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The Devil Inside Movie Trailer Features Weird,Freaky Scenes & It’s Out Today

    the devil inside movie poster

The Devil Inside movie trailer features weird,freaky scenes & it’s out today. Paramount Pictures released their new,freakish,horror flick “The Devil Inside” into theaters today,and the movie trailer (below) features a ton of crazy,disgusting,edge of your seat, scenes that are sure to have most people squirming in their seats,and thats why we love it.

The movie stars: Fernanda Andrade, Isabella Rossi, Simon Quarterman, Evan Helmuth, Ionut Grama, Suzan Crowley, Bonnie Morgan, Brian Johnson, Preston James Hillier,and D.T. Carney.

The flick takes place in 1989,when emergency responders received a 9-1-1 call from Maria Rossi,confessing that she had brutally killed three people. 20 years later, her daughter Isabella,seeks to understand the truth about what happened that night. Read more »

Robert Pattinson,Kristen Stewart Hit Up Cali Soho House & Partied It Up Other Night

Robert Pattinson,Kristen Stewart hit up Cali Soho House & partied it up other night. According to a new report from Hollywood life and their sources,Twilight Saga mega stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart went out on another date this past Wednesday night,January 4th at the Soho House in Los Angeles,California.

They were reportedly there to support their New Moon movie director Chris Weitz. Their source revealed that Rob and K-Stew appeared to very happy as usual,and were seen, laughing and chatting in the upstairs area of the Soho House.

In related news, Rob and Kristen rocked in the New Year at a private house party,because they just wanted to keep things low key. Read more »

MTV Jersey Shore Released New Episode 2,Season 5 Spoiler Clip

MTV Jersey Shore released new episode 2,season 5 spoiler clip. MTV recently dropped a new sneak peek,clip (below) for their upcoming Jersey Shore episode 2,and it looks like there’s going to be more problems brewing as Snooki gets drunk off her ass,again, in front of her man Jionni,causing him to have to babysit her.

In the clip, Snooki is seen,acting like a complete,drunken idiot,and Jionni has to put up with her crap. She keeps stumbling around,and saying weird stuff. Poor Jionni has no clue what she’s trying to say,or what she wants to do. He ends up dragging her out of the club,early,so they can leave before the drama gets any worse. Read more »

Batman 3 Bane’s Awful Voice Gets Extremely Spoofed In New Video

Batman 3 Bane’s awful voice gets extremely spoofed in new video. The other night,talk show host Conan O’Brien hit the airwaves to talk about how bad Bane’s voice sounds in the new “Dark Knight Rises,” 6 minute,prologue trailer,and to royally goof on it with a video (below) that totally spoofs the dreaded enemy. Conan said, he agrees with the fans about Bane’s voice being completely hard to understand. Then he showed the spoof clip.

In the spoof clip, it starts up like the regular movie clip. Then,all of a sudden, they show a clip of the real Bane character,but it has a voiceover that talks nothing but compete gibberish. Then it shows a fake Batman actor,trying to tell Bane he can’t understand him in the midst of exchanging threats back and forth. Read more »

New ‘The Avengers’ Movie Photo Features Thor & Captain America In A Huge Mess

New ‘The Avengers’ movie photo features Thor & Captain America in a huge mess. Marvel Studios recently released this new photo from their upcoming super hero flick “The Avengers,” and it features Thor and Steve Rogers aka Captain America in what appears to be an aftermath of a huge explosion,which doesn’t surprise me one bit as this flick is filled with a ton of explosions and epic fight scenes galore.

It stars: Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Tom Hiddleston, Stellan SkarsgĂ„rd,and Samuel L. Jackson. The new flick brings together three,awesome, super heroes to take on an enemy that threatens global safety and security. Read more »

Robert Pattinson Spotted Tight Grip Kissing New Chick In New ‘Bel Ami’ Movie Photo

Robert Pattinson spotted tight-grip kissing new chick in new ‘Bel Ami’ movie photo. Here is a new,steamy photo that just recently released on the net,featuring mega Twilight star Robert Pattinson,getting his kissing groove on with,yet another lady in his upcoming drama “Bel Ami” flick.

In this photo, they both take a tight grip as they hammer out a very passionate kiss. These two definitely aren’t messing around,here. They’re both totally caught up in this. The movie stars: Robert Pattinson, Uma Thurman, Kristin Scott Thomas,and Christina Ricci. Read more »

Robert Pattinson,Kristen Stewart Made Forbes Top Earning Couples list With $2 Billion

Robert Pattinson,Kristen Stewart made Forbes top earning couples list with $2 Billion. Recently,top money magazine Forbes just came out with their list of of top on-screen couples earners,and mega Twilight Saga stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart landed in the number 2 spot,because their Twilight flicks have brought in a whopping $2.5 billion dollars in ticket sales so far.

They only got beat by Rupert Grint and Emma Watson as Ron and Hermione in the popular Harry Potter series,because it brought in a mega-whopping $4.2 billion dollars in ticket sales. K-Stew and Rob still have Breaking Dawn part 2 left to do,and it could possibly rake in even more cash. It’s scheduled to hit theaters on November 16th. Read more »

Twilight’s Kristen Stewart’s New,Possible ‘Akira’ Movie Getting Stalled

Twilight’s Kristen Stewart’s new,possible ‘Akira’ movie getting stalled. As previously reported, Twilight Saga star Kristen Stewart was being considered to do a role in the new “Akira,” sci-fi/action flick. However, the movie is now being stalled by the studio,according to Deadline. It was supposed to start filming this March,but it looks like they want to make a few changes to the script.

The film is being financed by Warner Bros. Pictures,and had actors Dane DeHaan and Michael Pitt, competing for the lead role of Tetsuo. It also had other actors: Garrett Hedlund, Ken Watanabe,and Helena Bonham Carter to possibly star in it.

They went on to reveal that WB is scrutinizing everything,and suddenly wants changes made to the script. Read more »

CW Vampire Diaries Dropped New Episode 11,Season 3 Canadian Spoiler Clip

CW Vampire Diaries dropped new episode 11,season 3 Canadian spoiler clip. Yesterday night,CW released another,new,sneak peek, Canadian,clip (below),which shows a couple different scenes that the United States clip doesn’t,and they’re pretty interesting. The new episode is called “Our Town.”

In the new clip, Stefan is seen,yelling out, ” I know his weakness,and I can destroy him!” He seems very obsessed with the idea too. Elena is seen,whining about losing people she loves,again. It’s like,ok,we get it for the millionth time. Damon tells Stefan, “we gotta be smarter.” Read more »

Secret Circle Ep 11 Spoilers: Faye Starts Destroying The Circle With Bad Spell & More

Faye starts destroying the circle with bad spell & more in CW’s “Secret Circle” episode 11 of season 1. We’ve got spoilers for the show,along with a promo clip after the jump. The episode is titled, “Fire/Ice,” and things heat up,bigtime,between Cassie and Faye as Faye appears to have used a spell to tap into Cassie’s evil powers,and more.

In the new “Fire/Ice” episode, Cassie will ask Adam for help in looking up her father’s past, and their search will lead them to an eerily familiar place. It will also rekindle an old flame when Adam, thrilled to be spending time with Cassie again, asks her to the Fire and Ice dance. But because of her friendship with Diana, Cassie is forced to give a surprising response. Read more »