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New Warcraft First Movie Trailer Hit The Net


New Captain America Civil War First Movie Trailer Hit The Net


New Suicide Squad Movie Photo Features The Joker & Dr Harleen Quinzel Action


New Divergent 3 Allegiant First Movie Trailer Hit The Net


New Suicide Squad Movie Photo Features Harley Quinn & Killer Croc Footage


New Iron Man 3 Teaser Movie Clip For Big 5th Movie Trailer Hit The Net Today

New Iron Man 3 teaser movie clip for big 5th movie trailer hit the net today. Earlier today, MTV dropped this new teaser movie clip (below) for the big,5th movie trailer reveal of “Iron Man 3,” which will go down at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards this Sunday night, April 14th,2013. The clip looks pretty cool,packing quite a bit of action scenes into just 20 seconds of short footage. Check it out,below.

The movie stars: Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow, Don Cheadle, Jon Favreau, Ben Kingsley, Guy Pearce, James Badge Dale, and Ashley Hamilton. In the new flick, Iron Man will totally go head to head against a vicious enemy whose reach knows no bounds. A major attack on Tony Stark will prompt him to go on a very intense journey to seek out those responsible. Read more »

New Fast And Furious 6 Fourth International Movie Clip Hit The Net Today

New Fast And Furious 6 fourth international movie clip hit the net today. Earlier today,Universal Pictures dropped this new,4th,international TV spot/movie clip (below) for their upcoming hardcore action flick “Fast And The Furious 6,” and it looks wickedly cool,serving a up a few,new, scenes along with a couple of scenes we’ve already seen from the previous trailers and so forth. It’s definitely going to serve up one hell of a roller coaster ride with tanks,planes,and of course, the cars and more. Check it out,below.

The movie stars: Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Dwayne Johnson, Jordana Brewster, Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibson, Sung Kang, Gal Gadot, Chris “Ludacris” Bridges, Elsa Pataky, Luke Evans, and Gina Carano. In the new flick, officer Hobbs has been tracking an organization of lethally skilled mercenary drivers across 12 countries, whose mastermind is aided by a ruthless second-in-command ,revealed to be the love Dom thought was dead, Letty. Read more »

Harry Potter’s Emma Watson New ‘This Is The End’ Movie Trailer Hit The Net

Harry Potter’s Emma Watson new ‘This Is The End’ movie trailer hit the net. A couple of days ago, Columbia Pictures dropped this new movie trailer (below) for their upcoming comedy/action flick “This Is The End,” and it looks quite action-filled,intense,and funny as hell ,as the Apocalypse has arrived and everyone is running around,scared for their lives,including former Harry Potter starlet Emma Watson. We see her like we’ve never seen her before as she beats people down with an axe,and more. It’s crazy. Check it out,below.

The movie stars: Seth Rogen, Jay Baruchel, James Franco, Craig Robinson,Emma Watson, Danny McBride,,and Jonah Hill. In the new flick, six friends get trapped in a house after a series of strange and catastrophic events devastate Los Angeles. The world unravels outside, dwindling supplies and cabin fever, threaten to tear apart the friendships inside. Read more »

Nashville Episode 17,Season 1 Four New Spoiler Clips Hit The Net

Nashville episode 17,season 1 four new spoiler clips hit the net. Recently,ABC released these 4,new,sneak peek/spoiler clips (below) for their upcoming “Nashville” episode 17 of season 1. The episode is entitled, “My Heart Would Know,” and they look very intense and drama-filled like nobody’s business as Juliette does the nasty with Dante,Juliette has big fight with both Deacon and her mother,and more.

In the first clip, Juliette gets her sexy freak on with Dante the counselor guy ,and make plans to keep their torrid affair a secret from the public. In the 2nd clip, Scarlett hits up the stage to sing a fun,happy,song with Will while Gunnar looks on. In the 3rd clip, Juliette and Deacon go at each other’s throats,hardcore, over Juliette overworking the staff,and it gets extremely heated. Read more »

Grey’s Anatomy Season 9 Miranda To Possibly Get Fired After Big Investigation,New Spoiler

Grey’s Anatomy season 9 Miranda to possibly get fired after big investigation,new spoiler. As previously reported, TV Guide ,served up a new Mega Buzz spoiler chat session the other day,and revealed a new,juicy “Grey’s Anatomy” season 9 spoiler bomb,involving Miranda Bailey. It turns out that she might be put in a position to lose her precious job after a major investigation goes down,and more. This will also prompt her main fella,Ben, to make his way back into town to serve up some moral support.

In their spoiler reveal, they stated, when questioned about Bailey’s upcoming future, “Her job will be on the line when the CDC comes to town to investigate her. But the good news is that her faithful husband Ben (Jason George) will return from Los Angeles to offer moral support. Love me some BCB!” Read more »

Vampire Diaries Season 4 Klaus & Hayley Mystery Connection To Get Revealed,New Spoiler

Vampire Diaries season 4 Klaus & Hayley mystery connection to get revealed,new spoiler. Recently, TV Guide ,dished out a new Mega Buzz spoiler chat session,which served up a very interesting,new “Vampire Diaries” season 4 spoiler tease,involving Klaus and shady werewolf chick ,Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin). It turns out that these two,aside from recently doing the nasty together, also have a mystery connection that we’re going to find out about in episode 20 titled, “Originals.”

Also, Klaus’ brother, Elijah is apparently going to happy to learn of this new Klaus/Hayley connection! In their spoilery reveal, they said, “After Klaus and Haley’s hookup, Phoebe Tonkin’s casting on the spin-off makes a little more sense, but in the backdoor-pilot episode, we’ll discover why they’ll always be connected and why Elijah is so damn happy about it.” Read more »

Vampire Diaries Season 4 Main People To Question Their Futures & More,New Spoilers

Vampire Diaries season 4 main people to question their futures & more,new spoilers. As previously reported, TV Line ,recently dropped new spoiler bombs for Vampire Diaries season 4 in a new spoiler chat session,and it turns out that we’re going to see the main characters start to question what they want to do with their lives after high school is done and over with.

Some of them, might want to go to traditional college,but some are just going to want to straight up,get so far out of town that it will land them on the other side of the world,lol!!! In their new spoiler reveal, they stated, ” There’s going to be a lot of questions about, ‘Who am I? What am I going to do with my life? What am I meant to be? Where am I meant to go?’” previews exec producer Julie Plec. Read more »

New Glee Season 4,Episode 20 Official Spoilers,Plotline Revealed By FOX

New Glee season 4,episode 20 official spoilers,plotline revealed by FOX. Recently, FOX released the new,official,spoilers/synopsis for their upcoming “Glee” episode 20 of season 4. The episode is titled, “Lights Out,” and it sounds pretty interesting as the lights will go out,causing the glee club to have to go acoustic style,and more.

In the new,20th episode press release, It’s going to be back to basics when the lights go out. When the power goes out at McKinley High, Will and Finn are going to enlist the members of New Directions to “unplug” and perform acoustic numbers. In the meantime, Isabelle Wright (guest star Parker) is going to ask Kurt to volunteer at the Vogue.com charity event, with Rachel and Santana in tow.

Sarah Jessica Parker and NeNe Leakes Read more »

Vampire Diaries Season 4 Silas’ Real Face Getting Revealed,Jeremy Returns In Episode 19

Vampire Diaries season 4 Silas’ real face getting revealed,Jeremy returns in episode 19. Recently, TV Line served up some more juicy Vampire Diaries season 4 spoiler scoops in yet another spoiler chat session. This time, we’ve learned that we’re finally going to get to see the true face of the evil Silas character in the upcoming episode 19 titled, “Pictures Of You.” In addition to that, dead Jeremy will also be making a return appearance! However,it’s currently unclear how he’ll return as he may just be another Silas deception.

In their spoilery reveal, they stated, “Next Thursday’s episode features another big return, as well as a passing glimpse of Silas’ real face — rumor has it he looks a lot like an actor out of Atlanta named Scott Parks. However, don’t get too used to seeing Silas’ authentic self. According to sources, the erstwhile warlock will continue to do most of his dirty work in disguise.” Read more »

New NCIS Season 10,Episode 21 Short Spoiler Teasers Hit The Net

New NCIS season 10,episode 21 short spoiler teasers hit the net. Last night,CBS served up a couple small spoiler teasers for their upcoming “NCIS” episode 21 of season 10. The episode is entitled, “Berlin,” and it sounds like it’ll be quite intriguing and intense as a new murder will be investigated over a slain officer,Tony and Ziva head out to Berlin to find a killer, and more.

In the new “Berlin” episode, the NCIS team is going to investigate the murder of a Mossad officer in Virginia. Tony and Ziva will depart for Berlin as they track her father’s killer. Well,that’s it for right now. Also, the show is going right back into hiatus mode after just coming off it. Read more »