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Producer,Suge Knight Got Arrested For Assault With A Deadly Weapon

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Producer,Suge Knight got arrested for assault with a deadly weapon. According to TMZ , rap producer Suge Knight got arrested earlier this morning for assault with a deadly weapon,which involved a firearm. They say he was pulled over and taken into custody,and also charged with driving on a suspended license. Suge Knight is currently in jail and his bail is set at $65,000.

During a news conference, the cops said that Suge Knight was arrested in connection to an alleged crime that occurred shortly before his arrest. However, they wouldn’t give any further information at that time. Later on, TMZ did an update,saying an eyewitness told the police that Suge pointed a gun at another car this morning, Read more »

Justin Bieber Performed U Smile,Baby & Played Drums On American Idol

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Justin Bieber performed U Smile,Baby & played drums on American Idol. 16 year old pop sensation Justin Bieber took to the “American Idol” stage last night to perform his hit songs “U Smile” and “Baby.” He also capped off the performance by doing a little intense drum solo for the audience. The clip (below) started off with him singing the first verse to “U Smile.” He began by just singing behind the mic stand,while all of his female fans in the audience sang the lyrics passionately along with him.

At one point, Justin gazed deeply into the camera as he ended the “U Smile” with its chorus. Then things started to really liven up as he started in on his uptempo “Baby” song. Read more »

Robert Pattinson To Attend L.A. Twilight Convention With Kristen Stewart

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Robert Pattinson to attend L.A. Twilight Convention with Kristen Stewart. “Twilight Saga” superstars Robert Pattinson,Kristen Stewart,and Taylor Lautner are scheduled to attend the Los Angeles,California official “Twilight” convention on June 11-13. According to Creation Entertainment who holds the official “Twilight” conventions, recently announced the news. The convention is going to be held at the Hyatt Regency Center Plaza. Read more »

Harry Potter’s Emma Watson To Star In First Non-Harry Potter Movie

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Harry Potter’s Emma Watson to star in first non-Harry Potter movie. According to Variety , Emma Watson who is famous for her one and only movie role of Hermione Granger in the famous “Harry Potter” flicks, is looking to branch out from the “Harry Potter” franchise in a new Indie film entitled, “Perks of Being a Wallflower.”

They say that Emma is currently in talks to star in the new Indie drama movie. Stephen Chbosky will direct it from his own script. Lianne Halfon,Malkovich, and Russell Smith are set to produce it. This would be Emma’s first movie outside of the “Harry Potter” franchise. Emma’s other acting accomplishments, include an appearance in a 2007 telepic called “Ballet Shoes.” She also did some voiceover work for character Princess Pea in a 2008 film called, “The Tale of Despereaux.” Read more »

Megan Fox Got Fired From New ‘Transformers 3′ Movie

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Megan Fox got fired from new ‘Transformers 3′ movie. According to MTV , movie star hottie Megan Fox has recently been fired or dropped from the new “Transformers 3″ movie that’s due out next summer. They say that Paramount has declined to pick up Megan’s contractual option for “Transformers 3.” A secret source also stated that the movie will make more sense if they give Shia LaBeouf’s character a new love interest.

A representative at Paramount confirmed to MTV that the studio did not renew Megan Fox’s option. There were rumors floating around that Megan might be written out of the “Transformers” script,but nothing ever came of it until now. It was reported that there was no trouble between director Michael Bay and Megan Fox when it came to the “Transformers” movies, Read more »

Robert Pattinson Showed New,Short Hairdo & More On Ellen DeGeneres

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Robert Pattinson showed new,short hairdo & more On Ellen Degeneres. “Twilight Saga” movie star Robert Pattinson appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres daytime talk show today. He sported a new short hairdo for a new movie,talked about ballet dancing,being one of People magazine’s most beautiful people,and more.

In the clip (below), Ellen introduced Robert,and the crowd roared as he walked onstage. They talked about his new haircut. Robert revealed that it was only 3 days old. He joked that he got the haircut due to nits in his head,but he really did it for a movie role. He revealed that he’s a bit shy,and has trouble thinking spontaneously. Read more »

Miley Cyrus Rocked Intense ‘Can’t Be Tamed’ On Dancing With The Stars

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Miley Cyrus rocked intense ‘Can’t Be Tamed’ on “Dancing With The Stars.” Mega popstar Miley Cyrus took to ABC’s “Dancing With The Stars” stage last night to sing her latest single “Can’t Be Tamed.” The video for the song was pretty controversial as she sports a pretty provocative look in it,and does a lot of sexy dancing,while only being 17 years old.

In the clip (below), she rocks a very intense performance, wearing a sexy black outfit. She starts off the very theatrical performance by walking out of the same huge bird cage that was in the music video. Next,she starts singing the first verse,which led into the intense “Can’t Be Tamed” chorus run where she really upped the intensity of the song. Read more »

Perez Hilton Gets Offered $20 Million To Sell His Celebrity Blog

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Perez Hilton gets offered $20 Million to sell his celebrity blog. According to celebrity-gossip.net , Perez Hilton has been issued a buyout offer of $20 million dollars to give up the rights to his very popular gossip site PerezHilton.com. They say Perez Hilton (Real name Mario Lavendeira) has been negotiations for the past few months with a group of American & Canadian companies that are trying to get a deal done,which would create a celebrity/entertainment mega site.

The offer has been made by a subsidiary of Eight Days, Inc., Zack Taylor Group,and Dirty World,LLC. Perez is required to make a decision by May 28 of this year. Read more »

Jennifer Aniston Shows Her Sexy Bod In New ‘SmartWater’ Promo Photo

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Jennifer Aniston shows her sexy bod in new ‘SmartWater’ promo photo. The beautiful movie star Jennifer Aniston was recently spotted in her the new promo photo (above) for the “SmartWater” brand. Smartwater has been using Jennifer Aniston as the face of their electrolyte “SmartWater” water product since 2007.

In the recent photo, Jennifer looks great as she shows off her curvy body in a black athletic top and black athletic spandex outfit,while holding a bottle of “SmartWater.” Read more »

Disney’s Demi Lovato Spotted Backstage At A Musical In New York City

Disney’s Demi Lovato spotted backstage at a musical in New York City. Disney actress/singer Demi Lovato was spotted out last night at the “In The Heights” musical in New York City. The musical was held at the Richard Rogers Theater,and Demi got to hangout backstage with some of the castmembers after the performance.

Demi looked cute as she sported a blouse,black jacket,blue jeans,and some really tall stylish black boots. She hung out with Corbin Bleu and Olga Merediz,along with other cast members of the “In The Heights” musical. Read more »