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Tucker Carlson Said Michael Vick Should Be Executed In New Clip

Tucker Carlson said Michael Vick should be executed in new clip. In the video clip (below), Tucker Carlson who is a media provocateur said that Michael Vick should’ve been executed for his dog fighting crimes. It has now sparked up a lot of controversy,and is one of the most searched for stories right now on Google Trends.

Michael Vick spent 19 months in prison before joining the Eagles. However, he will be a free agent after this season. In the clip, Tucker went on a little rant about how he’s a Christian,and has made mistakes. He also said that he firmly believes in 2nd chances. However, in Michael Vick’s case, he didn’t feel the same way,claiming that Michael killed dogs in a heartless and cruel way. Read more »

Jet’s Rex Ryan Alleged Foot Fetish Video Hits The Net

Jet’s Rex Ryan alleged foot fetish video hits the net. According to Deadspin and other news sources, an alleged video of New york Jets coach Rex Ryan has appeared on the net,showing him participating in a foot fetish with his wife. You can see it here.

Rex Ryan was asked if his wife posted the foot-fetish videos,and he didn’t deny the report. The video shows a woman that looks very much like his wife,showing off her feet while a cameraman who sounds like Ryan, talks to the woman. His wife is named Michelle Ryan,and models Jets apparel for the NFL in InStyle Magazine. Read more »

Yankees A.J. Burnett May Be Getting A Divorce From Wife Karen

aj burnette image

Yankees A.J. Burnett may be getting a divorce from wife Karen. According to the Huffington Post ,some statements were made by a radio host,which has raised speculation that New York Yankees pitcher A.J. Burnett might be getting a divorce from his wife Karen.

They say that sports blogs and message boards have been buzzing with the speculation ever since radio host Colin Cowherd of ESPN’s The Herd made a statement,suggesting that he might be going through a terrible divorce,earlier this morning. Read more »

UFC Prevents Brock Lesnar From Fighting Undertaker In The WWE

UFC prevents Brock Lesnar from fighting Undertaker in the WWE. According to TMZ, the president of the UFC has prevented Brock Lesnar from returning to the WWE to fight the Undertaker after an intense standoff between the two this past weekend. They say that despite several different reports, Brock Lesnar will not be returning to the WWE anytime soon.

Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker had an intense standoff this past weekend at UFC 121. Undertaker ended up challenging Brock to a fight. However, the UFC president Dana White revealed that Brock isn’t going anywhere because he’s under contract right now. Read more »

WWE’s Dave Batista Looking To Make MMA Debut In Early 2011

dave batista  image

WWE’s Dave Batista looking to make MMA debut in early 2011. According to TMZ, former WWE champion Dave Batista is very eager to join the MMA,and is looking to make his debut in early 2011. They say that Batista was spotted backstage at Strikeforce this past weekend with MMA honchos,and is more than ready to sign his contract.

Batista met with officials at the MMA organization on Saturday in San Jose,California,and their sources said, “Batista is really eager to get in the ring and show everyone what he’s made of.” There is no official deal yet even though it’s been in the works for months. However, it appears they’re getting close to closing the deal. Read more »

Cubs’ Tyler Colvin Gets Hit With Broken Bat In New Clip Footage

Cubs’ Tyler Colvin gets hit with broken bat in new video clip footage. In the video (below), Chicago Cubs outfielder Tyler Colvin was the victim of a strange incident during a game against the Florida Marlins. Tyler was making his run to home base from third base. Then, all of a sudden, the bat of Welington Castillo split,and sent part of it flying into Tyler’s chest.

Tyler has been hospitalized in Jackson Memorial Hospital and is currently in stable condition. The bat hit very close to his heart. Fortunately, it missed by a few inches,producing only minimal external bleeding. Colvin will reportedly remain in the hospital for a few days for observation. Read more »

Big Fight Broke Out At 2010 US Open Yesterday In New Clip

Big fight broke out at 2010 US Open yesterday in new clip. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, a big fight broke out in the stands of the 2010 US Open tennis tournament yesterday in Flushing Meadows,New York (video below). They say that during the featured match between Serbia’s Novak Djokovic and Germany’s Philipp Petzschner,a woman fan became angry over a male fan who was dropping f-bombs.

She eventually got into an argument with him. After about a minute of arguing,an older man who is the supposed father of the woman,moved her out of the way and threw a punch at the guy. Read more »

NY Yankees George Steinbrenner Died From A Heart Attack Today

george steinbrenner image

NY Yankees George Steinbrenner died from a heart attack today. According to TMZ, former New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner died earlier this morning from a massive heart attack. They say that George who recently turned 80 years-old was rushed to St. Joseph’s hospital in Tampa,Florida where he was later pronounced dead.

George was a retired U.S. Navy veteran,and retired from running the New York Yankees back in 2006. His two sons Hank and Hal took over the duties of Yankees owners from that point. Ever since George took over the team in 1973, the Yankees attained 11 pennants and 7 World Series titles. Read more »

Serena Williams & Rafael Nadal Seen Dressed Up At Wimbledon Dinner

Serena Williams & Rafael Nadal seen dressed up at Wimbledon dinner. Both the men and women’s 2010 Wimbledon champions Serena Williams and Rafael Nadal were spotted out yesterday at the 2010 Wimbledon Gala Dinner held at the Intercontinental Hotel in London,England for the 4th of July. Serena looked great in her sexy,light-colored dress while Rafael sported a nice black tuxedo.

They were all dressed up to be the guests of honor at the longtime Wimbledon event. Read more »

Rafael Nadal Won 2010 Wimbledon In Dominant Straight Sets Today

    rafael nadal image

Rafael Nadal won 2010 Wimbledon in dominant straight sets today. Rafael Nadal took home his 2nd Wimbledon title today after dominantly beating his opponent Tomas Berdych who took out defending champion Roger Federer. Rafael won 6-3,7-5,6-4 in two hours and 13 minutes. Rafael never dropped his serve in the 3 set match,and really hurt Tomas with his huge forehand shot.

This is Rafael’s 8th grand slam title. Nadal took the first set in just 37 minutes after breaking Tomas twice in the first set. The first break, came in the 7th game. Read more »