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Jersey Shore’s Vinny & Pauly D Filmed Making MTV Movie Awards Dinner

jersey shore vinny,pauly d image

Jersey Shore’s Vinny & Pauly D filmed making MTV Movie Awards dinner. Vinny and DJ Pauly D of Mtv’s hit reality show “Jersey Shore” recently got together with world renowned chef John DeLucie to cook up some meals for tonight’s big 2010 MTV Movie Awards show,and it was all captured on the video (below).

They started off making some truffle mac and cheese. At one point, chef Delucie bragged that he had $1,000 of black truffles on the table. Then Pauly said, “I put, like, $500 worth of truffle on that one!” After that, they cooked up some Kobe beef sliders with pork belly,caramelized onion,tomato,along with chef DeLucie’s top-secret special sauce. Read more »

Joe Jonas Spotted At MTV Movie Awards Style Lounge With Lil Bro Frankie

Joe Jonas spotted at MTV Movie Awards Style Lounge with lil bro Frankie. According to the The Daily Truffle, Joe Jonas of the famous “Jonas Brothers” band was recently spotted out with his younger “Bonus Jonas” brother Frankie Jonas at the 2010 Kari Feinstein MTV Movie Awards Style Lounge held at the Montage in Beverly Hills, California three days ago.

They say that Joe and Frankie picked up some gear from Retro Sport. Read more »

The Hills’ Lauren Conrad Said She Won’t Return For The Finale Show

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The Hills’ Lauren Conrad said she won’t return for the finale show. According to celebrity-gossip.net, former MTV “The Hills” star Lauren Conrad recently revealed to E! Online that she will definitely not be returning to “The Hills” for any of the shows of its 6th and final season despite strong wishes and desires from her fans.

She said she liked the way she left and has no plans to return. She stated, “I have no plans to come back. Read more »

True Blood’s Anna Paquin Explained Why She Revealed She Is Bisexual

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True Blood’s Anna Paquin explained why she revealed she is bisexual. According to celebrity-gossip.net, Anna Paquin who plays character Sookie Stackhouse on HBO’s hit show “True Blood” recently told Zap2it why she decided to come out of the closet,and reveal that she is bi-sexual earlier this year.

She said she doesn’t really talk about it much,but it was something she cared about,stating, “I’m not someone who endlessly talks about her personal life for no reason, but obviously, as someone who identifies as bisexual, those are issues I really care about — and frankly, I don’t see why everyone doesn’t care about them. Read more »

Kim Kardashian Spotted Promoting Bikini Body Tour In Santa Monica,CA

Kim Kardashian spotted promoting Bikini Body tour in Santa Monica,CA. “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” reality beauty Kim Kardashian was recently spotted out on the beaches of Santa Monica,California yesterday to promote Shape Magazine’s 2nd annual Bikini Body Tour event. She looked good in her Khaki colored zip-up dress. She was also later joined by her mother Kris Jenner. Kim also took to her “Twitter” account to tweet about the day’s festivities. Read more »

Vampire Diaries’ Nina Dobrev Spotted Shoppin With Co-Stars In London

Vampire Diaries’ Nina Dobrev spotted shoppin with co-stars in London. Nina Dobrev who plays Elena Gilbert on CW’s new hot show “Vampire Diaries” was recently spotted out shopping in London two days ago with her co-stars Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder who play vampires Stefan and Damon Salvatore on the show. The went shopping at a place called the Topshop on Oxford Street. Read more »

Robert Pattinson Spotted Filming More New Movie Scenes In Hot Cali

Robert Pattinson spotted filming more new movie scenes in hot Cali. “Twilight Saga” movie star Robert Pattinson was spotted back on the set of his new movie “Water For Elephants” yesterday afternoon out in the hot Los Angeles, California Sun. Robert sported the same dark brown vest uniform he sported the day before. Read more »

Vampire Diaries’ Nina Dobrev Spotted With Co-Stars In London,England

Vampire Diaries’ Nina Dobrev spotted with co-stars in London,England. CW Vampire Diaries stars Nina Dobrev,Paul Wesley,and Ian Somerhalder were recently spotted over London England two days ago greeting all their new,adoring fans from a balcony. According to gossipcenter.com , the stars were over there to do some promotional work for “Vampire Diaries” because it’s a huge hit on ITV over there.

All three of them visited a morning talk show called “This Morning” to talk more about CW’s new hit “Vampire Diaries” show as well as their new lives as TV stars. Read more »

Vampire Diaries’ Katerina Graham To Star Lead In New ‘Honey 2′ Movie

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Vampire Diaries’ Katerina Graham to star lead in new ‘Honey 2′ movie. According to Zap2it. Katerina Graham who plays the witch/hottie on CW’s hit show “Vampire Diaries” is about to become a movie star also as she has landed the lead spot in the new “Honey 2″ movie. Jessica Alba starred in the original “Honey” movie back in 2003. Now, they’re makin another one with a totally different cast. I guess they’re gonna start spittin out sequels to this one like they do with those “Bring It On” movies.

The “Honey 2″ movie is not going to be in theaters. It’s gonna release exclusively on DVD just like the “Bring It On” sequels,which only had the first one appear in theaters. Read more »

Gossip Girl’s Chace Crawford Arrested For Marijuana In Plano,TX Today

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Gossip Girl’s Chace Crawford arrested for marijuana in Plano,TX today. According to TMZ , Chace Crawford who plays character Nate Archibald in CW’s hit show “Gossip Girl,” was arrested earlier this morning for possession of marijuana in Plano,TX.

They say that Chace was arrested in Plano,Texas earlier today. Chace has since been bonded out of jail. Chace was arrested just after midnight this morning for possession of marijuana,which was under 2 ounces. The charge is reported to be a misdemeanor. Chace was busted in the parking lot of Ringo’s Pub. Chace was in the car with a friend when he was busted and the cops found one unlit joint. Read more »