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New Riverdale Season 2 Episodes 6 And 7 Titles Revealed And They’re Dark

According to recent report from Screenrant, the titles for the upcoming Riverdale season 2 episodes 6 and 7 have been revealed! They sound really dark too. Apparently, episode 6 is going to be called, “Chapter Nineteen: Death Proof.” Then the title for episode 7 is labeled, “Chapter Twenty: Tales From The Darkside.”

The producer of the show Roberto Aguirre Sacasa recently hit up his official Twitter account to tease that something very dark will happen for three of the main characters in episode 7. Read more »

More Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 Spoiler Teasers Revealed By One Of The Main Male Stars

Recently, the people over at TV Line got to chat up Andrew DeLuca star Giacomo Gianniotti (above left). During their conversation, Gianniotti revealed that we’re going to see a lot more lighter and funnier moments in season 14 than we’ve seen in recent seasons. It’s also going to be more sexier. There will still be some sad moments too since it is a medical drama.

Gianniotti tod them, “It’s funnier, it’s sexier, it’s lighter. We’re going to have fun this season.” After that, he said that the show has been dreary for a pretty long time now. “There’s just been a lot of separation and loss. Read more »

Some Very Interesting Big Brother 19 Future Plot Twists Were Revealed Yesterday August 21st

According to Big Brother Network, a ton of different conversations took place on the live feeds yesterday, August 21st. Apparently, since the houseguests feel like this week is a lock to get Mark out, they’ve been plotting and planning their future moves. And let me tell you it sounds like we could see quite a bit of chaos as Paul has one side pitted to go after the other side and vice versa.

He is absolutely making sure everyone is focusing on going after everyone but him, Josh and Christmas. At 4:25 pm pacific time August 21st, Josh told Matt, Paul and Christmas, “We can’t let Jason or Alex win the next HoH because they might try to come after one of us. Read more »

Big Brother 19 POV Ceremony Results Revealed Today August 21st

Alright guys. So earlier today, August 21st,2017, the POV Ceremony took place for the current Big Brother season 19 houseguests. As previously reported, current HOH Christmas decided to nominate Jason and Matt for eviction with her main target being Mark. In other words, that was Paul’s main target.

Mark was lucky enough to get drawn to play for the Power of Veto to get a shot at avoiding his backdoor fate. Unfortunately for him, he was not able to win it. Jason won it. With all that said, Jason did use the Power of veto to take himself off the chopping block today. Read more »

A ‘Once Upon A Time’ Season 7 Important Character Will Be Searching For Something

Recently, TV Guide put out a new Mega Buzz spoiler report for ABC’s hit fantasy/drama show “Once Upon A Time.” This particular report talked about what will be taking place with Hook (above). As previously reported, he will have a new identity while under a new curse in a town called, Hyperion Heights. This curse will cause him to have no memory of his former identity.

Hook’s portrayer Colin O’Donoghue commented on what his character will up to when he attended the recent 2017 Television Critics Association summer press tour. Apparently, Hook will be in the process of searching for something but will have no idea what it is. Read more »

A Vicious ‘Bold And The Beautiful’ War Is Going To Get Taken To A New Level

According to some new reports from and other news outlets, we’re about to see this crazy war between Sheila and Quinn get taken to an even higher level of craziness than we’ve seen thus far. I personally didn’t think anything could get crazier than that almost fight to death we saw last week.

But our sources are promising us that we are definitely going to see a new level of viciousness take place between these two in the upcoming weeks. There’s a report out their that claims Sheila’s presence in the Forrester mansion will eventually cause Quinn to reach her absolute breaking point in one of the future episodes! Read more »

Big Brother 19 Mark Has Caused A Change In Plans August 20th,New Details

According to a new report from Big Brother Network, Mark who is the house’s main target for eviction this week tried to talk with current HOH Christmas and her main sidekick Josh in the HOH room yesterday, August 20th at around 6:05 pm pacific time. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to get them to change their focus on getting him out, but he did get them to change their totem pole.

Before he went to talk with them, the totem pole was to go after Jason next. Then somehow blindside Matt. After that, go after Kevin. After Mark talked to them, they decided that Alex should be their next target before Jason. Read more »

A ‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Main Actor Has Quit The Show, New Details

According to a recent report from soapcentral, Rome Flynn (above) who plays character Zende Forrester on CBS’ hit soap opera “The Bold And The Beautiful” has decided to not renew his contract which means he’s quitting the show! They say he made his very serious announcement during a live Instagram video.

They also pointed out that a spokesperson for the show confirmed the news by saying, “Rome Flynn has decided not to renew his contract. He has been a valued member of the B&B family, and we wish him much success in all of his future endeavors.” Read more »

Riverdale Season 2 Is Bringing On A New Evil Villain, New Details

According to a new report from the folks over at, we’re about to see a very weird and creepy new evil villain arrive on the scene at some point in the upcoming season 2. They pointed out that the show’s producer Robert Aguirre-Sacasa recently posted a strange photo on his official Twitter account.

It featured a drawing of characters Cheryl and Jason being chased by someone called the Sugar Man. Robert captioned the pic with the words: “Lock your doors, Riverdale, the Sugar Man is coming…” You guys can see his Twitter Post by clicking here.

They did some research on this Sugar Man character and their wasn’t anything about him in the Archie Comics. Read more »

New Big Brother 19 Power Of Veto Winner Revealed Yesterday August 19th

Alright, the Power Of Veto competition for Big Brother season 19 was played last night, August 19,2017. The feeds were off for quite a while for this one. We didn’t get to find out who won until around 9 pm Pacific time which was actually 11 pm in our Central time zone.

According to a report from Big Brother Network, Mark, Raven and Paul were drawn to play. So, the house’s backdoor target Mark did at least get a chance to play for the veto this week. Read more »