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New Iron Man 3 Concept Art Movie Pic Shows Tony Stark Transforming In Heated Battle

New Iron Man 3 concept art movie pic shows Tony Stark transforming in heated battle. Recently, this new “Iron Man 3″ concept art movie photo,hit the net,and features actor Robert Downey Jr. aka Tony Stark, transforming into Iron Man in the midst of a heated battle. It’s reported that the new concept art will be available at the upcoming 2012 Comic-Con event in San Diego,California, presumably over at the Marvel booth.

It’s also reported that Iron Man 3 is based on Warren Ellis‘ comic book arc, “Extremis.” In the film,character Aldrich Killian, is reportedly developing Extremis nano-technology in order to to build an Extremis army, which may include Coldblood and Firepower . In Ellis’ comic, the Extremis nano-technology bonds with Stark to physically transform him into Iron Man anytime he chooses, and the Iron Man armor is stronger than any of the ones that came before it. Read more »

AMC Breaking Bad Released New Episode 1,Season 5 Spoiler Clip

AMC Breaking Bad released new episode 1,season 5 spoiler clip. Recently, AMC dropped this new,sneak peek,clip (below) for their upcoming “Breaking Bad” episode 1,and it looks pretty interesting as an excited Walter Jr., chit chats with Walter Sr. about the news that has broken out,and more. The episode is called,”Live Free or Die.”

In the new clip, Skyler and Walter Jr. arrive to see Walter Sr. sipping on a beverage. Jr. immediately asks Walter about the news. Then Walter tries to play his role in a subdued manner, which is not easy,considering he just blew up two humans, via a wheelchair. Read more »

New Hunger Games 2,Catching Fire Joanna Mason Actress Revealed

New Hunger Games 2,Catching Fire Joanna Mason actress revealed. According to a recent report from Collider, former Sucker Punch movie starlet Jena Malone has recently swept in and stolen the Joanna Mason movie role in the upcoming Catching Fire flick from previously reported frontrunner Zoe Aggeliki. Poor Zoe.

Anyways, they say, Jena is currently in early talks to play the Joanna Mason character. Joanna is another former winner from District 7 who’s forced to compete in the new fight to the death. She’s a fun character who wields axes and one-liners.

Jena is also starring in a new NBC TV show series called 1600 Penn Read more »

New Batman 3 Hong Kong Movie Clip Features Awesome New Action Footage

New Batman 3 Hong Kong movie clip features awesome new action footage. Recently, this new “Dark Knight Rises” Hong Kong movie clip (below), hit the net,and it looks damn good as it gives us a glimpse at some new,unseen,footage from the film. Sure,it has some stuff we’ve seen already, but it definitely shows some new Catwoman,Batpod stuff along with the Batwing aka “The Bat.”

In the new clip, Bruce Wayne is spotted, chatting up Lucius Fox. Fox tells him about the new “Bat,” and how it also comes black. However, Bruce insists he’s retired. After that it shows new footage of Catwoman on the Batpod,more fight scenes, “The Bat” flying around,and so much more. It’s pretty lively. Check it out,below. Read more »

Batman 3 Anne Hathaway Spotted Catwoman Inspired Hot For New GQ Mag Spread

Batman 3 Anne Hathaway spotted Catwoman inspired hot for new GQ Mag spread. Recently, actress Anne Hathaway posed for GQ Spain magazine,and now appears in their July 2012 issue,looking as sexy as she wants to be,doing a “Dark Knight Rises” Catwoman inspired posing session. She’s dressed in all-black attire with sexy,thigh-high boots. It’s very hot indeed.

The photos were taken by James White. Casting director Luis San Narciso also had good things to say about Anne as the new Catwoman, stating, “Anne has a traditional yet different extent, which can bring a touch of sensuality and tenderness.” Read more »

New Batman 3 Photo Features Bane’s Movie Costume Upclose

New Batman 3 photo features Bane’s movie costume upclose. Recently,, dropped this new photo for the upcoming “Dark Knight Rises” super hero flick,and it looks pretty cool as it features evil Bane’s costume,upclose, with the ugly mask gear,and all. They didn’t say where this was taken at,but it looks like it was on display somewhere.

Anyways,the movie stars: Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Anne Hathaway, Tom Hardy, Gary Oldman, Marion Cotillard, Joseph Gordon-Levitt,and Morgan Freeman. In the new movie, evil Bane terrorizes the hell out of Gotham City,prompting Batman to come out of an 8 year,retirement to combat his wickedness. Read more »

CBS Big Brother 14 Entire Houseguests Cast Revealed Today, New Photo

CBS Big Brother 14 entire houseguests cast revealed today, new photo. Earlier today, CBS revealed the full 12 contestants for their upcoming Big Brother season 14. Also, there will be four more returning alumni contestants coming into the house to play their own game. Details of that will be revealed on the premiere show on July 12th.

As for the 12 contestants we know about, we have Joe Arvin who’s a 41 year old chef from Kentucky. Willie Hantz who’s a 34 year old tankerman from Louisiana. Ashley Iocco who’s a 26 year old Spray tanning company owner from Pennsylvania. Danielle Murphree who’s a 23 year old nurse from Alabama. Read more »

New CBS Big Brother 14 Media Day Clips Shows Entire New House Plus Game Play

New CBS Big Brother 14 Media Day clips shows entire new house plus game play. Recently, the CBS Big Brother 14 folks had their annual Media Day tour, where they invited members from different press outlets to come in and test out the house. They also played a 24 hour version of the game,along with Big Brother legends Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas.

In the clips, they did their whole introductions and things before meeting Rachel and Brendon,better known as Brenchal, who have got to be the most annoying to people to ever play the game. Anyways, they participated in all the game play and voting out that the regular game does,except it’s radically fast-forwarded to get it all done in 24 hours. The videos give great views of the entire house,along with an idea of how this season will go down. Check them out,below. Read more »

New CBS Big Brother 14 Clip Reveals New Houseguests Castmembers

New CBS Big Brother 14 clip reveals new houseguests castmembers. Earlier today, CBS dropped this new commercial video (below), giving us a glimpse of some of the new houseguests for Big Brother season 14. As previously reported, we posted photos of 8 of the houseguests.

Currently, we have the names Jojo,Danielle,Jenn,Jodi,Kara,Shane,Wil,Willie,and one more named Mike. I’m definitely keeping my eyes glued to the bartender chick Jojo. She looks pretty damn hot,and has personality too. I just hope she doesn’t go out,soon, like so many other pretty chicks in the past.

In related news, the full cast is supposed to be revealed tomorrow morning, July 5th at approximately 9am pacific time, so make sure you stay tuned for that,and check out the new commercial,below. Read more »

Walking Dead Season 3 Tons Of New Spoilers & Clips Getting Revealed This Month

Walking Dead season 3 tons of new spoilers & clips getting revealed this month. According to Screenrant, the Walking Dead cast and crew are scheduled to show up at the upcoming 2012 Comic-Con show in San Diego, California to reveal new spoilers,details,and clips about the new season 3. They’re going to arrive on July 13th. That’s right, it’s the prophetic “Friday the 13th” date,and they’re gonna lay it all on us with new surprises.

Along with Walking Dead, other popular shows scheduled to show up are: Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Falling Skies,and more. Also, as previously reported, AMC is airing a special Walking Dead marathon this weekend,July 7th and 8th for seasons 1 and 2, where they will also drop new scenes from the upcoming season 3,so there’s going to be a lot going on in the next couple of weeks. Read more »