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Big Brother 17 Steve Moses Won The Entire Show Tonight,September 23rd

Tonight’s finale show, kicked off with footage of what happened during the entire season. Then they showed footage of the first 2 rounds of the final HOH comp. Vanessa won the first endurance challenge by getting into Liz’s head. Then Steve just edged out Liz in the 2nd comp which was a quiz/physical challenge.

After that, they showed footage of Big Brother legend, Dr. Will, returning to talk with the jury, and help them decide who they would possibly vote for. Read more »

New Big Brother Season 17 Cast Finally Unveiled By CBS,New Pics

Earlier today, CBS finally gave us a new look at the people they have chosen to be our new “Big Brother” season 17 cast! it turns out that they were able to land mega poker star, Vanessa Rousso, to be one of the contestants! How they were able to pull that off, I don’t know, but I’m really excited about it. She’s my favorite female poker player. Read more »

Big Brother Evel Dick Donato Revealed He Has HIV,New Details

Earlier today, Big Brother season 8 champ, Evel Dick Donato did a live call to TMZ Live to confirm that he is indeed infected with HIV the virus that causes AIDS. He also revealed that was the reason that he abruptly exited Big Brother season 13 for his second run at the $500,000 back in 2011.

He told them that it ,not surprisingly, came as a huge shock to him at the time, and that he wasn’t really given a choice to continue on in the game as the show immediately had him escorted from the game in an exit car. To close out the interview, he talked about how expensive the medication is and so on, and so forth which is why he had to move to Ireland to be able to continue getting the medication. He said it costs like over $100,000 a pill in the United States, which is ridiculous. Stay tuned.

Big Brother 15 Aaryn Gries Racist Comments Called Out In Exit Interview,New Clip

Big Brother 15 Aaryn Gries racist comments called out in exit interview,new clip. As previously reported, young 22 year old ,Aaryn Gries, finally made her exit from Big Brother season 15 last night, and had to face the music for her racist comments in her exit interview with host ,Julie Chen, before they sent her off to the sequester house (video below). Aaryn got a mixed live audience reaction when she exited.

From there, Julie asked Aaryn the usual questions about the gameplay before starting in on her about the racist comments that she made in the early stages of the game. It was pretty wild too, because Julie read the comments to Aaryn,verbatim, which really didn’t sound too good at all.

Then Aaryn had to respond, and here’s what she had to say after Read more »

Brendon Started Huge Fight With Britney Over Not Using POV On Rachel

    britney image

Brendon started huge fight with Britney over not using POV on Rachel. According to Big Brother Network and the live feeds, Brendon got furious and started yelling at Britney when she decided not to use the POV at the POV ceremony yesterday afternoon.

From listening to the live feeds last night, Britney said he called her a spoiled brat and something else along those lines. Then Britney got really furious over it. Read more »

CBS Big Brother 3’s Tonya Paoni Got Arrested For Reckless Homicide

    tonya paoni image

CBS Big Brother 3’s Tonya Paoni got arrested for reckless homicide. According to TMZ, former CBS “Big Brother” 3 contestant Tonya Paoni got arrested for reckless homicide last month that left two people dead. They say that Tonya Paoni who now goes by the name Tonya Casper, is accused of causing a multi-vehicle car crash outside of Springfield last summer,which resulted in the deaths of two people. Read more »

CBS Big Brother’s Evil Dr. Will Kirby Delivered His New Baby Boy

    big brother dr. will kirby image

CBS Big Brother’s evil Dr. Will Kirby delivered his new baby boy. According to TMZ , the evil Dr. Will Kirby from CBS’s hit summer reality show “Big Brother” delivered his new baby boy two days ago with his fiance Erin Brodie who appeared on the reality show entitled, “For Love or Money.” Will is now 37 years old,and a board certified dermatologist.

However, he played OB/GYN and delivered his new baby boy named Cash Kirby. Cash weighed 7 pounds and 3.9 ounces. He measured 21.25 inches. Read more »

Big Brother 9’s Matt McDonald Busted Again For Selling Drugs With Adam

matt mcdonald,adam jasinski image

Big Brother 9’s Matt McDonald busted again for selling drugs with Adam Jasinksi. According to TMZ , Matt McDonald who competed on the 9th season of CBS’s hit reality show two years ago, has gotten arrested for the third time this month. He is now being accused of allegedly selling drugs,along with the winner of Big Brother 9, Adam Jasinski.

They say that Matthew McDonald was indicted in federal court in Boston,Massachusetts yesterday for allegedly participating in a drug ring run by “Big Brother” season 9 winner Adam Jasinski. Read more »

Big Brother 9 Matt McDonald Got Arrested Again For Scaring A Witness

matt mcdonald image

Big Brother 9 Matt McDonald got arrested again for scaring a witness. According to TMZ , Matt McDonald who was a contestant on CBS’s hit reality show “Big Brother” in its 9th season two years ago, got arrested again for trying to scare his girlfriend into dropping the alleged beating charges that she previously brought on him.

The Winthrop Police Department said that Matt McDonald and his family members allegedly waged a relentless 2-day campaign of intimidation against his girlfriend, and her family after Matt was originally arrested on April 18. Matt’s girlfriend claims that she began to feel frightened when Matt began calling her from jail 4 times within 48 hours. She also said that Matt’s family began to harass her on the phone,and then they started showing up at her work to demand that she drop the charges against Matt. Read more »

Big Brother 9’s Matt McDonald Arrested For Beating Pregnant Girlfriend

 matt mcdonald image

Big Brother 9’s Matt McDonald arrested for beating pregnant girlfriend. According to TMZ , Matt McDonald who appeared on CBS’s “Big Brother” 9 season back in the fall of 2008, got busted for allegedly beating his pregnant girlfriend. They say he was arrested this weekend for allegedly unleashing a ferocious attack on his pregnant girlfriend.

The Boston cops showed up at Matt’s home after his girlfriend went to the local police station to file a complaint. Matt’s girlfriend is currently 8 weeks pregnant with Matt’s baby. She told the police that she began arguing with Matt when he accused her of cheating on him,and then things started to get violent. Matt began strangling her and yelling,stating, “I hope the baby dies and hope u have a miscarriage.” Read more »