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Kim Kardashian Having Major Marriage Problems With Kris Humphries

Kim Kardashian having major marriage problems with Kris Humphries

According to Hollywood Life, popular couple Kim Kardashian and Kris Huphries marriage could be on the rocks right now. Apparently,Kris is having issues with all the press hoopla that surrounds Kim,and Kim doesn’t like Kris’ odd,sarcastic humor.

Kim’s friend Jonathan Cheban said that all the press is overwhelming. “The first week, there were 200 people outside their hotel waiting for them every day. There are people camping out at two in the morning,not photographers, fans!” Read more »

Gossip Girl’s Blake Lively Getting Marriage Proposal From Leonardo DiCaprio

blake lively,leonardo dicaprio image

Gossip Girl’s Blake Lively getting marriage proposal from Leonardo DiCaprio

According to Hollywood Life and their sources, Gossip Girl,Serena Van der Woodsen star Blake Lively may be getting engaged soon to well-known movie star Leonardo DiCaprio.

Their sources claim, Leo is getting ready to propose to her in a few months. His friends never thought he’d settle down,but are,now,beginning to think Blake may be the one for him. Apparently,Leo hasn’t been able to commit in the past. But now, a source for Star mag,claims, Leo is planning to propose to Blake in the next few months. Read more »

2nd ‘Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’ Movie Trailer Released Online And It’s Long

    daniel craig in girl with the dragon tattoo image

2nd ‘Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’ movie trailer released online and it’s long

Columbia Pictures recently released a new,2nd movie trailer (below) for their upcoming drama/action flick “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.”

This is one of the longest movie trailers I’ve seen with a whopping 3:50 worth of footage. The movie stars: Daniel Craig, Rooney Mara, Christopher Plummer, Stellan Skarsgård, Steven Berkoff, Robin Wright, Yorick van Wageningen,and Joely Richardson. Read more »

New Twilight Breaking Dawn Pic Features Awesome Bella,Edward,Jacob 3D Image

    breaking dawn,3d image

New Twilight Breaking Dawn pic features awesome Bella,Edward,Jacob 3D Image

This new image from the upcoming Breaking Dawn movie,recently hit the net,and it looks really cool as it features main characters Edward Cullen,Bella Swan,and Jacob Black emerged in a 3D landscape with werewolves attacking from behind.

It really captures the tone of the movie quite nicely,because in the flick, Edward and Bella do get quite passionate with each other,while Jacob tries to fend off a couple of angry werewolves who want to attack Bella. The movie gets pretty wild and intense. Read more »

Robert Pattinson Spotted Furniture Store Hopping In Cali With Ugly Beard Yesterday

    robert pattinson at furniture star

Robert Pattinson spotted furniture store hopping In Cali with ugly beard yesterday

According to Hollywood Life, Twilight Saga main man Robert Pattinson was spotted out and about yesterday afternoon,hitting up the Los Angeles area to do a little furniture shopping at a vintage furniture store called “This Is Not Ikea.”

He dressed very casual for the outing in just a plain white t-shirt,baseball cap,and he’s sporting that huge ugly beard again. Dude needs a razor quick. Apparently, a fan posted this photo up on Tumblr after her sister’s friend snapped the shot. Read more »

Kellan Revealed New Twilight Breaking Dawn Sensual Sex Scene Details

Kellan revealed new Twilight Breaking Dawn sensual sex scene details

According to Hollywood Life, Twilight Saga,Emmet Cullen star Kellan Lutz recently talked new Breaking Dawn,Bella & Edward sex details with Us Weekly,revealing that they’re quite sensual,and more.

Of course,we suspected that after seeing some of the footage that has come out. I mean,Edward breaking headboards and stuff is a dead “give away” that they totally get their freak on. Anyways, in the interview,Kellan said that the sex is “so sensual. The fans are going to love what goes on between those two. Everyone worked hard to capture the feel of the book.” In related news, the movie finally landed the PG-13 rating it was hoping to get. Read more »

Robert Pattinson Competing With Top Male Actors for New Spy Movie Role

Robert Pattinson competing with top male actors for new spy movie role

According to Hollywood Life, Twilight Saga leading man Robert Pattinson is currently in the running for a new spy movie gig that Warner Bros. Pictures is coming out with.

However, he’s going to have to compete with some of the top male actors in Hollywood right now. Apparently, he’s up against Ryan Gosling, Alexander Skarsgard,Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ryan Reynolds,and Bradley Cooper for a new movie named “The Man From U.N.C.L.E.” Read more »

Christine Markoski Got Voted Off ‘Survivor 23 South Pacific’ In Episode 2

christine Markoski,survivor 23  image

Christine Markoski got voted off ‘Survivor 23 South Pacific’ in episode 2

Tonight’s episode kicked off with scenes from last week when Semhar got booted to Redemption Island. Then they showed footage of Semhar at Redemption Island,and she seemed quite upset. After that,they showed main game footage where John set out to prove that he really did belong. Ozzy said John better start contributing more,or he could be next to go home.

Coach teamed up with Edna because he felt he could really trust her. Eventually, Ozzy found the immunity idol,and immediately hid it. He wants to try and hold on to it until the merge,so he can use it at a good moment. After the break,Brandon revealed to Coach that he was Russell Hanz’s nephew,and reassured him that he was not out to get him,and only told Coach because they struck an alliance together. Read more »

New Batman 3,Dark Knight Rises Clip Features New Batpod Closeup Footage

New Batman 3,Dark Knight Rises clip features new Batpod closeup footage

This new video (below) recently surfaced online,and gives a new close-up look at the Batpod on the Los Angeles set of “Batman 3: The Dark Knight Rises.” The clip isn’t very long,only a couple of seconds,but it shows them revving that bad boy up. Check it out,below.

As previously reported, there’s a lot Batman 3 filming currently going on in the L.A. area. They recently shot a big fireball,action scene,and a scene where one of Bane’s trucks drive into a street hole or something. Read more »

New Twilight Breaking Dawn UK Movie Trailer Released Online

New Twilight Breaking Dawn UK movie trailer released online

Summit Entertainment recently released the new “Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn part 1 ” UK movie trailer (below) online,and it looks identical to the United States trailer. The movie stars: Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, Peter Facinelli, Ashley Greene, Kellan Lutz, Jackson Rathbone, Elizabeth Reaser, Nikki Reed, Billy Burke, Rami Malek, Maggie Grace,and Mackenzie Foy.

In the flick, Bella finally ties the not with the love of her life Edward Cullen. However,things quickly turn deadly when Edward knocks her up with a half vampire baby that starts crushing her from the inside out. Read more »