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Grey’s Anatomy Jo Wilson Star Camilla Luddington Discussed A Possible Return Of Another Former Character

Happy Monday, “Grey’s Anatomy” fans. We’ve got some more pretty interesting news for you guys in regards to Camilla Luddington who plays character Jo Wilson on your favorite show. Recently, the folks over at Entertainment Weekly got to chat up Camilla for a hypothetical plotline idea, and she thought it was well, juicy.

The hypothetical plotline they brought up was in reference to one of Alex Kerav’s exes Izze Stevens played by actress Katherine Heigl. Read more »

New ‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoiler Teasers Revealed For October 30, 2018 Episode

Happy Monday, “Bold And The Beautiful” fans. Well, today’s October 29, 2018 episode sort of surprised us with the return of Donna Logan in her latest long term role. We weren’t expecting her to show up until tomorrow’s episode. Anyways, she’s back and she already appears to be trying to start something back up with Eric, calling him honey bear while sporting sexy lingerie in front of him.

We definitely know crazy Quinn would blow a gasket if she ever learned of this encounter between Eric and Donna. Read more »

Big Brother 20 Tyler Crispen & Angela Rummans Already Discussing Another Huge Relationship Step

Hey, fellow Big Brother fans. We’ve got some more wild news for you guys in regards to the Big Brother season 20 couple of the year Tyler Crispen and Angela Rummans. We previously reported that these two have already moved in together. In fact, they moved in together as soon as season 20 ended, wasting absolutely no time at all!

Since the couple is moving so fast in their relationship, it’s kind of not a surprise that they would get asked about possible engagement plans for the near future. Read more »

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Lucy Hale Is About To Star In A Brand New Movie

Happy Sunday, “Pretty Little Liars” fans. We’ve got some good news for you guys in regards to the former, Pretty Little Liars, Aria Montgomery star Lucy Hale. It turns out that she’s landed a new movie gig after her CW “Life Sentence” drama took a flop after just its first,13 episode season.

According to the folks over at , Lucy is set to star in a new movie called, ” A Nice Girl Like You.” Read more »

‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Donna Logan Is About To Do Something Very Scandalous This Week

Hey, “Bold And The Beautiful” fans. Some of you may recall that we previously reported actress Jennifer Gareis’ Donna Logan character has been bumped up from recurring to a long term contract role. At that time, we didn’t have a confirmed date for her first onscreen appearance as a full contract character. Well, now we do. And when she returns, she is definitely not going to be playing nice. She knows what she wants and is going to go straight after it in very scandalous ways.

Donna is expected to arrive in this week’s Tuesday, October 30, 2018 episode. When she does, she will already put Eric Forrester in a very awkward position to say least. Read more »

‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Bill Spencer Is About To Find Out A Really Important Fact Very Soon

Happy Saturday, “Bold and The Beautiful” fans. We hope your weekend is going well. We’ve got a brand new report for you guys in regards to the crooked Dollar Bill Spencer character played by actor Don Diamont. It turns out that he’s going to discover some very important intel in the not-to-distant future.

This information is so serious that it could finally get Ridge thrown in the slammer! Read more »

New ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 15, November 1, 2018 Episode 6 Storyline Teasers Revealed By ABC

Happy Friday, “Grey’s Anatomy” fans. We’ve got a brand new storyline teaser report for you guys in reference to the upcoming episode 6 Of Grey’s Anatomy’s current, 15th season. ABC recently released their official press release for the episode along with an official preview clip.

Warning: this article does contain spoiler teasers for the upcoming episode 6. If you don’t want to see any spoilers, you’re advised to stop reading this article right now. Read more »

Another Former Big Brother Houseguest Just Got Engaged To Be Married

Happy Friday, fellow “Big Brother” fans. We’ve got some very joyous and happy news for you guys in this new report as it contains intel on yet another former Big Brother houseguest that has gotten engaged. This is a more recent houseguest. By “more recent,” we mean she just participated in this past 20th season of Big Brother.

With no further ado the houseguest that we are talking about it is none other than Ms. Angie “Rockstar” Lantry! That’s right guys. Read more »

New ‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoiler Teasers Revealed For October 29, 2018 Episode

Happy Friday, “Bold And The Beautiful” fans. Congratulation on making it to another weekend. Today’s week-ending October 26, 2018 episode featured more intense and dramatic moments. We felt like this episode featured some very key events with Quinn and Eric ,and of course, Brooke and Bill.

Quinn and Pam continued their huge argument all the way until Pam finally told Eric about the terrible things Quinn told Charlie about her. Read more »

Big Brother Season 19 Kevin Schlehuber Recently Revealed Very Bad News About His Health

Hey, fellow Big Brother fans. Unfortunately, we have some pretty bad news to share with you guys today in reference to former season 19 Big Brother houseguest Kevin Schlehuber. He apparently hit up his official Twitter account this past Monday, October 22, 2018 to deliver a very shocking and devastating message to all of his fans about his health.

He revealed that he has cancer! On a more positive note, Kevin mentioned that he has every intention of fighting this disease and beating it. Read more »