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Robert Pattinson Shoots Lots Of People & More In 2,New Cosmopolis Movie Trailers

Robert Pattinson shoots lots of people & more in 2,new Cosmopolis movie trailers. Recently,the studio dropped these two,new movie trailers (below) for the upcoming drama/action flick “Cosmopolis,” featuring Twilight Saga star Robert Pattinson in some wicked new scenes as his character Eric Packer is seen,shooting up a lot of people,having hardcore sex with some freaking hot women,and more.

Heck,at one point,he even shoot his own self in the hand. It’s freaking weird as hell,but I like the way this movie looks. It stars: Robert Pattinson, Juliette Binoche, Sarah Gadon, Mathieu Amalric, Jay Baruchel, Kevin Durand, K’naan, Emily Hampshire, Samantha Morton,and Paul Giamatti. Read more »

New ‘Prometheus’ Very Intense International Movie Trailer Released Online

New ‘Prometheus’ very intense international movie trailer released online. Recently,20th Century Fox,dropped a new international movie trailer (below) for their upcoming thriller/sci-fi flick “Prometheus,” and it looks intense as hell as it features a ton of new scenes that show weird,alien,stuff,along with more thrills. The movie stars: Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender, Guy Pearce, Idris Elba, Logan Marshall-Green,and Charlize Theron.

In the new flick,a group of scientists get caught up in a lot of trouble,which tests their mental and physical limits. They’re stranded on a new and distant planet. As they explore the landscape,they’re seen,getting chased by strange,giant,creatures,get sucked away,and more. Read more »

New ‘The Avengers’ Loki Imprisoned Movie Clip Released Online Today

New ‘The Avengers’ Loki Imprisoned movie clip released online today. Earlier today, Marvel Studios dropped another,new,interesting clip (below) from their upcoming super hero flick “The Avengers,” and it features crazy Loki,spouting crazy stuff after getting imprisoned by the Avengers team.

In the clip, Loki says, he’s impressed with the prison cage they’ve got him in. Eventually,Nick Fury has a conversation with him,and tells Loki that he might not be glad that he made him very desperate. Then Loki starts rambling about how they’ve been reminded of what real power is. it caps off with Nick telling him,to let him know if real power wants a magazine or something. Lol! That was pretty funny. Check it out,below. Read more »

New ‘The Avengers’ Movie Clip Shows Thor,Ironman Beating The Crap Out Of Each Other

New ‘The Avengers’ movie clip shows Thor,Ironman beating the crap out of each other. Marvel Studios recently dropped a new,movie clip (below) for their upcoming super hero/action flick “The Avengers,”and this one looks really cool as it features a major battle,showdown between Thor and Ironman. I mean,they are really kicking each other’s ass in this clip.

In the clip,Thor shoots Ironman with thunder from his magic hammer,but it appears that Ironman just absorbs all the bolts,and shoots it back at Thor. From this point,they just start throwing each other around in a very hardcore way,and it looks like it’ll never end. Check it out,below. It’s wicked intense. Read more »

New Robert Pattinson,Bel Ami,First 6 Minutes Movie Clip Released Online

New Robert Pattinson,Bel Ami,first 6 minutes movie clip released online. Recently,the Bel Ami studio people,dropped a new clip (below) from the flick,and it features the first 6 minutes of the movie with Twilight Saga,mega star Robert Pattinson as character Georges Deroy. The clip is in a Italian,so if you don’t speak it,you’ll just be able to enjoy the visuals.

The new clip,starts off,showing Georges just sitting in a chair,looking pretty upset. Then it goes over past moment of him in a restaurant,staring at people. After the weird introductory scenes,it kicks off in the year 1890 with Georges,partying it up like nobody’s business and flirting with girls in a bar. Read more »

Robert Pattinson Lies,Gets Shirtless,Kisses Another Chick In New Bel Ami Movie Clip

Robert Pattinson lies,gets shirtless,kisses another chick in new Bel Ami movie clip. Recently,another “Bel Ami” movie clip (below),hit the net,and it features major Twilight Saga star Robert Pattinson,showing off his shirtless bod again,while romancing Christina Ricci’s character Clotilde de Marelle,and straight lying to her like nobody’s business.

In the clip, Rob’s character Georges Deroy hops into bed with Clotilde,and chats about sweet nothings. Then they start sucking face hardcore. Towards the end of the clip,Clotilde tells Georges not to bring other women there. Then Georges lies so hard through his freaking teeth by telling her,he doesn’t have any other women. When in reality,he’s playing every woman in the city. He’s some piece of work. Check it out,below. Read more »

Twilight Kristen Stewart New Horse Riding,Fight Scenes Featured In New Snow White Clip

Twilight Kristen Stewart new horse riding,fight scenes featured in new Snow White clip. Recently,MTV dropped a new “behind the scenes” clip (below) for the upcoming “Snow White and the Huntsman” flick,and it features Twilight Saga starlet Kristen Stewart,doing some more horseback riding and sword fighting in her fierce armor.

In the clip, Ben Cooke,who is the stunt coordinator for the film,revealed that K-Stew took direction really well when riding the horses,and shooting the scenes. Throughout the clip,they showed more scenes from the movie,including Kristen getting all armored up to do battle,more cool special effects,action,and more. Check it out,below. Read more »

New ‘The Avengers’ International Movie Clip Released,New Crazy Hulk Action & More

New ‘The Avengers’ international movie clip released,new crazy Hulk action & more. Recently,Marvel Studios released a new,International movie clip (below) for their upcoming super hero/action flick “The Avengers,” and it features a couple of new scenes,mostly of the Incredible Hulk,and they look pretty vicious.

It’s in a different language,but the scenes are really cool. The movie stars: Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Tom Hiddleston, Stellan Skarsgård, Cobie Smulders,and Samuel L. Jackson. Read more »

New ‘The Avengers’ Captain America,Thor Battle Movie Clip Released Online

New ‘The Avengers’ Captain America,Thor battle movie clip released online. Recently,Marvel Studios released another,cool,movie clip (below) for their upcoming super hero/action flick “The Avengers,” and it features Captain America and Thor battling the hell out of a bunch of enemy attackers,and it looks majorly intense.

In the new clip, Thor and the Cap are using their weapons to battle off enemies. Then the Cap gets shot,so Thor has to take over,and knock the rest of them out. Towards the end of the clip,Thor asks Cap,if he’s ready for another bout. The Cap replies with, “you tired,already?” Check it out,below. Read more »

New Johnny Depp ‘Dark Shadows’ International Movie Trailer Released With Wild Scenes

New Johnny Depp ‘Dark Shadows’ International movie trailer released with wild scenes. Recently,Warner Bros. Pictures released this new,international,movie trailer (below) for their upcoming thriller flick “Dark Shadows,” and it features main star Johnny Depp in more wild,funny scenes as the cursed Barnabas character.

It stars: Johnny Depp, Michelle Pfeiffer, Helena Bonham Carter, Jackie Earle Haley, Jonny Lee Miller, Eva Green, Chloë Grace Moretz, Bella Heathcote,and Gully McGrath. In the new movie,poor Barnabas gets cursed to life as vampire by an angry witch named Angelique. If that weren’t enough,she buries him alive for 200 freaking years. Read more »