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Dallas Mavericks Won Game 2 Against Miami With 14 Point Comeback

Dallas Mavericks won Game 2 against Miami with 14 point comeback. I just got done watching the Dallas Mavericks vs. the Miami Heat Game 2 of the NBA Finals,and it was an amazing comeback for the Mavericks as they were down by as much as 14 or 15 points during the 4th quarter with about 7 minutes to go.

The Mavs played fairly well during the 1st and 2nd quarters. They even went up by 8 or 9 points in the first half,but then the Heat started to turn it up in the 3rd quarter,leading into the 4th quarter. However, the Mavs were still within 4 points to close out the 3rd quarter after having to chop down an 8 point lead the Heat had established. Read more »

Dallas Mavericks Swept The Lakers Out Of The NBA Playoffs Tonight

jason terry,dallas mavericks image
Dallas Mavericks swept the Lakers out of the NBA playoffs tonight. Earlier tonight, the Dallas Mavericks whooped up on the defending champion Los Angeles Lakers some more with a score of 122-86 in game 4 of their series. Magick Johnson said he was shocked because this was the worst he’s ever seen the Lakers play in a game they needed to win.

Phil Jackson was numb to the whole thing. Kobe Bryant said Dallas’ spacing was good,and they shot the ball really well,so the credit totally goes to the Mavericks. Phil Jackson said “It was like the roof fell in on us.” Also, Phil Jackson has never been swept in 65 playoff appearances until tonight. Read more »

Serena Williams Spotted Back On Tennis Courts In Tight Bodysuit

    serena williams in tight pink bodysuit

Serena Williams spotted back on tennis courts in tight bodysuit. Ms. former number 1,female tennis star Serena Williams recently tweeted a sexy photo of herself back on the tennis courts last week. In the photo,she sporting a a mega-tight,pink,bodysuit that shows off her athletic figure quite well.

According to sources, Serena recently explained the reason why she had to sport such a hip-hugging outfit while out on the courts. She told People Magazine that after her hematoma incident,she has to wear something like a long bodysuit to keep her stomach warm,and that her practices are very interesting now. She went on to say that she didn’t realize that everyone would go crazy over the tweeted photo. Read more »

Bay Rays’ Manny Ramirez Quit Baseball Today After Testing Positive

Bay Rays’ Manny Ramirez quit baseball today after testing positive. According to the New York Times, Tampa Bay Rays’ outfielder Manny Ramirez decided to just go ahead an retire from professional baseball earlier today after testing positive for a performance-enhancing drug.

They say instead of facing a 100-game suspension,he just decided to bow out of the game. He tested positive for the drug during spring training,and was just notified of the results. After the league told Manny there was an issue, he decided to retire as an active player. Read more »

Tennis Star Serena Williams Rushed To Hospital For Pulmonary Embolism

serena williams image

Tennis star Serena Williams rushed to hospital for Pulmonary Embolism. According to TMZ, tennis superstar Serena Williams was apparently rushed to the hospital yesterday for something called a pulmonary embolism.

Serena’s representative released a statement,revealing that Serena Williams underwent an emergency treatment at Cedars for a hematoma she suffered as a result of treatment for a more critical situation.

Last week, Serena suffered from a pulmonary embolism,which is a blood clot in the lungs. They discovered it when she returned to Los Angeles. Read more »

Blake Griffin Slam Dunks Over Car To Win 2011 NBA Dunk Contest

     blake griffin slam over car image

Blake Griffin slam dunks over car to win 2011 NBA Dunk contest. Los Angeles Clipper rookie Blake Griffin took home the 2011 NBA Slam Dunk crown last night in very convincing fashion (video below). Not only did he cap it off with a super slam dunk over a car,but the dunks preceding it were awesome too.

He did a super 360 cock-back over the head jam,a catch the ball windmill jam,and a dunk so hard his elbow went inside the rim. Read more »

Christina Aguilera Sang National Anthem At 2011 Super Bowl Last Night

christina aguilera at the super bowl image
Christina Aguilera sang National Anthem at 2011 Super Bowl last night. Top selling popstar Christina Aguilera took to the 2011 Super Bowl XLV stage last night to sing the coveted National Anthem (video below). There are reports going around that she messed up one part of it,but who cares? The girl can sing,and she got most of it right from what I can tell. Hell, I forgot the words to the National Anthem years ago,lol!!!

The singing beauty sported a nice,classy,black dress ensemble as she belted out the notes with her strong voice. She did a lot singing runs throughout the song,which could of been kept a little more to a minimum,but you can tell she really tried to put a lot of effort and soul into her rendition of the famous anthem song. Read more »

Venus Williams Spotted In Really Short Dress At 2011 Australian Open

    venus williams image

Venus Williams spotted in really short dress at 2011 Australian Open. The gorgeous Venus Williams was spotted wearing a short blue athletic dress in her 2011 Australian Open tennis match yesterday against Sara Errani. According to sources, she has sparked more controversy with her latest tennis attire,at least, on the internet,anyways.

Fans are apparently buzzing about the light blue short dress Venus sported in her 2011 debut match at the tournament. One things for sure, it didn’t effect her game as she whipped up on Sara Errani by beating her 6-3,6-2 in her first round match. It’s reported that Venus Williams designed the new,short outfit. Read more »

Jerry Jones Picked Jason Garrett To Be Dallas Cowboys New Head Coach

jason garrett image

Jerry Jones picked Jason Garrett to be Dallas Cowboys new head coach. The live press conference for the Dallas Cowboys just took place,and is still going on as I’m writing this. Earlier in the conference, Jerry Jones took the mic to announce that the current head coach Jason Garrett is going to remain the head coach for the time being.

Jason will be the 8th head coach in the history of the franchise. He’s the first head coach who’s also played for the Cowboys in the past as a backup to Troy Aikman in the 1990′s. Jerry Jones revealed his reasons for picking Jason during his speech,saying, that he produced a winning record of 5-3 when he took over the head coaching responsibilities during the half season change-up. Read more »

Christina Scavo,Shannon O’Toole Sue Brett Favre For Sexual Harassment

brett favre image

Christina Scavo,Shannon O’Toole sue Brett Favre for sexual harassment. According to OK Magazine, former New York Jets massage therapists Christina Scavo and Sannon O’Toole are looking to sue NFL quarterback Brett Favre for sexual harassment.

They say that they filed a lawsuit in the Supreme Court of the State of New York today. The two women also filed a case against the New York Jets and Lisa Ripi. Lisa Ripi is a woman that hires massage therapists for the team. Read more »