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Miley Cyrus Spotted Flirtin With Another Dude On ‘So Undercover’ Movie Set Other Day

    miley cyrus with

Miley Cyrus spotted flirtin with another dude on ‘So Undercover’ movie set other day

As previously reported,mega popstar Miley Cyrus was working on a new comedy flick called “So Undercover” earlier this year. Now, according to Hollywood Life, Miley was spotted back on the set to film new scenes on August 11th. They didn’t indicate if they were doing reshoots or what,but they were definitely there,hard at work.

However, it wasn’t all work as Miley was seen flirting with her co-star Joshua Bowman in between takes,by tugging at his arm as he walked by. They appeared to be having lots of fun on the set. They filmed the new scenes at UCLA. Read more »

EW Released New Twilight Breaking Dawn Bella,Edward Embrace Photo

    breaking dawn bella,edward ew photo

EW released new Twilight Breaking Dawn Bella,Edward embrace photo

Entertainment Weekly recently released this new Breaking Dawn photo (above) for the cover of their new magazine issue. It features main characters Bella and Edward passionately embracing each other in a honeymoon waterfall scene.

In related news, Summit Entertainment is due to show two,new Breaking Dawn clips next week. One of them will feature a honeymoon scene that has Bella doing a little skinny dipping with Edward. Read more »

New Batman 3,Dark Knight Rises Photo Shows The Batwing Upclose In High Quality

    batman 3,batwing high quality image

New Batman 3,Dark Knight Rises Photo shows the Batwing upclose in high quality

As previously reported, the cool Batwing was recently spotted being driven through the streets of Pittsburgh,PA the other day,and they even wrecked it at one point,causing damage to one of the wings. However,they were able to fix the damage within one hour,and continue filming.

Now, this new high quality,close-up photo of the Batwing has popped up on the net,and it looks awesome. In related news,the Catwoman stunt double was recently spotted on the streets,filming a winter scene on the Batpod. She looked hot in the leather catsuit,much better than Anne Hathaway I must admit. Anne better hurry up,and get back to the set before her job gets stolen. Read more »

New Avengers Movie Photo Shows Chris Evans Fiming New Captain America Scenes Today

    chris evans as captain america on avengers set

New Avengers movie photo shows Chris Evans filming new Captain America scenes today

Chris Evans was spotted out on the set of the new “The Avengers” movie earlier today,filming new Captain America scenes. As you can see, he was fully suited up in his Captain America gear as he rehearsed lines for the flick.

According to sources, the filming kicked off,once again,in Cleveland,Ohio today,and Chris Evans was spotted on the set again. Chris shot new scenes on the mock 42nd Street set. Also, fans and spectators have been flocking to the area to shoot exclusive video footage,and posting it up on Youtube. Read more »

Adam Lambert Spotted Stylish In Nice Suit At ‘Do Something’ Awards Last Night In Cali

    adam lambert at do somethng awards

Adam Lambert spotted stylish in nice suit at Do Something Awards last night in Cali

Popular music star Adam Lambert was recently spotted out last night at the 2011 “Do Something” Awards in Los Angeles,California. He looked pretty chill as he strolled across the blue carpet for a couple of photos in his nice,black suit.

According to sources, Adam arrived at the Hollywood Palladium where the event was being held,to do his blue carpet entrance. Then he headed inside to present at the awards show. He was also nominated for an award in the Music Artist category. Fox Glee star Jane Lynch hosted the event for the 2nd straight year. The show is scheduled to air on August 18th at 9pm eastern time on VH1. Read more »

True Blood Alexander Skarsgard Spotted Filming New Drama Movie Gig In NYC Today

    alexander skarsgard on maisie knew movie set

True Blood Alexander Skarsgard spotted filming new drama movie gig in NYC today

True Blood,Eric Northman star Alexander Skarsgard was recently spotted out,earlier today, on the set of his new movie called “What Maisie Knew” in New York City,New York. He looked pretty relaxed as he chatted it up in between takes.

According to sources, Alex was spotted,filming his new action/drama flick in New York. He sported an all-black ensemble as he got ready to get into character with his co-star Joanna Vanderham. The new movie also stars: Julianne Moore and Steve Coogan. It doesn’t yet have a release date. Read more »

Chris Evans Spotted On ‘The Avengers’ Movie Set To Film Captain America Scenes Today

    chris evans on avengers movie set

Chris Evans spotted on ‘The Avengers’ movie set to film Captain America scenes today

Earlier today, The Avengers,Captain America movie star Chris Evans was spotted arriving on set to film more Steve Rogers aka Captain America scenes. He looked pretty relaxed in his leather jacket as he strolled around the set.

According to sources, Chris was spotted on The Avengers movie set,which is currently filming in Cleveland,Ohio. He was photographed,sporting a leather bomber jacket in between scenes. The new Avengers flick is also going to feature iconic heroes like the Black Widow,Thor,Hawkeye,and Iron Man. Read more »

New Twilight Breaking Dawn Photo Shows Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart On Set

    robert pattinson,kristen stewart behind the scenes

New Twilight Breaking Dawn photo shows Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart on set.

According to, Summit Entertainment recently released this new photo (above),which features main Twilight Saga stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart behind the scenes on the set of Breaking Dawn.

They joined director Bill Condon to discuss an upcoming scene at the time. The scene was part of the street scene that was filmed in Brazil last fall for Bella and Edward’s honeymoon. Summit decided to release this new photo to honor Edward and Bella’s wedding day,which is August 13th in the books. Read more »

Twilight’s Kristen Stewart Showed Off Her Sexy Bod In New W Mag Photo

    kristen stewart sexy body pose image

Twilight’s Kristen Stewart showed off her sexy bod in new W mag photo

Twilight Saga hottie Kristen Stewart recently posed for the September edition of W Magazine. During her photo spread,she shot this sexy body shot (above),and they made her look excellent.

Talk about airbrush. They worked that airbrush overtime for this shoot. Don’t get me wrong. I think Kristen’s hot,but this right here,is extreme airbrush. She’s so made up, I can barely recognize her. Read more »

New Batman 3,Dark Knight Rises Pic Shows Cool Catwoman Freeway Motorcycle Scene

    catwoman on freeway,batman 3 image

New Batman 3,Dark Knight Rises pic shows cool Catwoman freeway motorcycle scene

As previously reported, “Batman 3,The Dark Knight Rises” filming resumed this past week in Pittsburgh,PA,and one of the scenes had the Catwoman stunt double riding her cool motorcycle on the freeway in Pittsburgh. According to Movieweb,this is the same stunt double chick that wrecked the IMAX camera on set the other day.

Of course,actress Anne Hathaway is playing the real Selena Kyle aka Catwoman in the flick,but it looks like her stunt double is getting plenty of action. In related news, they also filmed new snow scenes for the Pittsburgh city streets the other day. Read more »