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Carrie Underwood Spotted Playin Softball & Singin In Nashville,TN

Carrie Underwood spotted playin softball & singin in Nashville,TN. Former “American Idol” champ and country music star Carrie Underwood was recently spotted out in Nashville,Tennessee two days ago to hit the softball around and sing a little bit at the 2010 CMT Awards. According to celebrity-gossip.net, Carrie participated in the Annual City of Hope Celebrity Softball Challenge. She was also spotted rehearsing for her live performance at the Bridgestone Arena. Read more »

The Hills’ Heidi Montag Officially Filed Spencer Pratt Separation Papers

The Hills’ Heidi Montag officially filed Spencer Pratt separation papers. According to TMZ, Heidi Montag who stars on MTV’s hit reality show “The Hills,” officially filed her legal separation papers from husband Spencer Pratt earlier today. They say she showed up at the Santa Monica Courthouse today,and officially filed for legal separation from Spencer Pratt. She listed irreconcilable differences as the reason for the separation.

Heidi has not yet filed divorce papers. The legal significance of a legal separation, is that her earnings will now become her separate property from the date of the separation. Heidi listed today June 8th as the date of separation. Read more »

Vanessa Hudgens Seen Presenting With Jessica Alba At MTV Movie Awards

Vanessa Hudgens seen presenting with Jessica Alba at MTV Movie Awards. Top movie stars Vanessa Hudgens and Jessica Alba were both spotted at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards last night in Los Angeles, California at the Gibson Amphitheatre. According to celebrity-gossip.net, they were both there to present the award for “Best Male Performance,” which “Twilight Saga” superstar Robert Pattinson ended up winning. Read more »

Vampire Diaries’ Nina Dobrev Seen Posing With Co-Stars In Monte Carlo

Vampire Diaries’ Nina Dobrev seen posing with Co-Stars in Monte Carlo. Nina Dobrev who plays Elena Gilbert in CW’s new hot vampire show “Vampire Diaries” was recently spotted posing with her male co-stars Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder while doing promotional work for the show over in Monte Carlo yesterday afternoon.

Nina looked really cute in her stunning white dress while the guys wore sharp tieless suits. They posed and smiled for the paparazzi cameras as they walked the red carpet. The event they were at was called the “50th Monte Carlo TV Festival,”and they were there for the opening ceremony. Read more »

Twilight’s Taylor Lautner Spotted Backstage At 2010 MTV Movie Awards

Twilight’s Taylor Lautner spotted backstage at 2010 MTV Movie Awards. “Twilight Saga” movie star Taylor Lautner was recently spotted hangin out backstage at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards in Los Angeles,California yesterday afternoon. Taylor plays werewolf Jacob Black in the “Twilight Saga” movie series,and he made his way to the show to present an exclusive clip from the upcoming “Twilight Saga: Eclipse” movie that’s due out on June 30th.

He joined is “Twilight Saga” co-stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson to present the exclusive clip. Taylor looked pretty casual,sporting a blue leather coat,white t-shirt,and jeans. He cracked a smile for the paparazzi cameras before making his way into the Gibson Amphitheatre Read more »

Robert Pattinson Seen Hangin With Kristen Stewart At MTV Movie Awards

Robert Pattinson seen hangin with Kristen Stewart at MTV Movie Awards. “Twilight Saga” superstars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were spotted hangin backstage at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards yesterday afternoon in Los Angeles,California. Robert Pattinson just happens to be shooting a new movie called “Water For Elephants” in the same area,so it was really convenient for him to make the trip.

However, his co-stars Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner had to fly back from overseas after doing promotional duties for the upcoming “Twilight Saga: Eclipse” movie that’s due out on June 30th. Read more »

Sandra Bullock Kissed Scarlett Johansson In MTV Movie Awards Clip

Sandra Bullock kissed Scarlett Johansson in 2010 MTV Movie Awards clip. Oscar award winning actress Sandra Bullock showed why she is an Oscar award winning actress at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards last night by laying a big,fat wet kiss on hot actress Scarlett Johansson after she accepted her MTV’s “Generation” award.

In the clip (below), Betty White,Scarlett Johansson,and Bradley Cooper presented the award to Sandra. She made her way to the stage,and gave everyone hugs. The crowd gave her a lot of applauses. Read more »

Robert Pattinson Showed Extreme Appreciation In MTV Movie Awards Clip

robert pattinson image

Robert Pattinson showed extreme appreciation in MTV Movie Awards clip. MTV news recently caught up to “Twilight Saga” superstar Robert Pattinson yesterday at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards,and he showed some extreme appreciation for all the awards and honors that he’s received in the past two years since the whole “Twilight Saga” phenomenon has begun.

In the clip (below) Josh Horowitz asked Robert what’s the difference in his experience at the Movie Awards from two years ago when he appeared there for the first time. Robert said, “It’s crazy. For it to have accelerated so quickly. I mean I should’ve done a more coherent speech for the global thing because it’s just so ridiculous. Read more »

Robert Pattinson Talked Award Wins In 2010 MTV Movie Awards Clip

robert pattinson image

Robert Pattinson talked award wins in 2010 MTV Movie Awards clip. “Twilight Saga” star Robert Pattinson talked with MTV news at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards yesterday,and he revealed how many awards he won,along with jokingly saying that he should’ve been nominated for more,acting like he was getting a swelled head.

In the clip (below) Josh Horowitz asked Robert if there was an award he hasn’t won,and how many has he gotten. Robert replied with, “I think it’s only three. I did better last year. It’s a disappointment. It’s an ok result. I should’ve been nominated in a few more categories to be honest.” Read more »

Robert Pattinson Play Kisses Kristen Stewart At 2010 MTV Movie Awards

    robert pattinson,kristen stewart image

Robert Pattinson play kisses Kristen Stewart at 2010 MTV Movie Awards. “Twilight Saga” movie stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were very present at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards last night. In the clip (below), they won the award for “Best Kiss” in “Twilight Saga: New Moon.” Actress Jessica Biel,along with Bradley Cooper presented the award to them. Kristen almost tripped after getting up out of her seat,but they eventually made their way onto the stage.

Robert Pattinson thanked the fans for the award. Then Kristen got on,and said, “So, I guess the thing to do,is like we’re supposed to kiss each other. Read more »