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New Hunger Games 3,Mockingjay Fourth Movie Trailer Hit The Net


New Avengers 2,Age Of Ultron Second Movie Trailer Clip Hit The Net Last Night


New Avengers 2,Age Of Ultron First Teaser Movie Trailer Released


New Hunger Games 3,Mockingjay Movie Clip Shows Destroyed District 12 Action


New Hunger Games 3,Mockingjay Movie Pic Shows Cressida & Castor Action


Twilight’s Kristen Stewart Said She Wanted To Be A Man Vampire & More

Twilight’s Kristen Stewart said she wanted to be a man vampire & more. According to new report from Hollywood Life,Twilight Saga hottie Kristen Stewart recently chatted with Premiere mag while in France,and revealed that she would never dress girly or like a princess when she was younger. In fact, she wanted to dress up like a man vampire,particularly, Dracula.

In the interview,she said, “When I was a kid, I never dressed up as a princess. My thing was more Dracula.” After that,she chatted about her new “Snow White and the huntsman” flick,and revealed that it’s more of a warrior style Snow White over the traditional Disney version. Read more »

American Idol 2012 Eliminated Shannon Magrane In The Finals Tonight Round 2

shannon magrane on american idol 2012 image

American Idol 2012 eliminated Shannon Magrane in the finals tonight round 2. Tonight’s episode kicked of with host Ryan Seacrest revealing that Joshua Ledet,Phillip Phillips,and Skylar Laine were safe this week and Elise Testone landed in the bottom three once again to lead into a break.

After the break, Disney starlet Demi Lovato hit the stage to sing her song, “Give Your Heart A Break.” Next, Ryan revealed that Colton Dixon, Jessica Sanchez, and DeAndre Brackensick were safe this week,and Shannon Magrane landed in the bottom three to lead into another break,

After the break, former American Idol season 5 Contestant Chris Daughtry and his band “Daughtry” hit the stage to sing their song “Out Of My Head” from their new album titled, “Break The Spell.” Next, Ryan revealed that Hollie Cavanagh and Heejun Han were safe this week,and Erika Van Pelt landed in the bottom three. Right after that,Ryan revealed that Elise was also safe after being put in the bottom three. Read more »

Vampire Diaries Season 3 Jeremy & Tyler To Return This Spring & More,New Spoilers

Vampire Diaries season 3 Jeremy & Tyler to return this Spring & more,new spoilers. Recently,E! Online’s Kristin caught up to Vampire Diaries producer Julie Plec at Paleyfest last week,and extracted a whole slew of new spoiler teasers from her. However, there was one that really stood out for us,and it’s the return of long-lost characters Jeremy and werewolf Tyler Lockwood (video below).

In the new clip, Julie revealed that we are definitely going to see the return of Elena’s little bro Jeremy and resident werewolf Tyler Lockwood in the upcoming Spring episodes. She didn’t reveal any specific episode for their return,though. Along with that, she also revealed that this last half of the season will feature more kissing scenes than they’ve had all season long. Vampire Caroline is going to hijack the decade dance. Read more »

Vampire Diaries Season 3 Spoiler: Klaus’ Mother Returning To Kill & More

Klaus’ mother returning to kill & more in this new Vampire Diaries season 3 spoiler. As previously reported, Vampire Diaries producer Julie Plec hit up the Paleyfest stage with most of the cast this past weekend to drop new spoilers,and more at the special Q & A panel.

At the event, the castmembers joked around for a little bit. Then started dropping a few spoiler teasers. At one point, Julie revealed a very interesting spoiler. She said that Klaus’ mother Esther is going to be returning to try and continue the job she of killing off her Originals vampire kids.

The last time, Elijah and the gang were successful in stopping her by threatening to kill Elena. Read more »

One Tree Hill Released New Episode 11,Season 9 Producer’s Spoiler Clip

One Tree Hill released new episode 11,season 9 producer’s spoiler clip. Earlier today,CW dropped this new,sneak peek,clip (below) for their upcoming “One Tree Hill” episode 11,and it features a special showing from producer March Schwahn,who gives us a little taste of what we can expect to see in the next episode. The episode is titled, “Danny Boy.”

In the new clip,producer Mark Schwahn comes on to tell us a little about what’s going down in the new episode. It’s obviously going to mostly feature Dan Scott after his horrible shooting tragedy he incurred,while trying to save Nathan. Heck if that doesn’t redeem him,I don’t know what will. Read more »

One Tree Hill Ep 11 Spoilers: Dan Tells Jamie He’s Going To Die & More

Dan tells Jamie he’s going to die & more in CW’s “One Tree Hill” episode 11 of season 9. We’ve got spoilers for the show,along with 2,sneak peek,clips after the jump. The episode is called, “Danny Boy,” and things get pretty serious for Dan when he tells little Jamie,he might not make it,and more.

In the new “Danny Boy” episode, in the aftermath of the dangerous search for Nathan, Dan’s life will hang in the balance. Brooke is going to get surprised when her father returns. Nathan is seen,trying to keep Dan alive. The doctor tells Nathan,they did everything they could for Dan,but it wasn’t enough. Read more »

New ‘The Avengers’ Movie Poster Shows Incredible Hulk,Hawkeye Tag Team

New ‘The Avengers’ movie poster shows incredible Hulk,Hawkeye tag team. Marvel Studios recently released this new character poster for their upcoming super hero flick “The Avengers,” and it features the huge Incredible Hulk character,teaming up with Hawkeye,played by actor Jeremy Renner.

The new poster rocks as the two heroes are spotted in the midst of utter,total chaos after explosions and gun shot rounds are ignited. The movie stars: Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Tom Hiddleston, Stellan Skarsgård,and Samuel L. Jackson.

In the film,a group of elite,super heroes are brought together by SHIELD director Nick Fury in an effort to take out enemies Read more »

Robert Pattinson Said ‘Bel Ami’ Sex & Abuse Scenes Were Fun Plus More Details

Robert Pattinson said ‘Bel Ami’ sex & abuse scenes were fun plus more details. According to a new report from Hollywood Life, Bel Ami director Nick Ormerod recently dropped some new,interesting,sexual details about the flick,which features Twilight mega star Robert Pattinson,sleeping with as many women as he can,and more. We also hear from Rob,himself,and he reveals he had a lot of fun with the sexy ladies.

Nick said, didn’t hold back,and got straight to the point,saying,the movie is about sex. “It’s about a guy who sells his body, basically. All these women are in comfortable marriages, and none of them want to get divorced. Their relationship with him is essentially sexual.” Read more »

New ‘Hunger Games’ Movie Clip Shows 6 Minutes Of Katniss,Peeta Fight Training & More

New ‘Hunger Games’ movie clip shows 6 minutes of Katniss,Peeta fight training & more. Lionsgate recently released this new “behind the scenes” “Hunger Games” movie clip (below) that features actors Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson battling it out on set in some intense training scenes as Katniss and Peeta. It also shows some other scenes from the flick.

In the new clip, Jennifer is seen,shooting those arrows with her trusty bow. Then all of a sudden,they start ducking and running around all over the place. It goes on to show Jennifer in several different scenarios as her character Katniss continues to show off her excellent, archery skills. Read more »

New ‘The Avengers’ Japanese Movie Trailer Released With New Awesome Footage

New ‘The Avengers’ Japanese movie trailer released with new awesome footage. Recently, Marvel Pictures dropped this new Japanese version movie trailer (below) for their new “Avengers” movie,and it features some really great,new, action scenes. The language is in English,but it includes Japanese subtitles for those of you who only speak Japanese.

It also shows unseen footage of the Incredible Hulk,tearing up everything in sight. It’s awesome. The film stars: Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Tom Hiddleston, Stellan Skarsgård,and Samuel L. Jackson. Read more »