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Pokemon Go Is About To Deliver New Super Improved Photo Feature For Players

Happy Wednesday Pokemon Go fans. We’ve got some very exciting news for you guys that like taking photos of Pokemon characters. According to the folks over at, a new feature called Go Snapshot is about to be added to the very popular mobile game. They’re describing it as being an augmented reality feature that allows trainers to take photos of any of the Pok√©mon they currently have in storage against real-world backdrops! Read more »

New Pokemon Go Valentine’s Day Event And Player Bonuses Leaked

Hey, Pokemon Go fans. We’ve got a new, leaked event to tell you guys about in this latest article. According to the folks over at , a new Pokemon Go Valentine’s Day event was leaked by the Stardust PokemonGo Twitter account, and it also revealed the supposed bonuses it will offer to players while it’s going on! Read more »

Kingdom Hearts 3 Is Giving Away Cool Rewards And Secret Reports In The Game

Hey, Kingdom Hearts fans. In this new report, we’re going to tell you guys how to get your hands on some cool rewards and secret reports in the new Kingdom Hearts 3 video game. According to the folks over at,you’re going to need to unlock something called the Battle Gates in order to claim these new rewards and Secret reports. Read more »

3 New Pokemon Go Events Are Going On Right Now That Are Giving Players Extra Advantages

Hey, Pokemon Go fans. We hope you guys are enjoying your weekend. We have some great news for you guys. According to the folks over at , there’s a new Pokemon event that is going on right now that will increase player friendship levels twice as fast along with some other special benefits. Read more »

New Kingdom Hearts 3 Lucky Emblems Locations And How To Find The Secret Ending Tips Revealed

Happy Friday, Kingdom Hearts fans. Now that Kingdom Hearts 3 is finally out, we thought we would give you guys a few tips here and there. In this article, we’ll let you guys know about some very valuable tips in regards to the Lucky Emblems and how to track down the Secret Ending.

According to the folks over at, the Lucky Emblems (Mickey Symbols) are a special type of collectable that you can acquire by taking photos with your Gummi phone, and they will eventually get you the secret ending. Read more »

New Kingdom Hearts 3 Tips To Getting The Most Powerful Ultima Weapon Keyblade Revealed

Hey, Kingdom Hearts fans. We hope you are enjoying the new Kingdom Hearts 3 game so far. It has recently been revealed by the folks over at a few tips on how to craft the Ultima Weapon! They pointed out that crafting the Ultima weapon is indeed one of the most time-consuming things to do because it requires players to travel to a lot of game worlds and hunt down seven Orichalcum+ materials. Read more »

Fortnite Added A New, Crazy Chiller Grenade Weapon

Hey, Fortnite fans. According to the folks over at, Fortnite game developer Epic Games has indeed added a new weapon to the game. It’s called the Chiller Grenade. The Fortnite Battle Royale in-game news feed reveals that the chiller grenade gives players the ability to give their enemies cold feet with a winter blast. Read more »

Pokemon Go’s Next Legendary To Catch For February 2019 Has Been Revealed

Happy Monday, Pokemon Go fans. We hope you guys had a fantastic weekend. We’ve got some pretty interesting new intel to share with you guys in this article. According to the folks over at ,Pokemon’s developer Niantic has revealed what the next Legendary to catch will be for the entire month of February 2019! Read more »

Pokemon Go To Feature New Pokemon Swinub Activity, Bonuses And More In February 2019

Happy Thursday Pokemon Go fans. We’ve got some new and exciting intel to share with you guys in this report. It turns out that a brand new community day is coming up in February 2019, and it will feature some new Pokemon Swinub activity.

According to the folks over at,the date for the February 2019 Pokemon Community Day has been announced to take place on on Saturday,February 16, 2019. Read more »

Some Of Kingdom Hearts 3’s New Amazing Additions And Features Revealed by The Co Director

Happy Tuesday, Kingdom Hearts fans. Recently, the folks over at got to chat it up with the co-director of the new, upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3 video game Tai Yasue. During their interview, Tai revealed a lot of new and exciting things you guys can expect to see in the new game. Read more »