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Originals Season 2 Klaus To Mentor Hybrid Hayley & More,New Details

As previously reported, CW’s “The Originals” spoiler panel arrived at the big 2014 Comic-Con event in San Diego,CA this weekend, and revealed a lot of new spoiler goodness. In this segment, they revealed a little bit of what new hybrid Hayley and Klaus will be doing in the upcoming season 2. It turns out that we’ll see Klaus mentor Hayley on how to use vampire hearing, smell, and more.

TV Line’s coverage of this spoiler reveal, reads like this: “Newbie hybrid Hayley “really looks to Klaus for guidance,” star Phoebe Tonkin teased. But don’t fret, “it’s not really romantic.” Rather, he’ll mentor her through dealing with vampire hearing and smell. Meanwhile, Hayley will be looking to find where she fits in. “Watching her find her own sense of strength and power is going to be a beautiful journey,” Plec added.” Read more »

Agents Of SHIELD Season 2 New Mockingbird Hero Arriving & More,New Details

According to a recent report from TV Line, the Agents Of SHIELD season 2 spoiler panel folks, arrived the huge 2014 Comic-Con event in San Diego,CA this weekend, and delivered a lot of good intel. In this segment, they revealed that the show will be bringing on character, Barbara Morse aka Mockingbird hero.

Additionally, another new Hydra baddie will arrive for guest action in the form of actor, Reed Diamond. His character is named Daniel Whitehall, and will arrive early on in the new season. Reed Diamond’s acting credits include a previous role in the now defunct “Dollhouse” show. Read more »

Teen Wolf Season 4 Lydia To Run Into Huge Banshee Issues Very Soon,New Details

As previously reported, TV Line , dropped some new Teen Wolf season 4 spoilers that were revealed at the 2014 Comic-Con event in San Diego,CA. In this particular segment, producer Jeff Davis, revealed that our neighborhood banshee, Lydia, is going to encounter some hardcore problems with her powers ,and they will begin in just the next two episodes!

Apparently, she will still keep having problems trying to master her new banshee powers, and more. Jeff stated: “One of the things we’ve really enjoyed about crafting Lydia’s arc is that we can do it slowly. We can do it over seasons and seasons. It’s a struggle for her to master her powers, and we’re going to see in the next two episodes how she struggles with that.” Read more »

Teen Wolf Season 4 Derek Hale To Turn Back Human Again & More,New Details

Recently TV Line delivered up some new Teen Wolf season 4 spoiler goodness from the 2014 Comic-Con event in San Diego,California. In this segment, it was revealed that we’ll see Derek possibly become a human again due to whatever Kate Argent took from him.

If he does become human, Derek will have to figure out what he’s going to do with his life, and more. Derek star, Tyler Hoechlin, told the Comic-Con audience: “He’s going to have to figure out who he is when he’s not a werewolf. It’s being a human, moving on and finding your identity.” Additionally, they also revealed that Lydia is going to face some major issues with her banshee powers much sooner rather than later. Read more »

American Horror Story Season 4 New Mystery Male Arriving For Action,New Details

finn wittrock image

According to a recent report from TV Line, the American Horror Story season 4: Freak Show folks have casts actor, Finn Wittrock (left), to protray a new mystery role.

Producer, Ryan Murphy, hit up his official Twitter account to dish out the news with the following words: “Thrilled to announce the very talented FINN WITTROCK has joined the cast of Freak Show!” Of course, he didn’t deliver any details about the new character, so it will unfortunately remain a mystery for now. As previously reported, the new season 4 will revolve around the last freak show in America circa 1952. Read more »

New Sons Of Anarchy Season 7 Gemma Aftermath Spoiler Teasers Dished Out

As previously reported, the TV Line folks were able to retrieve new spoiler intel for the upcoming “Sons Of Anarchy” season 7 from the recent 2014 Television Association summer press tour last week.

In this segment, we learned some new Gemma spoilers, particularly the aftermath of her stabbing poor Tara to death. It turns out that we’ll see her make adjustments to her situation out of a basic instinct to survive, and more. Gemma star, Katey Sagal told them: “She’s somewhat duplicitous. It’s not even somewhat. What’s coming out of her mouth and what’s going on in her head are two different things. She’s made adjustments to the situation based on her basic instinct, which is to survive and keep her family together. She is still all about that.” Read more »

New Hannibal Season 3 Storyline Leaping 1 Year Later From Season 2 Finale,New Details

Recently, TV Line retrieved some new Hannibal season 3 spoilers from the current 2014 Comic-Con event in San Diego,CA. It turns out that we’re going to see them move the whole storyline 1 year into the future from where the season 2 finale left off ,and all the blanks will get filled in during the 4th episode.

Also, we’ll see less FBI action, and more focus on hunting down Hannibal. In their spoiler reveal, they stated: “The cuisine next season will be Italian, which is a clue as to where Hannibal was headed. Speaking of that mysterious cliffhanger, the season opener will pick up one year later – Episode 4 will fill in the blanks – and feel like “a pilot for a new series starring Mads Mikkelsen and Gillian Anderson,” Fulller previewed to huge applause. Read more »

Sons Of Anarchy Season 7 Jax To Go Schizo Over Tara Death & More,New Details

Recently, TV Line delivered new “Sons of Anarchy” season 7 spoiler intel from the Television Association summer press tour last week. And it turns out that Jax is going to get very angry and upset over the tragic loss of the love of his life,Tara. He’s described as being in a schizophrenic state.

Also, the premiere is going to start up 7 days after Tara’s death. Jax star, Charlie Hunnam, explained: “Season 7 picks up 10 days after Tara’s brutal murder — at the hands, and carving fork, of Gemma. Jax is in an appropriately “schizophrenic state.” He’s obviously very sad and vulnerable and kind of broken, but there’s a huge amount of vengeance and anger in his heart. Read more »

Hannibal Season 3 Seven New Characters To Arrive & More,New Spoilers

As previously reported, TV Line recently served up new Hannibal season 3 spoiler scoops from the current 2014 Comic-Con event in San Diego, CA. It turns out that we’ll see 7, new characters joining the madness and they named off three of them, which are: Commander Pazzi (in Episode 2), Lady Murasaki (in Episode 3) and Cordell (in Episode 4).

There’s also going to be a major guest to arrive on the scene, and more. Their spoiler report reads like this: ” As an appetizer, the EP unveiled a surprise guest who’ll be a “huge part of Season 3”: Raul Esparza, who played the presumed dead Dr. Frederick Chilton. (Eddie Izzard will also return in a flashback.) Read more »

Big Brother 16 Eliminated Brittany Martinez Tonight,July 24th Week 4,New HOHs Revealed

brittany martinez image

Tonight’s elimination show, kicked off with footage from the house this week. Cody struggled with having to put Donny on the block against Brittany, especially after Caleb screwed up his original plans by letting Victoria win the POV to take herself off the block. Then we saw Frankie get the terrible news that his grandfather past away.

At one point, they showed a special video segment with Nicole’s family and how they feel about the little Hayden showmance she has going on. They also showed more footage of Nicole and Hayden’s flirting activities. After all that, the nominated houseguests ,Brittany and Donny, gave their last plea speeches before the rest of the houseguests casts their votes to evict. Read more »