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Disney World Just Did Something Very Wonderful For A Little, 6 Year Old, New York Girl

Hey, “Disney World” fans. We’ve got a wonderful, feel good report to share with you guys this time. According to the folks over at , which is the website for a local ABC Buffalo,New York TV station, a little 6 year old girl’s dreams were made true by the wonderful folks at Walt Disney World and some very nice strangers!

This past October 2018, a little six year old girl in New York named Layla Lester met a wedding bride in Akron Falls Park. However, young Layla mistook the wedding bride for one of her favorite Disney characters Cinderella. Read more »

Disney World: Top Must-Have Things To Bring When Visiting That Could Save You Money

Hey, “Disney World” fans. In this new article, we’re going to let you guys know what you should absolutely bring from home when visiting your favorite amusement park. If you don’t bring these things, it could end up costing you more money in the long run because let’s face it, Disney World isn’t known for being cheap.

The people over at put together a few items that they claim are a must-have when you are visiting Disney World. Read more »

Disney World Is Adding A New Super Hotel That’s Reported To Be Very Special

Hey, “Disney World” fans. Today, we’ve got some more exciting news for you guys. It turns out that Disney World is about to get another super hotel added to meet all the crazy demand they’ve recently had. According to a new report from the folks over at, which is a local ABC news station out in Orlando,Florida, Marriott International just revealed plans yesterday, November 27, 2018 to build a new super hotel called, “The Cove.”

It’s going to be situated right across the street from the massive Swan and Dolphin hotels which Marriott currently owns and operates. Read more »

Disney Is Reportedly Getting Sued For A Whopping $1 Billion Dollars

Hey, “Disney World” fans. Unfortunately, there’s some really bad news out for Disney these days. According to the folks over at USA Today, Disney and FOX are facing a super lawsuit that’s seeking at least $1 Billion whopping dollars in damages! Notice I said, “at least.” That’s because it could actually be more than that! Read more »

Disney World Is Shutting Down Its Entire Railroad To Make Way For A Major, New Ride

Hey, Disney World fans. We’ve got some very interesting and exciting news for you guys. It turns out that the Disney World crew is about to just go ahead and temporarily shut down their entire railroad system so they can make way for a major, new Tron roller coaster ride! That’s right guys.

It’s about to go down on December 3, 2018. That’s when the railroad will be shutting down. According to the folks over at, the railroad trains will be parked at the Main Street U.S.A. station while the railroad is closed. Read more »

Disney World Is Reportedly Offering Up Lots Of Free Stuff These Days

Hey,”Disney World” fans. If you’re planning a new trip to the very popular amusement park anytime soon, you’re definitely going to want to take notes from this article to get yourself some freebies while you’re there! The folks over at recently revealed a lot of free stuff you can get at Disney World, and it seems like something that’s worth taking advantage of anytime you can since those tickets can be pretty expensive.

The first thing they revealed is that you can get around the $15 dollar official Disney vacation photos by simply asking a Disney Photo pass castmember to snap one for you with your own phone. They said if you ask them nicely, it’s usually not a problem. Read more »

Disney World Is About To Offer A New, Exciting Experience Based On A Very Popular Movie

Hey, “Disney World” fans. It’s time to get ready because your favorite theme park is about to add yet another huge experience to its huge menu. This particular experience will be a hotel experience based on the popular Star Wars movies! That’s right, guys. Disney World is currently working on a new Star Wars themed hotel experience according to the folks over at

The new Star Wars themed hotel is going to open up right outside of Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Bob Chapek ,who is the Disney World Experiences and Consumer Products Chairman, revealed a lot of new details about the hotel at the recent D23 Destination D event. Read more »

Disney World Is About To Introduce A New Super Ride Attraction And Technology

Hey,”Disney World” fans. It’s time for you guys to get ready because Disney World is about to pull out some major stops for a major, new attraction and ride they’re currently building! Along with that, they are working on some amazing new technology that is sure to astound.

According to the folks over at , Bob Chapek who is the chairman of Disney Parks, Experiences and Consumer Products recently attended the “International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions conference” in Orlando,Florida. Read more »

Disney World Just Banned Someone For Life From All It’s Amusement Parks

Happy Wednesday, “Disney World” fans. We’ve got some pretty interesting and shocking news to share with you guys today. It turns out that the people who run Disney World made a very serious decision to ban a man for life from their famous amusement parks after he committed multiple offences or what they considered to be offensive.

According to the folks over at NBC News , a New York City man named Dion Cini was banned indefinitely from ever attending the beautiful Walt Disney World amusement parks for holding up “Trump 2020” signs! Read more »

Cirque du Soleil Is Introducing A First Ever, New Show Type To Select Cities

According to SDnews , the very popular Cirque du Soleil tour is set to introduce a new, first-ever show in select cities throughout North America.

This new show will consist of ice skating. They’re calling it, “Crystal.” It’s actually already been introduced in the Tucson, Arizona area, but it’s about to make its rounds into more cities like San Diego, CA, Orlando,Florida, Portland,Oregon and more. Read more »