went to talk to Matt in the kitchen,and Matt immediately said, “I shouldn’t be punished for you campaigning for me.” Read more »

Matt Replaced Brendon For Big Brother 12 Eviction Today In Week 7

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Matt replaced Brendon for Big Brother 12 eviction today in week 7. According to Big Brother Network and the live feeds, the POV ceremony took place earlier today and Britney who is the reigning HOH for week 7 decided to replace Brendon who won POV this week with Matt.

So,now, Matt joins Enzo on the eviction chopping block this week,and one of these two will definitely be going home this week. There’s no more special power to save Matt’s butt this time. It’s speculated that Matt threw the HOH competition on Thursday night,and if he did, then he deserves to go home. That’s a dumb move to make this late in the game. He should have won that damn thing to make sure he was safe instead of counting on someone else. For having such a high IQ,he has surly made some of the dumbest moves in the game. Read more »

Big Brother 12 Brendon Spotted With New Shaved Head On Live Feeds

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Big Brother 12 Brendon spotted with new shaved head on live feeds. Yesterday afternoon, Brendon ended up winning the Big Brother 12 POV again for week 7,but he ended up having to shave his head,and he was spotted sporting the new do on the live feeds yesterday. I’m guessing it has something to do with the POV comp. We won’t know for sure until all the details are aired on the TV show. Currently, we just know that his freakin hair got shaved off.

Brendon also had to endure a punishment with Britney that involved being handcuffed to her for 24 hours, and had to take a chum bath while attached to her. Read more »

Brendon Won Big Brother 12 POV Again Yesterday In Week 7

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Brendon won Big Brother 12 POV again yesterday in week 7. According to Big Brother Network and the live feeds, the Big Brother 12 POV competition for week 7 took place yesterday,and Brendon who is currently one of the eviction nominees won the damn thing again. Unbelievable!

I swear Enzo,Hayden,and Lane are good for nothing when it comes to winning these competitions. How do they expect to get anybody out of the house if they can’t win a damn thing? Well,anyways,they say Brendon won the POV,but ended up losing his hair in the process. Enzo ended up having to wear a penguin costume. An anonymous person won a Hawaiian vacation,and someone else won $5,000. Britney started crying and got furious with Lane and the other guys for not trying to win the Veto,but going after the prizes,instead. Read more »

Brendon & Enzo Nominated For Big Brother 12 Eviction In Week 7

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Brendon & Enzo nominated for Big Brother 12 eviction in week 7. According to Big Brother Network and the live feeds, Britney who is the reigning HOH for week 7 decided to nominate Brendon and Enzo for eviction this week. After the nominations, Brendon and Enzo started talking in the have-not room because they were also sent on a trip to have-notsville,along with Hayden.

They’re forced to eat beans and broccoli after losing the food competition, yesterday. Later on, Britney went and talked with Enzo,alone. She told him that he’s not a target,and won’t be going home this week. If Brendon wins POV,she said she’ll backdoor Matt. However, she could be lying about that. On the live feeds, Britney was saying that she hoped Enzo isn’t mad at her,and hopes this will make him want to win POV even more so they can go ahead and get Brendon out. Read more »

Big Brother 12 Brendon Seen Tryin To Talk Britney Out Of Eviction Nom

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Big Brother 12 Brendon seen tryin to talk Britney out of eviction nom. Just moments ago, Brendon was spotted on the Big Brother 12 live feeds pleading with Britney to honor her deal she made with him last week to not nominate him for eviction this week. He made the argument that if she put him up on the block,and he goes home, he’s going to be on the jury,and that he’ll be able to tell Rachel and Kathy that she went back on their deal,which could take more votes from her should she get to the final. Read more »

Britney Won Big Brother 12 HOH Tonight But Has A Deal With Brendon

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Britney won Big Brother 12 HOH tonight but has a deal with Brendon. Well, it was one hell of a live show earlier tonight. Matt took himself off the block with his “Diamond Power Of Veto” to everyone’s surprise. He called Brendon a big dummy before doing so. Then apologized to Kathy for having to put her up as the replacement nominee,which ultimately sent her home.

To cap off the night, Britney won HOH for week 7 in a quiz-like challenge called “Big Brother Says” where they had to recall stuff that Big Brother told them to do earlier this week. Now, the question is, will Britney honor her deal that she made with Brendon earlier this week. It was a pretty big deal as she swore on her relationship with her fiance Nick that she wouldn’t put Brendon on the block if she won HOH. In return, Brendon never nominated her. She said she lied to his face,but I don’t know. Read more »

Kathy Evicted From Big Brother 12 Tonight In Week 6

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Kathy evicted from Big Brother 12 tonight in week 6. Tonight’s live eviction show kicked off with past scenes from the show. Then Julie Chen explained Matt’s “Diamond Power Of Veto” situation that would allow him take himself off the block and put up a replacement nominee. Then they showed footage from what happened after Matt got put on the chopping block. The “Brigade” revealed that they would get rid of Matt. Brendon was so cocky,thinking he would get rid of Matt for Rachel.

Matt had to pretend that he was really in danger around the other houseguests. Matt also scoped out the “Brigade” alliance to make sure they really had his back,and hinted he may find a new alliance if they don’t. Matt found out Kathy didn’t tell him about the Rachel pretzel message,and said that was betrayal. Matt revealed that he knew Enzo was wanting to get rid of him,and hinted that he may put him up as a replacement nominee. Read more »