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Big Brother 19 Paul & Christmas Expressed Near Hate For Raven’s Actions Today,September 4th

Alright guys. So, very early this morning, September 4,2017, Paul and Christmas were seen on the Big Brother season 19 live feeds just going off about how much disdain they have for houseguest Raven Walton. They said she’s really not sweet, is fake and a bully too! Paul straight up said he literally can’t stand her! Christmas echoed the same sentiment. They must have trashed her for at least a full 30 minutes this time.

At 2:59 am today, Paul told Christmas, “So, I’m gonna split from you and be attached to Raven for a few days. I legitimately don’t know if I’m going to be able to do it. I can’t stand her. I can’t stand Raven. It’s that bad. She’s not sweet. Read more »

New ‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Storyline Teasers For Tuesday’s September 5,2017 Episode Revealed

Recently, the folks over at TV Guide revealed new spoiler scoops for the upcoming “The Bold And The Beautiful” episode that’s scheduled to air tomorrow September 5,2017. It sounds like things will get quite intense and intriguing. Sheila will attempt to set a new scandalous plot in motion. Bill tries to keep someone in line to avoid a scene.

The first storyline we’ll go over for tomorrow is the Sheila one. They tell us that at some point she is going to cause Ridge and Quinn to get into a situation that she hopes will cause their attraction for one another to flare up again. And then act out on their feelings. Read more »

Big Brother 19 Paul Switched Up The POV Ceremony Plans Yesterday, September 3rd

Alright guys. Yesterday in the Big Brother season 19 house. A series of conversations took place that ultimately revealed that Paul will actually be using the veto at the POV ceremony today in an effort to keep Alex from getting super pissed off. Paul wants to basically keep tricking Alex until they can get her out next week rather than them just showing her their cards up front by leaving the nominations the same.

At around 3:20 pm, Josh started questioning Christmas in the backyard over why they aren’t having Paul not use the Veto. So, at some point, Paul switched up the plan. He will be using the veto today at the POV ceremony. Read more »

Big Brother 19 Jessica Graf Selected To Appear On CBS’ Bold And The Beautiful,New Details

Hey, Big Brother fans. Some of you guys might not like this one especially if you’re a fan of CBS’ hit soap opera “The Bold And The Beautiful.” But, according to a recent report from the folks over at Entertainment Weekly, the week 6 evicted houseguest Jessica Graf (above) has indeed been selected to appear in at least one of the “Bold And The Beautiful” future episodes!

She said that her regular occupation is a Los Angeles-based VIP concierge but she will now do some acting for CBS this month. Read more »

Big Brother 19 To Feature Another Double Elimination And Special Friday Episode

Hey, Big Brother Fans. There’s a couple of very special events coming up in regards to the show. One of them will happen as soon as this week! The first special event we want to go over is actually scheduled to happen a few weeks out. It turns out that we’re going to get another special Friday episode on September 15,2017. It’s set to air at 7 pm central standard time on CBS. So, be sure to mark that date down on your Big Brother TV calendars.

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to gather any intel about what will be shown during this episode. The TV Guide listings on revealed that it will be airing that night but had no other details to offer. It could possibly air a number of different things since that will be close to the end of the season. Read more »

New Big Brother 19 Power Of Veto Winner Revealed Yesterday Night, September 2nd

Alright guys. So, the Big Brother season 19 houseguests finally competed for this week’s Power Of Veto in the late evening hours yesterday, September 2,2017. Everyone got to play. The show brought on actor Bobby Moynihan to host the competition since he has a new show that’s going to be airing on CBS. No doubt they’re looking to promote it. Apparently, Bobby is a Big Brother fan too.

Anyways, when everything was all said and done, it was Paul that emerged the winner of the coveted Power Of Veto this week. So, Paul is your winner once again. According to Big Brother Network, Paul has been plotting to try and save Alex so he can stay in good graces with her. Read more »

‘Days Of Our Lives’ Is Bringing Back A Familiar Female For Future Episodes, New Details

According to a new report from Entertainment Weekly, the Days Of Our Lives crew is set to bring back actress Lisa Rinna (above) to reprise her old role as Billie Reed! They say she’s already started taping her episodes and is scheduled to appear on screen in early 2018 sometime.

The show is currently keeping her storyline tightly under wraps. So, there’s no official details about what Billie will be doing when she returns to Salem at this time. The last time we saw her in action was way, way back in 2013 when she took off to Europe to pursue a new job opportunity. Read more »

Days Of Our Lives Not Airing This Monday September 4,2017, New Details

Hey, “Days Of Our Lives” fans. We’ve got some bad news to tell you guys. NBC is not going to be airing your favorite soap opera this Monday, September 4,2017. Apparently, they think a big PGA Golf tournament is way more important. According to the TV Guide listings, they will be airing the Dell Technologies PGA Tour Golf Championships.

Their description of the championships reads like this: “Final-round play in the Dell Technologies Championship, a FedExCup playoff at TPC Boston in Norton, Mass. In last year’s event, Rory McIlroy came from six strokes back in the final round to defeat Paul Casey by two shots. This is the second of four playoffs.” Read more »

Bold And The Beautiful Is Bringing On A New Female For Future Episodes,New Details

According to new report from Entertainment Weekly, the “Bold And The Beautiful” crew has hired a new beauty named Jessica Graf (above) to come on for a guest-starring appearance in one or more future episodes. Jessica was one of the houseguests in CBS’ hit summer reality show Big Brother this season.

For those of you who don’t know, the show casts around 16 houseguests to live in a house for 3 or so months. They vote each other out each week until only two are left. The winner gets a big $500,000 grand prize check while the runner up gets a $50,000 check. Read more »

New Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 Will Address Something In A Very Interesting Way

Recently, the folks over at TV Line got to chat up one of Grey’s Anatomy’s executive producers Debbie Allen and she revealed another interesting storyline teaser that will be featured in the show’s big two-hour premiere.

It has to do with character Arizona Robbins played by actress Jessica Capshaw (above right). It turns out that we’re going to see her split up with character Eliza Minnick get addressed at some point even though Eliza will be nowhere in sight. Read more »