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Brendon Won Big Brother 12 HOH For Week 6 Tonight

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Brendon won Big Brother 12 HOH for week 6 tonight. According to Big Brother Network and the live feeds, Brendon managed to pull out yet another HOH win right when he had his back up against a wall earlier tonight.

The week 6 HOH competition was another physical one called “web of tangled rope” where all the houseguests had to scramble to untangle their lines and free themselves,and the first houseguest to free themselves,won and got to pick the have-nots for the week. The competition lasted about 2 and a half hours. At the 2 hour and 10 minute mark,the live feeds came back on and Brendon was ahead. He continued to expand his lead,but Lane was not far behind. Read more »

Rachel Finally Evicted From Big Brother 12 Tonight In Week 5

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Rachel finally evicted from Big Brother 12 tonight in week 5. Tonight’s live eviction show kicked off with past scenes from the show. Then they showed footage from what happened after Brendon pulled his POV ceremony stunt. Ragan called Brendon a neanderthal. Britney gave Rachel a hug. Then called Brendon a spawn of Satan in the diary room. Brendon revealed his outburst was part of his master plan to keep Rachel in the house. Rachel kept up the act that Brendon was really being mean to everyone,especially in front of Britney.

Rachel tried to be more friendly with everyone in the house to get them to vote for her. They showed footage of the big Brendon and Ragan fight after Ragan made Rachel cry again. Brendon confronted Ragan. Britney started making fun of him. Then he called her a 3 foot nothing,but they failed to show the Britney crying footage. I wish they would have shown that. After the break, Ragan picked another Saboteur suggestion from America. Read more »

Rachel Spotted Packin Her Crap For Big Brother 12 Eviction Today

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Rachel spotted packin her crap for Big Brother 12 eviction today. Moments ago on the Big Brother 12 live feeds, crazy Rachel and her annoying lovemate Brendon were spotted packin up all their crap in preparation for their unavoidable eviction fate on Big Brother 12. Mostly,it’s Rachel who should be packing as the house definitely wants her out, first. So, she definitely better make sure she didn’t forget anything,lol!!

As for Brendon, the house wants him gone right after her. However, it doesn’t seem as sealed in fate as Rachel’s demise because they have to make sure Brendon doesn’t win HOH tonight. Read more »

Big Brother 12 Rachel Seen Giggling It Up Hours Before Eviction Today

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Big Brother 12 Rachel seen giggling it up hours before eviction today. Rachel who is possibly one of the most annoying houseguest in Big Brother history, was spotted giggling it up with her equally annoying love mate Brendon moments ago on the Big Brother 12 live feeds. I’m really excited because in just a few hours, Rachel will indeed be leaving Big Brother 12,and will be just a distant memory as she sits in the jury house.

As for the other houseguests, they seemed to be really paranoid that Rachel might have a special power that could get her off the block tonight because she’s been strangely acting real nice to everyone as of late,and sporting a big smile all over the place. Read more »

Big Brother 12 Brendon Started Fight With Ragan & Made Britney Cry

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Big Brother 12 Brendon started fight with Ragan & made Britney cry. Things are really starting to heat up in the Big Brother 12 house. Last night on the live feeds at around 10pm pacific time, events transpired,which caused Brendon to come out outside and start a big fight with Ragan and Britney. It ended with Britney crying. Here’s the rundown. Britney and Ragan had a little conversation with Rachel about how crazy she is,basically.

Ragan told her that he just doesn’t get her attitude in this game, and how she treats people. He said he doesn’t handle things that way. Read more »

Brendon Started Huge Fight With Britney Over Not Using POV On Rachel

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Brendon started huge fight with Britney over not using POV on Rachel. According to Big Brother Network and the live feeds, Brendon got furious and started yelling at Britney when she decided not to use the POV at the POV ceremony yesterday afternoon.

From listening to the live feeds last night, Britney said he called her a spoiled brat and something else along those lines. Then Britney got really furious over it. Read more »

Britney Keeps Big Brother 12 Eviction Nominees The Same In Week 5

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Britney keeps Big Brother 12 eviction nominees the same in week 5. According to Big Brother Network and the live feeds, the week 5 POV ceremony took place earlier today,and Britney who is the reigning POV champ decided to keep the eviction nominees Rachel and Brendon the same. That was no big surprise there. We all expected it.

However, what we didn’t expect, was what happened following the ceremony. Here’s the rundown. They say that Brendon immediately started blowing up at Britney during the ceremony after she revealed that she would keep the nominations the same. Rachel started crying again after it was over like the baby she is. Britney got really furious over what Brendon said to her,especially considering the fact that she already despises him. Read more »

Big Brother 12 Britney Made Fun Of Rachel’s POV Safety Plea Last Night

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Big Brother 12 Britney made fun of Rachel’s POV safety plea last night. Last night on the Big Brother 12 live feeds, Rachel talked with Britney in the cabana room to see if she could get Britney to use the POV on her. Britney won the POV for the 3rd time this season, two days ago. Britney, who is not really on Rachel’s side,but likes to play both sides of the house, acted as kind as she could to Rachel’s face,telling her that she couldn’t go against the house,and even if she took Rachel off,Brendon would still go home. Read more »

Big Brother 12 Rachel Started Huge Fight With Kathy Over POV Loss

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Big Brother 12 Rachel started huge fight with Kathy over POV loss. Yesterday on the live feeds, Rachel returned to crazy mode again after losing the POV challenge,and took it all out on sweet little Kathy for cheering after beating Rachel in one stage of the challenge. The fight happened at 3:10pm on the live feeds,yesterday,for those of you who would like to flashback to it on the feeds.

Here’s the rundown of what happened. Rachel asked Kathy if they could talk alone in the cabana room after the POV. As soon as they were alone, Rachel started going off,saying I think it’s really fucked up that you would start screaming and cheering when I lost POV. Read more »

Britney Won Big Brother 12 POV Again Today For Week 5

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Britney won Big Brother 12 POV again today for week 5. According to Big Brother Network and the live feeds, Britney is on fire right now. The POV competition for week 5 took place earlier today,and Britney won it again,which makes her a 3 time POV winner this season. If she wins a couple more times, she’ll be in contention of becoming the new POV title holder for most times,won. Go Britney.

I didn’t really like Britney at first,but she has grown on me,and she’s quite the little character in the house. I hope CBS does a video segment on all the impressions she does. She’s pretty funny. They say that Rachel got pissed off at Kathy for eliminating her during the POV competition,and she really let her know too. Apparently, they got into a big screaming match on the live feeds at about 3:15pm pacific time. I’m gonna have to check that out. Read more »