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New True Blood Season 7,Episode 8 Official Spoilers,Plotline Revealed By HBO

Recently, HBO released the new,official synopsis/spoilers for their upcoming “True Blood” episode 8 of season 7. The episode is entitled, “Almost Home,” and it sounds like things will get pretty intriguing as Eric starts to finally have a change of heart about his plans to kill Sarah Newlin, and more.

In the new, 10th episode press release: With his prey in sight, Eric will reconsider his end-game strategies against Sarah. Sookie is going to put her life at risk in hopes of saving Bill. Lettie Mae (Adina Porter) and Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) will urge Reverend Daniels (Gregg Daniel) to join them in their V-fueled search for Tara (Rutina Wesley). Read more »

New Witches Of East End Season 2 Spoiler Dished Out By The Main Castmembers,New Clip

Recently, TV Line chatted up the main cast of Lifetime’s hit show, “Witches Of East End,” at the huge 2014 Comic-Con event that took place last weekend, and they revealed a couple, new season 2 teaser spoilers that we can expect to see go down later on. We can expect to see more Frillian action. Ingrid and Dash will do some more connecting, and more (video below).

In the new clip, they began by chatting about how the darkness has indeed risen. Rachel Boston aka Ingrid talked about the Mandragora monster and all the girls agreed that he’s the hottest monster they’ve ever seen. They revealed that Freya and Killian will encounter a couple obstacles that they will have to defeat before they can get their Frillian action on, but Jenna did say, some more Frillian action is indeed in store this season. Read more »

New Once Upon A Time Season 4 Photo Features Frozen’s Elsa and Kristoff First Look

Recently, the Once Upon A Time season 4 folks served up this new “first look” photo at Frozen’s Elsa and Kristoff the ice merchant in action at last weekend’s 2014 Comic-Con event in San Diego,CA. As previously reported, Elsa is being portrayed by former Fringe actress, Georgina Haig and actor, Scott Michael Foster, will play Kristoff,

The Frozen storyline will start up sometime after where the animated movie left off with Elsa’s kid sister Anna, played by newcomer actress Elizabeth Lail, heading off for her wedding to Kristoff. They showed a small teaser clip at the event, Read more »

New The Strain Episode 5,Season 1 Official Spoilers,Plotline Revealed By FX

the strain logo image

Recently, FX released the new,official synopsis/spoilers for their upcoming “The Strain” episode 5 of season 1. The episode is entitled, “Runaways, ” and it sounds like things will get pretty interesting as Eph reluctantly joins up with Setrakian on his quest, Fet runs into some unexpected company, and more.

In the new,5th episode press release: With Nora gone, Eph will reluctantly join Setrakian’s quest in hopes of gathering enough evidence to warrant a citywide quarantine. Fet will encounter the unexpected inside the subway tunnels, and a medical emergency is going to threaten Palmer’s master plan. Read more »

New Witches Of East End Season 2,Episode 5 Official Spoilers,Plotline Revealed By Lifetime

witches of east end logo image

Recently, Lifetime dished out the new,official synopsis/spoilers for their upcoming “Witches Of East End” episode 5 of season 2. The episode is entitled, “Boogie Knight,” and it sounds like things will get quite intriguing as Freya and Killian relive a past life together, Joanna looks for help from an old friend, and more.

In the new,5th episode press release: Freya will relive one of her past lives with Killian. Dash is going to spell at work without realizing the consequences. Joanna will seek the help of an old friend, named Alex. Wendy and Freddie will work together Read more »

New Sons Of Anarchy Season 7 Jax To Get Extremely Violent In Episode 1,New Spoilers

As previously reported, TV Guide served up their latest Mega Buzz, spoiler chat session, and revealed some of the extreme violence that Jax will deliver in the very first episode of Sons Of Anarchy season 7.

It turns out that we’ll see Jax kick off the season, beating the everliving crap out of someone while in prison! If that weren’t enough, he’s going to dish out even more punishment on someone he wrongly thinks murdered Tara. So, he won’t know that it’s Gemma that murdered Tara yet. Read more »

New Originals Season 2 Klaus’ Mother Esther To Cause Intense Problems,New Spoiler

As previously reported, TV Guide dished out their latest Mega Buzz, spoiler chat session, and revealed new “Originals” season 2 spoiler intel in regards to Klaus’ mother Esther. It turns out that she is going to make her presence known pretty early on and there’s going to be some intense complications as a result.

In their spoiler chat report, here’s what they had to say: ” executive producer Michael Narducci muses when my colleague Robyn Ross asked him the same thing. Regardless, Esther and whoever was with her will make their names known soon. “If you think about the kind of stories that Julie Plec tells … based on that you have a sense of how quickly we’ll play it out, Read more »

NCIS Season 12 Tony’s New Girlfriend Additional Spoilers Dished Out

As previously reported, Tony is getting a new love interest in the new “NCIS” season 12. Now, TV Guide’s latest Mega Buzz, spoiler chat session has dished out some new details about his new main squeeze, or rather how they will end up meeting and what not. It turns out that we’ll see them meet while working the same case.

It’s most likely going to take place in the 4th episode, so they won’t be wasting much time, getting this storyline up and running. Also, it sounds like the relationship could be quite serious too. In their spoiler chat report, they said: “Though the show seems to tease as much every season, DiNozzo is definitely getting a new love interest this year. “It’s going to happen early on, probably around Episode 4,” executive producer Gary Glasberg promises, noting that the pair will meet through a case Tony is working. And it sounds like he might finally be ready for a serious relationship post-Ziva. Read more »

New Agents Of SHIELD Season 2 Coulson To Undergo Huge Changes,New Spoiler

Recently, TV Guide served up their latest Mega Buzz, spoiler chat session, and dished out new, huge changes that are in store for Coulson in the upcoming Agents Of SHIELD season 2. It turns out that Coulson will now be upgraded to a director instead of an agent.

He’ll also be in the process of rebuilding the SHIELD organization after all the Hydra damage from last season. In their spoiler chat reveal, they stated: “Don’t call him an agent anymore. Because there’s a small time jump going into Season 2, he’ll already be in the process of rebuilding S.H.I.E.L.D. as the new director — but that might not be so easy since the alien serum is affecting his brain. Read more »

New Grimm Season 4 Spoilers Dished Out By Main Castmembers,New Clip

Recently, Michael Ausiello over at TV Line chatted up the main cast of NBC’s hit show, Grimm, for some season 4 spoiler dish while at the recent 2014 Comic-Con event last weekend in San Diego,CA. It turns out that there might be some honeymoon action in store for Monroe and Rosalee, but it gets interrupted. Nick will ponder whether he wants to regain his lost grimm powers, and more (video below)

In the new clip, David Giuntoli aka Nick told Michael that they will indeed explore whether Nick wants to regain his grimm powers. Monroe star, Silas Mitchell, told them, no Monroe and Rosalee babies have been discussed yet. However, they will go on a honeymoon, which will get derailed by certain trials and tribulations. They confirmed that the show will start off right where it left off in season 3. Read more »