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Big Brother 17 Eliminated Jeff Weldon Tonight July 16th,New HOHs Revealed

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Tonight’s live eviction show, kicked off with new footage from what went down in the house this past week, beginning with an angry Vanessa devising a way to get Jeff on the block. From there, Jeff tried to campaign to get as many votes as possible. He also ticked off Austin by flirting with Liz. Apparently, Austin really has a thing for Liz even though he has a girlfriend waiting for him at home.

After all that, the two nominated houseguest, Jeff and James, gave their plea speeches before the rest of the houseguests casts their votes to evict. Jackie, John, Steve and Liz voted to evict James. Read more »

Big Brother 17 James & John Put Up For Eviction Yesterday,Week 3

As previously reported, Vanessa and Austin won HOH on this past Thursday night’s live eviction show. And yesterday, Vanessa put James and John on the chopping block while Austin threw Jason and Meg on there on his end.

Later on, after the “Battle Of The Block” comp, we found out that Jason and Meg won it to take themselves off the chopping block and dethroned Austin. It’s also possible that John threw the comp again. Read more »

Big Brother 17 Eliminated Da’Vonne Rogers Tonight,July 9th

Tonight’s live eviction episode, kicked off with more footage from what went down this past week. Da’Vonne found out that she won the twist prize, which gave her the option void out 3 people from voting, and she immediately planned with her main man, Jason, a way they could get that to work in her favor.

They also showed footage of Da’Vonne figuring out the twin twist and getting Jason in on it, which then spread to the rest of the house. At one point, Da’Vonne tried to get a vote out of Liz by letting her know Read more »

Big Brother 17 Da’Vonne & John Nominated Put Up For Eviction & More,Week 2

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Ok, so a lot went down since the Live eviction show this past Thursday night. The two HOHs ,Becky and Shelli,served up their nominations for eviction. Becky nominated Steve and Jason. Shelli nominated John and Da’Vonne.

Later on, the crazy “Battle Of The Block” comp went down and Jason and Steve won it to pull themselves off the block and dethrone Becky’s HOH reign, leaving Shelli as the main HOH with her nominations Read more »

Big Brother 17 Eliminated Jace Agolli Tonight,July 2nd & New HOHs Revealed

Tonight’s Live eviction show, kicked off with new footage from this past week in the house. Basically, Jace (left) was seen doing everything he possibly could to rally up enough votes to stay after being nominated as the replacement on the chopping block with Jackie.

He also got into a huge argument with shady Audrey, who tried to make him look like he was losing his mind when he tried to call her out on her BS lies.

Next, host Julie Chen, revealed that Julia and Liv are the twins that are switching back in forth for the big twin twist. Read more »

Big Brother 17 Steve Won POV Yesterday, Week 1 New Details

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Yesterday afternoon, the Big Brother 17 houseguests played out their first ‘Power Of Veto” competition. James, Steve, Jackie, John, Becky and Jason were the participants selected to play. And, Ian clone, Steve Moses (left), pulled out the win to save himself from a possible first week eviction as he’s currently on the chopping block.

Steve is currently nominated with Jackie from the Amazing Race after the 2nd HOH, Jason, got dethroned during the BOB competition, leaving first HOH, Read more »

Big Brother 17 Jason Roy Won Second HOH Tonight,June 25th

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Tonight’s episode, kicked off with an introduction to the 2nd half of the house: Jon McGuire, Liz Nolan, Jason Roy, Becky Burgess, Steve Moses and poker star Vanessa Rousso. Host, Julie Chen, filled them in on the Battle Of The Block twist and Big Brother Takeover twist before letting them enter the house. Everyone did their group introductions all over again with Audrey revealing she’s trans-gendered and everything.

Then the Big Brother Takeover twist kicked in, revealing that Jeff Weldon and Jackie Ibarra from the recent Amazing Race season 26 would be an additional 2 houseguests. Read more »

Big Brother 17 James Huling Won First HOH,Tonight June 24th

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Tonight’s premiere episode kicked off with an introduction to the first half of the house: Da’Vonne Rogers, James Huling, Clay Honeycutt, Jace Agolli, Audrey Middleton, Austin Matelson, Meg Maley and Shelli Poole. At one point, during the group introductions, Audrey revealed that she is ,in fact, trans-gendered. Everyone appeared to be quite cool with it. I was like, “Wow! That’s early!”

Anyways, after they did their introductions, Julie Chen told them that awful “Battle Of The Block” twist was back again this year, and that they needed to get ready for their first HOH competition.

However, one person Read more »

New Big Brother Season 17 Cast Finally Unveiled By CBS,New Pics

Earlier today, CBS finally gave us a new look at the people they have chosen to be our new “Big Brother” season 17 cast! it turns out that they were able to land mega poker star, Vanessa Rousso, to be one of the contestants! How they were able to pull that off, I don’t know, but I’m really excited about it. She’s my favorite female poker player. Read more »

Big Brother Evel Dick Donato Revealed He Has HIV,New Details

Earlier today, Big Brother season 8 champ, Evel Dick Donato did a live call to TMZ Live to confirm that he is indeed infected with HIV the virus that causes AIDS. He also revealed that was the reason that he abruptly exited Big Brother season 13 for his second run at the $500,000 back in 2011.

He told them that it ,not surprisingly, came as a huge shock to him at the time, and that he wasn’t really given a choice to continue on in the game as the show immediately had him escorted from the game in an exit car. To close out the interview, he talked about how expensive the medication is and so on, and so forth which is why he had to move to Ireland to be able to continue getting the medication. He said it costs like over $100,000 a pill in the United States, which is ridiculous. Stay tuned.