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Beyonce Knowles Reportedly Pregnant Again With 2nd Child

Beyonce Knowles reportedly pregnant again with 2nd child. According to new report from Holywood Life and their sources, mega R&B star Beyonce Knowles is planning to give little Blue Ivy a brother or sister as she’s reportedly pregnant again with baby number 2! They say, she was spotted out last night,September 23rd, at the La Marina restaurant located in the Washington Heights neighborhood of NYC.

She was sporting a tight,leopard-skin, dress that showed off a new baby bump. She arrived their with her husband Jay-Z. Their sources did claim “that she is in fact expecting!” Beyonce’s rep would not confirm or deny the reports. Read more »

New ‘Kick-Ass 2’ Set Pics Shows Jim Carrey Suited Up For Colonel Stars Action

New ‘Kick-Ass 2’ set pics shows Jim Carrey suited up for Colonel Stars action. Recently,comicbookmovie.com,dropped these new set photos from the set of the new comedy/action flick “Kick-Ass 2,” and it features big time movie stars Jim Carrey all suited up as Colonel Stars. He was photographed, filming some new scenes with main star Aaron Johnson aka Kick-Ass.

Colonel Star’s real name is Sal Bertolinni,and he started out as a soldier for the Genovese crime family, working alongside his brother Lieutenant Stripes. Then at some point, both brothers found religion and decided to repent for their crimes. Later, they formed the Justice Forever team ,and set out to clean up the city as superheroes. Read more »

New Kick-Ass 2 Set Clip Shows Christopher Mintz Suited Up For New ‘Motherfucker’ Action

New Kick-Ass 2 set clip shows Christopher Mintz suited up for new ‘Motherfucker’ action. Recently, Comicbookmovie dropped this new set clip (below) for the upcoming action/comedy flick “Kick-Ass 2,” and it gives us a new look at Christopher Mintz-Plasse all suited up to reprise his “The Motherfucker” character.

He was filming on Yonge Street in Toronto,Canada. In the first film, his character was named Red Mist,but changed it to “The Motherfucker.” The story will reportedly center around Motherfucker, seeking to avenge the death of his father, Frank D’Amico. If the film is anything like the comic book, you will be shocked at how far he is willing go to get even with Kick-Ass. Read more »

Honey Boo Boo’s House Reportedly Got Broken Into And Police Protection Ordered

Honey Boo Boo’s house reportedly got broken into and police protection ordered. According to a new report from Hollywood Life and their sources, major TLC star Honey Boo Boo aka Alana Thompson’s house got broken into last month on August 27th. Their house is located in McIntyre,Georgia.

Sources for Celebuzz say, the house was broken into while the family was out of town. June Shannon, Alana’s mom, contacted the police to report a possible break-in, after noticing that the side door of the residence was open. The police said the incident was handled like a burglary, but nothing was stolen. Read more »

New ‘Avatar’ 2 Very Important Filming Details Revealed By Sigourney Weaver

New ‘Avatar’ 2 very important filming details revealed by Sigourney Weaver. According to a recent report from Collider, Avatar, Grace,star Sigourney Weaver,chatted it up with Showbiz 411,and revealed that Avatar 2,3,and 4 are actually going to be filmed at the same time!

She told them that her future plans involve doing a new Christopher Durang play for a short run at Lincoln Center. Then she films Avatar 2, 3, and 4 with James Cameron. She has no idea how long it will take, or how it’s going to work,stating, “I just show up.”

Avatar 2 is reportedly going to hit theaters by late 2015,and start filming this fall 2012 with what appears to be the 3rd and 4th installments as well. Read more »

New Kick-Ass 2 Set Pic Features Aaron Johnson In Full Kick-Ass Costume Action

New Kick-Ass 2 set pic features Aaron Johnson in full Kick-Ass costume action. Recently,this new set photo for the upcoming action/comedy flick “Kick-Ass 2,” hit the net and features a new look at main star Aaron Johnson in full, Kick-Ass costume with some other peeps. Dr. Gravity was also spotted on the set at one point. Filming is currently going down in Toronto,Canada.

The movie stars: Aaron Johnson, Chloe Moretz, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Jim Carrey, John Leguizamo, Donald Faison, Robert Emms, Morris Chestnut,and Lindy Booth. The sequel adapts not only “Kick-Ass 2,” but also the “Hit-Girl” spin-off. The Hit-Girl storyline will be the first act of the movie. Read more »

New Kick Ass 2 Set Pic Features Chloe Moretz In Full Hit Girl Action

New Kick Ass 2 set pic features Chloe Moretz in full Hit Girl action. Recently,this new set photo for the upcoming action/comedy flick “Kick-Ass 2,” hit the net,and it features actress Chloe Moretz ,donning the Hit-Girl outfit again for a backdoor alley scene. She’s a little bit taller now,so she won’t be as short and adorable as she was in the first film,but hopefully she’ll still kick major butt.

The movie stars: Aaron Johnson, Chloe Moretz, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Jim Carrey, John Leguizamo, Donald Faison, Robert Emms, Morris Chestnut,and Lindy Booth. In the new flick, it will adapt not only “Kick-Ass 2,” but also the “Hit-Girl” spin-off. The Hit-Girl storyline will be the first act of the movie. Read more »

New Resident Evil 5,Retribution Movie Clip Shows 6 Minutes Of Milla & New Footage

New Resident Evil 5,Retribution movie clip shows 6 minutes Of Milla & new footage. Recently, this new Resident Evil 5: Retribution movie clip/featurette (below), hit the net,and serves up a cool 6 minutes of main star Milla Jovovich,talking about the film,along with more footage from the film.

In the new clip, they showed more awesome footage of Milla’s character Alice in heavy action. Then they showed interview footage of Milla talking about the film,and she mentioned that she was finally glad to get out of that skin-tight suit she had to wear. However,it did look great on her. Read more »

WWE Jerry Lawler Suffered Surprising Heart Attack Last Night On ‘Raw’ Live

WWE Jerry Lawler suffered surprising heart attack last night on ‘Raw’ live. According to the Los Angeles Times, WWE announcer and former wrestler Jerry Lawler sadly suffered a heart attack last night on Monday Night Raw. The tragedy struck when Lawler was announcing a tag team match between Kane and Daniel Bryan versus The Prime Time Players.

About midway through the match, snoring sounds could be heard. In the background of one TV shot, Lawler was seen, slumping over in his chair as several people in the stands turn their attention to the announcers’ table. Medical personnel immediately showed up to start CPR on Lawler,and he was eventually taken to the hospital,and is now listed in serious condition. Read more »

Andy Roddick Revealed He’s Retiring From Tennis After 2012 US Open

Andy Roddick revealed he’s retiring from tennis after 2012 US Open. According to a new report from the New York Times, top US tennis player Andy Roddick announced,yesterday, that he is definitely retiring from tennis after the 2012 U.S. Open is over. On Thursday, August 30th, Andy told the press, “I’ll make this short and sweet. This is going to be my last tournament.”

He went on to explain, “I have decided that this is going to be my last tournament. I wanted an opportunity to say good-bye.” Roddick said, he could sense the end was near when he walked off Wimbledon 2012 with a 3rd round loss.

“Probably the first time in my career that I can sit Read more »