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‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Hope Will Get A Shocking Visitor When Giving Birth This Week

Happy Tuesday and New Year’s Day, “Bold And The Beautiful” fans. We hope you guys are enjoying the holiday. Man, we have got some interesting intel to share with you guys today. CBS recently put out a new preview clip for this week’s “Bold And The Beautiful” episodes January 2-4, 2019.

It features a very shocking, new development. It turns out that Wayne Brady’s Dr. Reese Buckingham character has somehow found his way to Hope’s location while she’s in labor! Read more »

Disney World Is Reportedly Having To Block Lots Of People From Entering Today

Happy Monday and New Year’s Eve, “Disney World” fans. In this report, we’re hear to tell you if you are not currently in Disney World, and you had plans to go there today, you’re going to have to make other plans!

According to the folks over at , the Disney World amusement park is absolutely packed to the brim today. Read more »

New ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 15, January 17, 2019 Episode 9 Storyline Teasers Revealed By ABC

Happy Monday, “Grey’s Anatomy” fans. We’ve got some great news for you guys today. ABC finally put out their official press release for the upcoming 9th episode of Grey’s Anatomy’s current 15th season. As most of you know, the show has been on a long, winter break, but it’s almost time for it to start back up again.

ABC’s press release reveals a little bit of what you can expect to see when season 15 returns with the next, new episode 9 on January 17, 2019. Read more »

New Big Brother Season 21 Important Announcement Has Been Made By The Casting Director

Happy Monday, fellow Big Brother fans. We’ve got some pretty exciting news for you guys who are looking forward to a brand new season 21. It turns out that the casting director Robyn Kass decided to hit up her official Twitter account yesterday, December 30, 2018 to make a very important announcement regarding the status of the upcoming season 21.

It’s good news, guys. She confirmed that they are definitely casting for it, and they are about to start real soon! Her caption reads like this, “2019 is around the corner! You know what that means…. #BB21 and #LoveIslandUS will be starting casting soon! #staytuned #HappyNewYear.” Read more »

New Kingdom Hearts 3 Starlight Keyblade Is Currently Up For Grabs

Happy Sunday, “Kingdom Hearts” fans. We’ve got some very important news for you guys today. It’s in regards to the coveted Starlight keyblade. According to Laura Fagan over at, this keyblade is currently hidden inside of a mobile game, and it’s the very first keyblade you start out with in the Kingdom Hearts Union Cross journey.

She went on to reveal that it’s going to be a little tough to get this particular keyblade as you will have to work a little bit to get it. Read more »

‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Rick Forrester Star Jacob Young Is Very Upset These Days

Happy Sunday, “Bold And The Beautiful” fans. We’ve got some petty interesting news for you guys today. It’s in regards to actor Jacob Young who has been portraying the Rick Forrester character off and on for the past 20 plus years. As most of you know by now, he and Maya have officially been declared broken up and about to divorce.

It turns out that it was quite a shock to Jacob Young, and it has left him very disappointed! How do we know he’s disappointed? Well, he recently hit up his official Twitter account to say something about this recent development. Read more »

Big Brother Season 20 Tyler & Angela And Swaggy C & Bayleigh Revealed Important Updates About Their Relationships

Happy Saturday, fellow Big Brother fans. We’ve got some pretty interesting news to share with all of you guys who are Angela Rummans and Tyler Crispen aka “Tangela” fans or Chris “Swaggy C” Williams and Bayleigh Dayton aka “Swayleigh” fans. As most of you may remember, these two couples totally hit it off while they played this past season 20 of Big Brother.

In fact, Swaggy C and Bayleigh hit it off so much that they got engaged right after the show was over! Tyler and Angela quickly moved in together. Read more »

‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Is Bringing On A New Pretty Female For Interesting Long Term Role

Hey, Bold And The Beautiful fans. We are right back at you again on this lovely Saturday afternoon to give you guys another super hot scoop! It turns out that we’re about to get some new, fresh female action joining the show in the not-too-distant future!

According to the folks over at TV Line, we’re about to see a very beautiful veteran actress Katrina Bowden join the current Bold And The Beautiful cast as a long term, series regular character named Flo. Read more »

Another ‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Main Star Is Quitting The Show In January 2019

Happy Saturday, “Bold And The Beautiful” fans. We hope you guys are having a great weekend so far. Unfortunately, we have some bad news to share with you guys today. Well, it could be bad news depending on how you feel about this particular character and actor.

According to a new report from the folks over at, Thorne Forrester’s current portrayer Ingo Rademacher has decided not to renew his contract with The Bold And The Beautiful. So, that means he will be quitting the show when his current contract ends. Read more »

New Air Jordan 12 Chinese New Year 2019 Shoes Are About To Release

Hey, Air Jordan fans. We’ve got a brand new Air Jordan Brand sneaker release to tell you guys about. It’s about to release soon. The sneaker we’re talking about is the new Air Jordan 12 Chinese New Year 2019 with this gorgeous black and white colorway. Last year, Nike used the Jordan 12 to celebrate the Chinese New Year, and they’re doing it again this year.

According to the folks at kicksonfire , the new Air Jordan Chinese New Year 2019 sneakers features black satin on a lot of the upper part of the shoe along with a white, textured leather on the mudguards. Read more »