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Batman 3,Dark Knight Rises Movie Filming Batcave Scenes On Wales Island

Batman 3,Dark Knight Rises movie filming Batcave scenes on Wales island

According to Batman News, Walesonline is reporting that Wales will indeed be the home of the new Batcave in “Batman 3: The Dark Knight Rises.” They go on to reveal,crewmembers were spotted filming at the Brecon Beacons waterfall.

There were also reports that the Batcave set was being built in Los Angeles,CA,so it’s believed this Wales location is probably being used for the waterfall entrance that was seen in Batman Begins. Read more »

MTV Released New,1st ‘Hunger Games’ Movie Teaser Trailer Online

    hunger games movie poster  image

MTV released new,1st ‘Hunger Games’ movie teaser trailer online

Last night,movie starlet Jennifer Lawrence presented the first “Hunger Games” teaser movie trailer (below) via a video at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards.

The trailer looks pretty good as Jennifer’s character gets her bow and arrow shooting game on. The movie stars: Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth, Wes Bentley, Elizabeth Banks, Dayo Okeniyi, Amandla Stenberg, Jack Quaid, Leven Rambin,and Willow Shields. Read more »

New Twilight Breaking Dawn Video Shows New Bella,Edward Steamy Sex Scenes

New Twilight Breaking Dawn video shows new Bella,Edward steamy sex scenes

This new Breaking Dawn video (below) recently popped up on Youtube,and features a bevy of new,hot,steamy romantic sex scenes between main characters Bella and Edward,played by actors Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.

The video is mixed with video footage,and never-before-seen photos of the two love birds in passionate,love making,embraces. Some of the video footage is in low quality since it was recorded from a cell phone at the 2011 Comic-Con event last month. Read more »

New Twilight Kristen Stewart Snow White Forest Movie Photo Revealed

    snow white and the huntsman forest image

New Twilight Kristen Stewart Snow White forest movie photo revealed

According to codenametash, this is another photo that has surfaced from Twilight Saga star Kristen Stewart’s new “Snow White and the Huntsman” movie in England. It looks like it’s one of the forest shots that’s definitely not yet completely set up.

As for now, Kristen hasn’t been spotted on the set yet. We’re still waiting for when she is finally photographed. As for her role in the film,she will be playing Snow White. However,she’s not the typical,innocent Snow White we’ve heard about in the past. Read more »

New Batman 3,Dark Knight Rises Photo Features More Los Angeles Movie Set Construction

    batman 3 los angeles construction set

New Batman 3,Dark Knight Rises photo features more Los Angeles movie set construction

As previously reported, the “Batman 3: The Dark Knight Rises” movie started filming in sunny Los Angeles,California this past Thursday,August 26th. Now,Shockya has revealed these new construction photos from the set of the new flick. They didn’t have any details on what this is,but it does look like they’ll be filming some sort of bike chase scenes in the area.

They will also be shooting more crime and action scenes,so it should be interesting to see what goes down as the filming progresses. They’re scheduled to shoot in Los Angeles for two months,wrapping up in October sometime. Read more »

New ‘Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’ Photo Features An Intense Daniel Craig

    daniel craig intense girl with the dragon tattoo

New ‘Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’ movie photo features an Intense Daniel Craig

Columbia Pictures recently released a new photo from their upcoming action/drama flick “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo,” and it features and intense look at James Bond star Daniel Craig’s character Mikael Blomkvist. The movie stars: Daniel Craig, Rooney Mara, Christopher Plummer, Stellan Skarsgård, Steven Berkoff, Robin Wright, Yorick van Wageningen,and Joely Richardson.

In the flick,character Journalist Mikael Blomkvist (Daniel Craig) enlist the help of character Lisbeth Salander (Rooney Mara) who is a young computer hacker, to help him in his search for a woman who has been missing for forty years. Read more »

Robert Pattinson Impressed Another Female Co-Star Who Thinks He’s Just So Lovely

christina ricci image

Robert Pattinson impressed another female co-star who thinks he’s just so lovely

According to Hollywood Life, Robert Pattinson’s supposed charm has struck again on another female co-star named Christina Ricci.

They say she spoke with,and told them that she thinks Rob’s an all-around guy. She went on to say, “Oh, he’s absolutely lovely. He’s great in the movie. It’s a very different role for him.”

Christina plays one of Rob’s many girlfriends in his new drama flick “Bel Ami.” Read more »

Twilight Kristen Stewart’s New Snow White Movie Castle Photos Revealed

    kristen stewart,snow white castle image

Twilight Kristen Stewart’s new Snow White movie castle photos revealed

According to codenametash,these are new photos from the set of Twilight Saga superstar Kristen Stewart’s new “Snow White and the Huntsman” movie over in England. Kristen is currently hard at work,filming this new flick because it’s due out in less than a year. From what I hear,it’s going to be pretty intense. Read more »

‘Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark’ Movie Delivered Tons Of Thrills & Very Weird Ending

don't be afraid of the dark movie poster small image

‘Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark’ movie delivered tons of thrills & very weird ending

FilmDistrict released their new horror flick “Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark” into theaters this weekend. I just checked it out,and thought it was really good. However, they really pissed me off with the weird ending,and if you guys watch it,I’m sure it will piss you off too. Anyways, the movie stars: Katie Holmes, Guy Pearce, Bailee Madison,and Jack Thompson.

In the flick, a little girl named Sally goes to live with her dad Alex and his girlfriend Kim (Katie Holmes) in some old 19th Century house they were restoring. Sally is already sad and depressed to be away from her mother. However, that doesn’t compare to the crap she’s about to go through in this crappy house. Read more »

New Colombiana Movie Delivered Awesome Action,Drama & More

colombiana movie poster small image

New Colombiana movie delivered awesome action,drama & more

TriStar Pictures released their new Zoe Saldana,action flick “Colombiana” into theaters this weekend. I just watched it,and thought it was absolutely excellent. Zoe Saldana really kicks ass in these action flicks,and this was her best one yet. Her character was really sexy,slick,smooth,and explosive. The movie stars: Zoe Saldana, Jordi Molla, Lennie James, Michael Vartan,and Cliff Curtis.

In the flick, character Cataleya Restrepo’s (Zoe Saldana) parents get brutally killed right in front of her,but luckily she escapes to America via a passport her father gave to her just before he was killed. She eventually finds her uncle Emilio Restrepo in Chicago.

Shortly after she arrived,she told Emilio,she wants him to train her to be a killer in hopes that one day,she could enact revenge on her father’s killers. Read more »