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Twilight’s Kristen Stewart Spotted Wet & Intense In New ‘Snow White Huntsman’ Pic

    kristen stewart gets wet in snow white huntsman movie

Twilight’s Kristen Stewart spotted wet & intense in new ‘Snow White Huntsman’ Pic. Here’s a new photo of the beautiful Twilight Saga starlet Kristen Stewart in her latest role as the fairest of them all for “Snow White and the Huntsman.” It appears as though she got caught up in quite a bit of drama in this photo as she looks quite intense,while all drenched.

I know the movie,itself,gets way intense as Snow White has to battle and fight to save her life from getting taken by the evil queen,who wants to stop her from being proclaimed the fairest of them all by her wacky,magic,mirrors. Read more »

Reaser Revealed Robert Pattinson Was Extremely Shy On Twilight Saga Set & More

Reaser Revealed Robert Pattinson was extremely shy on Twilight Saga set & more. Hollywood Life recently caught up to Esme Cullen starlet Elizabeth Reaser at the New York Premiere of her new flick named “Young Adults,” and they chatted about Robert Pattinson being nervous for sex scenes,especially in his new Cosmopolis flick.

She eventually dropped a little insight as to why that might be. Apparently,Rob is extremely shy on the set. Well,around her,anyways. She said,”Ya he is shy. He was shy when I met him, he’s still shy! When I see him he’s like , hi.” Then they revealed that she imitated Rob,hanging his head down,and looking at his feet when he talks to her. Read more »

Breaking Dawn Star Claims There Will Never Be Another Twilight Saga Movie & More

Breaking Dawn star claims there will never be another Twilight Saga movie & more. Hollywood Life recently chatted it up with Twilight Saga,Esme Cullen star Elizabeth Reaser at the premiere of her new flick “Young Adults,” and she didn’t have a positive outlook on the possibility of any new Twilight flicks after Breaking Dawn part 2 premieres next November.

When they suggested that Robert Pattinson would put on the Edward Cullen attire again, she said, “Ya I think that’s not. I don’t agree with that. I think what’s great is we got to finish it. It ends the way it ends and I think it’s perfect.” Read more »

Rachel Crow Eliminated From ‘X Factor’ Tonight In The Finals Round 6

rachel crow on xfactor
Rachel Crow eliminated from ‘X Factor’ tonight in the finals round 6. Tonight’s elimination show kicked off with music star Lenny Kravitz hitting the stage to perform a couple of songs. Then they showed recap footage from last night’s performances show to lead into the first break.

After the break, they showed more “behind the scenes” footage with the contestants,highlighting what all they have to do to get made up for the show. Then host Steve Jones brought all the contestants onto the main stage with their mentors. Then he revealed that Josh Krajcik and Chris Rene were safe this week to lead into another break.

After the break, Mary J Blige hit the stage to sing a very slow, ballad song. After that, Steve talked with Chris and Josh backstage. Obviously,there were very happy to already be through to the next round. Next, Steve revealed that Melanie Amaro was safe this week,meaning Marcus Canty and Rachel Crow landed in the bottom two,and would have to sing for the judges’ vote. Read more »

New Batman 3 Set Photo Features Batman In The Midst Of A Crazy Crowd Fight

    batman 3 in crowd fight

New Batman 3 set photo features Batman In the midst of a crazy crowd fight. Here’s a new photo from the set of the upcoming Dark Knight Rises movie that recently popped up,and it features Batman,himself,in the midst of the crazy crowd fight that broke out. The scene was filmed on Wall Street in New York City a couple weeks back. It looked pretty intense.

There were also some good Batman and Bane fight scenes that went down during this huge fight. They really rumble it out in this flick. The movie stars: Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman, Tom Hardy, Anne Hathaway, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Marion Cotillard, Juno Temple,and Josh Pence. Read more »

Pretty Little Liars Season 2 Spoiler: ‘A’ Gets Creepier,New Identity Clues Found & More

‘A’ gets creepier,new identity clues found & more in this new Pretty Little Liars spoilers. Hollywood Life recently caught up with Pretty Little Liars Aria starlet Lucy Hale in the video (below),and she spilled some new,interesting details for the upcoming 2nd season,including A’s creepiness,getting amplified,and more.

In the clip, Lucy said A is going to be sort of even creepier than before,if that’s even possible. She went on to reveal that A is obviously someone they know.”They know that it’s someone at their school, one of their friends, they don’t know.” Read more »

Selena Gomez Spotted Bikini Sexy With Justin Bieber In Mexico Yesterday

selena goez in bikini with justin bieber

Selena Gomez spotted bikini sexy with Justin Bieber in Mexico yesterday. Mega popstar Justin Bieber and his actress girlfriend Selena Gomez were recently spotted out in Mexico yesterday afternoon,revealing some skin. Selena sported a sexy bikini for Justin,which we’re sure he appreciated,especially as Selena bent over him to get something in this photo.

According to sources, the two love birds hit up Cabo to attend a friend’s wedding. However,as we can see, they took the time to have a little fun on the beach in their spare time. Also,there were some reported rumors going around that Selena and Justin were engaged,but Selena’s rep quickly denied those claims. Read more »

Vampire Diaries Ian SomerHalder & Paul Spotted Birthday Wishing On Season 3 Set

    ian somerhalder with paul wesley in vampire diaries  season 3 bts photo

Vampire Diaries Ian SomerHalder & Paul spotted birthday wishing on season 3 set. Here’s another new photo that showed up on the net about an hour ago,from the Vampire Diaries season 3 set. It features main stars Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley who play characters Damon and Stefan Salvatore. They appeared to be all suited up in their VD attire,and wishing someone a happy birthday.

As for the 2nd half of the season,lots of new things are happening. Bonnie’s mother is going to arrive on the scene,and she’ll also get a new boyfriend for a little while. We’re going to get introduced to Klaus’ other brother Finn in a flashback scene. He apparently got it on with Katherine back in the day. Read more »

Vampire Diaries Nina Dobrev Spotted Vicious In New Season 3 Set Photo

    nina dobrev with a knife on vampire diaries set

Vampire Diaries Nina Dobrev spotted vicious in new season 3 set photo. We recently go this new photo of the very,cute,Vampire Diaries starlet Nina Dobrev,getting quite vicious with the director Jeffrey Hunt on the set of the 13th episode entitled “Bringing Out the Dead. Wow that’s a quite a catchy title,isn’t it?

Apparently,your favorite VD stars have been chomping away on the set to deliver more great episodes for the new season. This photo was delivered via twitter, from the Director’s page. In related news, we’ve got a couple of new characters,arriving in the back half of the season. Read more »

Batman 3,Dark Knight Rises Movie Released 2,New Film Clues

Batman 3,Dark Knight Rises movie released 2,new film clues. According to Batman News, Wired and Empire magazine received two,new marketing clues that the film has released. They look pretty weird as they’re in th form of a CIA memo. One of them claims, they’re seeking a missing Russian nuclear official who specializes in fuel-cycle technology and reactor design.

The other one,was a related transcript of a conversation between the CIA and some type of militia. This won’t make a ton of sense,right now. However, we think it definitely will in the flick. In related news, we have just 8 more days until the release of the new movie trailer and 6 minute prologue footage. Read more »