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New Vampire Diaries Season 6 Long Spoiler Teaser Clip Served Up By 2014 Comic Con


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New One Tree Hill Season 9 Pic Features Brooke & Julian With Their New Twin Babies

    brooke with Julian and the babies in one tree hill season 9

New One Tree Hill season 9 pic features Brooke & Julian with their new twin babies. As previously reported, the new,9th season of CW’s hit show “One Tree Hill” is fastly approaching. In light of that, the CW has released a couple of new,season premiere photos. This one,in particular,features a first look at Brooke and Julian with their new,twin babies,and they look super cute.

Brooke and Julian appear to be very happy. However, we can bet the farm that it won’t stay that way as past spoilers revealed Brooke is,seen vandalizing a restaurant at some point during the season. Also, Julian is seen,getting the living crap beat out of him. So,yeah,it won’t all be candies and roses. Read more »

New One Tree Hill Season 9 Photo Features Brooke With Her Long Lost Father

brooke with her dad in one tree hill season 9

New One Tree Hill season 9 photo features Brooke with her long lost father. CW recently released a couple of season 9 premiere pics for the upcoming and final “One Tree Hill” season 9. This particular photo (above) features the beautiful Brooke Davis,reuniting with her estranged father,played by actor Richard Burgi.

They also released a photo of Julian and Brooke with the twins. We’ll get that up,later on. Obviously,this reveals a spoiler that Brooke will be seeing her father. However,there’s a lot more drama they’re gonna pack into this short,13 episode,final season. Read more »

Justin Timberlake,Jessica Biel Reportedly Got Engaged Last Month

Justin Timberlake,Jessica Biel reportedly got engaged last month. According to Us Weekly,star couple Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel decided to get engaged in late December 2011. They have been dating,off and on, for 4 years now. Justin reportedly popped the big question in the mountains of Jackson, Wyoming.

Apparently,after their thee-month split in 2011, “they had a conversation about taking the next step.” Their sources went on to say that Justin has never been happier,and knew it was the right time to propose. Read more »

The Bachelor 2012 Has Possible Lesbian Plot In Place Just To Stir Up Drama

The Bachelor 2012 has possible lesbian plot in place just to stir up drama. As previously reported,the new,16th season of ABC’s The Bachelor premiered this past Monday night,and featured two chicks,in particular,named Monica and Blakeley,who really seemed to be more into each other than they would ever be in the Bachelor Ben Flajnik.

In fact,they barely uttered a word to him in the footage that was shown. So how Ben even picked them to stay past the first round, is a mystery to me,or maybe not. Apparently, Hollywood Life has gotten some inside scoopage from a previous Bachelorette contestant/winner named Jesse Csincsak,who speculates that the whole lesbo thing was probably staged by the producers. Read more »

New Twilight Breaking Dawn Spin VFX Behind The Scenes Clip Released Online

New Twilight Breaking Dawn Spin VFX behind the scenes clip released online. SPIN VFX recently dropped this new “Behind The Scenes” video (below),which basically features some of the more intense scenes of Breaking dawn part 1 with K-Stew talking in the background as Bella,along with some wild music.

It’s reportedly a new behind the green screen video,but it just looks like another trailer to me with crazy music added to it. Anyways, I’ll let you guys be the judge. They definitely make it seem more dramatic with all the theatrical music added to it. Check it out,below. Read more »

Robert Pattinson,Kristen Stewart Spotted Very Caught Up In New Breaking Dawn Pic

Robert Pattinson,Kristen Stewart spotted very caught up in new Breaking Dawn pic. As previously reported Walmart served up the new Breaking Dawn wedding edition DVD,and a couple of new photos came with it.

This latest photo shows major stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart totally caught up in each other’s arms as they gaze into their eyes at the wedding as characters Bella Swan and Edward Cullen. K-Stew looks absolutely beautiful in the wedding dress,while Rob snazzes it up in the nice tux. Read more »

Robert Pattison Got Rave Response After Special ‘Bel Ami’ Movie Screening In Belgium

Robert Pattison got rave response after special ‘Bel Ami’ movie screening in Belgium. As previously reported, a special group of ladies called “Ladies at the Movies” got to see a special, early screening of Twilight Saga star Robert Pattinson’s new,intense drama flick “Bel Ami” yesterday.

Now, Hollywood Life has a new report from these women,giving it rave reviews. Basically,they absolutely loved Rob. A couple of them hit up Twitter to share their experiences. One lady named thatbelgiumfan wrote, “just got home saw BEL AMI robert is greeeaaatttt in it Robert Pattinson did some great acting in Bel Ami I (as a fan) never thought he was capable to!! RP performance in BA was great I saw some very strong scenes!!!” Read more »

New Batman 3 Movie Photo Features A Very Serious Bruce Wayne Getting Lectured

    bruce wayne serious in batman 3

New Batman 3 movie photo features a very serious Bruce Wayne getting lectured. This awesome,new,screen cap,photo from the highly anticipated “Dark Knight Rises” flick,recently appeared on the net,and features actor Christian Bale as a very serious Bruce Wayne,getting lectured by Alfred,who claims , ” You are as precious to me as you were to your own mother and father. I swore to them that I would protect you,and I haven’t.”

The movie stars: Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman, Tom Hardy, Anne Hathaway, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Marion Cotillard,and Juno Temple. In the flick, Bruce Wayne aka Batman takes on,possibly one of his most formidable opponents, Bane,played by Tom Hardy,who bulked up dramatically for the role. Read more »

Starz ‘Spartacus Vengeance’ Released New Season 3 Spoiler Trailer

Starz ‘Spartacus Vengeance’ released new season 3 spoiler trailer. Starz recently dropped a new,intense spoiler,trailer, clip (below) for their upcoming,new season titled, “Vengeance’ and it looks pretty rockin as it serves up a minute and a half of pure action,blood shed,nudity,sex,violence,and more.

The new clip features more,crazy,intense fight scenes galore,along with more nudity and women dancing around,which is always good. It also serves up more drama and intense love-making scenes that will make your heart stop. We also get out first look at Liam McIntyre,taking over the role of Spartacus,and he’s no slouch. Read more »

Bachelor 2012 Ep 2 Spoilers: Ben Takes The Girls To His Hometown Sonoma,CA & More

ben and courtney laugh in bachelor 2012
Ben takes the girls to his hometown Sonoma,CA & more in ABC’s “The Bachelor” episode 2 of season 16. We’ve got a few spoilers the show,along with a sneak peek, clip (below). It looks like this episode will show Ben,getting romantic with the girls in Sonoma,California,and more.

In episode 2, Ben and the ladies go to his hometown of Sonoma, California. It looks like he takes Kacie B on a tour of the city. He also takes Courtney on a date out into the woods,and they end up howling together like wolves. The clip also shows Ben working at his wine place,and chatting about how nice and simple his hometown his. Read more »