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New Batman V Superman Promo Clip Features Close Up Batmobile Action


Miley Cyrus Spotted Showing Off Her Possible New Wedding Ring In New Photo

Miley Cyrus spotted showing off her possible new wedding ring in new photo. Recently, mega popstar/actress Miley Cyrus ,dropped this new Twitter pic,which displays a huge ring on her left hand. Hollywood Life ran a report,claiming it could be her wedding ring as there are rumors currently swirling around,claiming Miley and her main man,Liam Hemsworth, may have actually gotten married over the holidays.

Obviously, these rumors have not come even close to being confirmed,but I guess it’s always fun to speculate. As previously reported, Miley and Liam got engaged way back in June 2012,and had set an original,official date for June 11th,2013, to get married,but again,all these crazy rumors,have them already married up. Read more »

Scandal Season 2 Spoiler: Mellie Tries To Take Out Sally Langston By Any Means & More

Mellie tries to take out Sally Langston by any means & more in this new “Scandal” season 2 spoiler tease. As previously reported, TV Guide recently threw a big Mega Buzz,spoiler chat session and dropped some more,wild “Scandal” season 2 spoiler teasers. It turns out that Mellie may try to take any measure necessary to remove Sally Langston from power,even if it’s illegal! Also, we’re going to find out more details of who possibly shot the President.

In their statement, they said, “If Mellie has anything to say about it, not too long. In fact, the First Lady may employ illegal,and even treasonous means to make sure the dragon lady doesn’t stay in power. But this time around, you’ll actually be rooting for Fitz’s wife.” Read more »

New Grey’s Anatomy Season 9 Set Details Revealed By Lizzie Shepherd Actress

neve campbell image

New Grey’s Anatomy season 9 set details revealed by Lizzie Shepherd actress. Recently, Collider got a chance to chat it up with Grey’s Anatomy, Lizzie Shepherd actress Neve Campbell,and she spilled some new set details dish. It turns out that even with all her experience,she was still pretty nervous when she hit up the set of such a huge,established show.

On the other hand,she also had a fun time ,reconnecting with her old “Scream” movie mate Patrick Dempsey aka Dr. Derek Shepherd. First, she revealed how nerve-wracking it was to join the show,stating, ” Oh, my gosh, it was terrifying! Being a guest star on something is one of the scariest things you can do because everybody does know each other so well and they do have such a great history and they know how they work together. It’s like going to a school where everyone knows one another, and you’re stepping in for the first day. Read more »

Once Upon A Time Season 2 Spoiler: Regina Gets Blamed For Jiminy Cricket Death

Regina gets blamed for Jiminy Cricket death in this new “Once Upon A Time” season 2 spoiler tease. Recently, TV Guide dropped this new,very serious “Once Upon A Time” episode 10,season 2 spoiler teaser during their recent Mega Buzz spoiler chat session. It has to do with the death of who we believe will be Jiminy Cricket,based on the hint they gave out. Someone will definitely be killed,and they hinted that the murdered person has to do with the show’s episode title: “The Cricket Game.”

We’re not 100 percent sure our guess is correct,but we think it’s as close to 100 percent as one can get. Also, the town will think that Regina has something to do with the murder. However,in their statement,producer Edward Kitsis, told them, “”We can tell you that Regina will be accused of killing one of Storybrooke’s characters,” executive producer Edward Kitsis confirms. But not so fast! “There’s always more than meets the eye. What we shall see is what and how.” As for the who, I’m concerned about the episode’s title.” Read more »

Vampire Diaries Season 4 Spoiler: Tyler Might Gather New Peeps To Kill Klaus & More

Tyler might gather new peeps to kill Klaus & more in this new Vampire Diaries season 4 spoiler tease. TV Guide recently dished a new,small,spoiler teaser for Vampire Diaries season 4,which focuses on what hybrid Tyler Lockwood is going to be up to after he finds out that crazy Klaus has killed his mother and all his hybrid pals. It turns out that he’s still going to be looking to try and take out Klaus,and may round up a group of new people to get the job done, or just have a solo go at it,which most-likely, wouldn’t be the best of ideas.

Tyler actor ,Michael Trevino, told them, “Tyler’s not going to stand and take it. It’s the realization that he had his one chance of attacking Klaus and that didn’t work, which is disheartening, but now, he has to go for broke and figure out a way to do it, whether it’s gathering people to align with again or going at it by himself.” Read more »

Twilight Saga Star Spotted Hardcore Peeing In Public At Airport Other Day,New Clip

 bronson pelletier image

Twilight Saga star spotted peeing in public at airport other day,new clip. Recently, this new clip (below) ,hit the net,and shows former Twilight Saga,Jared,movie star Bronson Pelletier ,taking a piss right in public at the famous LAX International Airport the other day.

In the new video, Bronson appeared to be quite wasted as he was seen,stumbling around for a bit. Then after a few seconds,he whipped out his junk and started hardcore pissing on the nice Airport carpet,wowing everyone in the nearby vicinity. Read more »

Kristen Stewart Revealed She Took Bella’s Wedding Ring From The Set & More

Kristen Stewart revealed she took Bella’s wedding ring from the set & more. According to Hollywood Life, Twilight Saga main chick Kristen Stewart, recently interviewed with Elle UK,and revealed everything she’s taken from movie sets she’s worked on,including Bella’s wedding ring as she treasures it,deeply.

She told them, “I have all the rings that I wore as Bella in Twilight, including her wedding ring. My other treasured pieces are mainly vintage and a Cartier ‘Nail’ bracelet that I wear a lot.” After that, she went on to chat about the other things she’s taken from other movie sets,stating, “I usually take one or two things from each film as a souvenir. Read more »

New Scandal Season 2 Small Spoiler Teasers Revealed By TV Line

New Scandal season 2 small spoiler teasers revealed by TV Line. Recently,TV Line dropped a couple new “Scandal” season 2 spoiler teasers we can expect to see when the show returns from its winter break next week. It turns out that Becky will resurface,Cyrus tries to buy some silence,and more.

Coming up in future season 2 episodes, Captured Huck’s treatment is going to give the real-life CIA something to crow about in addition to Zero Dark Thirty. Sally Langston’s power grab will be put on hold. However,we don’t yet know for how long.

Cyrus will act fast to buy his stalwart husband’s silence. Read more »

Revenge Season 2 Spoilers: Emily And Aiden Will Clash & More

Emily And Aiden will clash & more in this new Revenge season 2 spoiler teases. Recently, TV Line got to chat with “Revenge” executive producer Mike Kelley,and he dropped a few,very interesting,spoiler teasers we can expect to see when the show returns from its winter break. It turns out that Emily and Aiden will face some tension,and more.

First, Mike revealed that Emily and Jack’s worlds are about to finally come head to head in a big way,stating, “I can tell you that for everybody who’s been waiting patiently for the Stowaway story to really pay off and wrap back around into Emily’s world, that’s about to come together in spades.”

Also, Emily and Aiden are going to run into loyalty challenges. Mike explained, Read more »

New ‘Once Upon A Time’ Season 2 Spoiler Teasers Dropped By Emma Actress

New ‘Once Upon A Time’ season 2 spoiler teasers dropped by Emma actress. Recently, TV Line got to chat it up with Jennifer Morris ,who plays character Emma on ABC’s hit show “Once Upon A Time,” and she dished a couple new spoiler teasers for the upcoming episode 10 of season 2,and it sounds pretty interesting as Emma will be desperately trying to keep Henry away from evil Cora and Hook that have arrived in Storybrooke,and more.

Obviously,no one will be happy at all that Hook and Cora have arrived in Storybrooke. Jennifer explained, “It’s too much of a threat to everything that we care about. I don’t really know that much about all these people from this other land, but I do know that those two are dangerous, so I’m certainly not going to want them anywhere near my kid.” Read more »