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New Vampire Diaries Season 6 Long Spoiler Teaser Clip Served Up By 2014 Comic Con


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Robert Pattinson Talked More Breaking Dawn,Making Secret Music Album & More With HR

Robert Pattinson talked more Breaking Dawn,making secret music album & more with HR. Heart Radio recently chatted with bigtime,Twilight,movie star Robert Pattinson about the huge Breaking Dawn flick,and they also brought up his possible music career,where he said, he might do a secret album one day,and more (audio below).

In the interview,Rob hilariously summed up the whole Twilight Saga plotline. He said he never thought Twilight would get as big as it did,and that the Breaking Dawn L.A. premiere was even bigger than the first one. He talked about his music career,and said he might do a secret album,because he thinks people don’t like actors who try to become musicians. Read more »

Robert Pattinson Reportedly Panicking About Possibly Losing Kristen Stewart Over Recent Date

Robert Pattinson reportedly panicking about possibly losing Kristen Stewart over recent date. According to Hollywood Life and their sources, Twilight leading man Robert Pattinson is apparently worried that he might lose Kristen Stewart after being seen out with that new,blonde chick Sarah Roemer about a week ago. It was reportedly just a business outing,but still, some drama may flare up about it.

Sources for OK magazine told them that Rob was still very worried about Kristen dumping him even though he was just having a business meeting with Sarah at La Poubelle bistro in Los Angeles. They said, “Rob’s in a total panic at the thought of losing Kristen. He’s desperate to keep her and is virtually groveling on bent knee.” Read more »

Robert Pattinson Reportedly Getting Kristen Stewart A New,Big Diamond Ring

Robert Pattinson reportedly getting Kristen Stewart a new,big diamond ring. According to Hollywood Life and their sources, it looks like Twilight Saga mega star Robert Pattinson is getting ready to some of his large amounts of cash on big diamond ring for his main squeeze Kristen Stewart,and he’s designing it,himself.

A source for OK magazine told them, “He’s designing it himself and wants to put an inscription inside. He asked if their initials were too cheesy, but Rob really is a hopeless romantic.” One of Rob’s friends revealed that the ring is a band with diamonds going down the side,and said ,”Rob is still undecided whether it should be a bigger diamond in the center or a ruby.” Read more »

Twilight’s Kristen Stewart Spotted Arriving Back In Cali Today After Finishing Snow White

    kristen stewart at lax on dec 14th,2011

Twilight’s Kristen Stewart spotted arriving back in Cali today after finishing Snow White. Hey Guys. Our little,Twilight Saga starlet Kristen Stewart was recently spotted, safely arriving back in Los Angeles, California this morning,and she looked pretty chilled out and cool,rocking her signature skinny jeans,along with a pair of cute,checkered shoes.

According to sources, K-Stew landed at LAX airport,earlier today, after spending the last seven weeks in London,trying to finish up her awesome,new “Snow White and the Huntsman” flick. In related news, it’s reported that Kristen could possibly be in talks to star in another supernatural type flick,called Akira,where she would play a medium and a fighter. Read more »

X Factor Rachel Crow Getting A New Miley Cyrus Type Show From Disney

X Factor Rachel Crow getting a new Miley Cyrus type show from Disney. According to Hollywood Life and their sources, X Factor starlet Rachel Crow is currently in talks to get her own TV show,and it’s,apparently,going to be similar to Miley Cyrus’ Hannah Montana gig.

Their source said, that Rachel is already in talks with Disney about what would be the best way to market her. They went on to say,”Disney wants to develop a show about Rachel. It will be kind of like the Miley Cyrus show. ” They also said Disney is very happy that Rachel didn’t get picked up by X Factor because they wanted to be the ones to sink their marketing claws into her.

They have big plans for Rachel,which are,apparently,bigger than anything X Factor would have had for her. That’s pretty major. Read more »

New Teen Wolf Season 2 Photo Features Scott & Stiles Outdoors

    scott and stiles on set

New Teen Wolf season 2 photo features Scott & Stiles outdoors. As previously reported, MTV’s hit show Teen Wolf is well underway into shooting its highly anticipated,2nd season,which means new photos are popping up from the set. This one,in particular,features actors Tyler Posey and Dylan O’Brien.

Tyler plays Scott McCall and Dylan plays character Stiles. Word has it,that Scott will become more of a bad boy this season,while Stiles will cause some more problems for his father. Scott’s hot girlfriend Allison is going to get recruited into becoming a very skilled wolf hunter,which could pose a problem for Scott if things go bad between the two of them. Read more »

Vampire Diaries Nina Dobrev Revealed Huge Season 3 Stefan,Elena Heartbreak Spoiler

Vampire Diaries Nina Dobrev revealed huge season 3 Stefan,Elena heartbreak spoiler. Mingle Media recently hit up sexy VD starlet Nina Dobrev for an interview at the recent Water Project party she attended,and she revealed that a huge Elena/Stefan spoiler scene goes down in the 2nd half of this exciting season 3,and more (video below).

In the clip, Nina started off talking about how people should be nicer to one another and not judge people so much. All of that, was very nice and true,but what we really wanted to know about,came up after that. Nina revealed that there’s a big scene that goes down between Elena and Stefan in 2nd half of season 3,and it’s very heartbreaking. Read more »

Walking Dead Producer Dropped New,Exciting Season 2,Second Half Spoilers With FN

Walking Dead producer dropped new,exciting season 2,second half spoilers with FN. Robert Kirkman who is one of the producers for AMC’s hit show “The Walking Dead,” recently chatted with Fearnet,and revealed some cool,exciting spoiler teasers we can expect to pop up in the upcoming, 2nd half of the season.

First, he revealed that the 2nd half will be kind of fun. The first half of the season will kind of fit as an arc. There will be a lot of stuff going on in the 2nd half with non-stop, cool stuff. He couldn’t be real specific,but he went on to say, “the first episode back has the best ending that I’ve thus seen.

I was just super-thrilled when I got to that. It’s just gonna be really cool stuff. We’re gonna be introducing some new elements and some new characters, and some big things that you may not be expecting. Read more »

True Blood Season 5 Revealed 7 New,Crazy Spoilers From The Set

True Blood season 5 revealed 7 new,crazy spoilers from the set. Hey guys. As previously reported, True Blood season 5 is currently filming in Los Angeles,CA,and now,there are a ton of new spoiler teasers popping up all over the place,via casting calls and scene descriptions. We’ve gathered seven new ones that sound pretty interesting,so lets just get right to it.

First off, they’re looking to cast a photo double who has LONG Blonde hair, 5’8, waist 26, bra size 34C, and shoe size 9. They specified that the person must be these sizes exactly as she will be wearing the actresses clothing. She should also be comfortable playing a corpse with blood in her hair. Read more »

New Vampire Diaries Season 3 Photo Gives First Look At New Sexy Female Doctor

    torrey devitto in vampire diaries season 3

New Vampire Diaries season 3 photo gives first look at new sexy female doctor. As previously reported, Vampire Diaries is bringing on Paul Wesley’s wife Torrey Devitto to play a sexy doctor named Mary in episodes 10 and 11,initially. She will be intrigued by Alaric’s ability to recover due to his supernatural ring.

Now, thanks to Spoiler TV,we’ve got this new,first look, photo of her on the show with Alaric. I’m not sure what’s going down in this scene,but it looks pretty mellow. I’m not sure if Mary will be evil or not,but we know that Torrey is very good at being bad from when she played the psycho nanny in One Tree Hill. Read more »