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New X Men,Days Of Future Past Third Movie Trailer Released Today,New Footage


New X Men,Days Of Future Past Long Action Featurette,Movie Clip Released Today


New Shameless Season 5 Totally In The Works,New Spoilers Are On The Way


New Captain America 3 Sequel Movie Already In The Works With A Release Date


New True Blood Final Season 7 Premiere Date Finally Released By HBO Today


Zac Efron Spotted Filming New ‘Paperboy’ Movie Scenes In New Orleans Other Day

    zac efron on paperboy movie set image

Zac Efron spotted filming new Paperboy movie scenes in New Orleans other day.

Big time movie star Zac Efron was recently spotted getting back to work on the set of his new flick “Paperboy” over in New Orleans,Louisiana. He’s been doing a lot of film work in that area recently because he shot his last flick there.

According to sources, Zac joined his co-star Matthew McConaughey to film some new scenes for the flick two days ago,August 3rd. The new movie is going to be a thriller,and Zac & Matthew were all business on the set as they sported very focused looks for the midday shoot. Other stars set to appear in this movie are: Nicole Kidman,John Cusack,and David Oyelowo. Read more »

Video: Taylor Lautner Talks New Twilight Breaking Dawn Jacob,Renesmee Details & More

taylor lautner talks renesmee cullen,jacob black image
Taylor Lautner talks new Twilight Breaking Dawn Jacob,Renesmee details & more in this new video (below). MTV news recently chatted with Twilight Saga, Jacob Black star Taylor Lautner at the 2011 Comic-Con event in San Diego,California,and he revealed some new teasers for Jacob Black,Renesmee Cullen,and more.

In the clip, Taylor talked about the Breaking Dawn,Jacob Black,Renesmee Cullen hookup. He said they’ve approached it strictly from the book,and tells fans to read the book when they have questions about imprinting and stuff like that because it’s very complicated,and difficult to explain. He also said Mackenzie Foy,who plays Renesmee Cullen is very talented,and everyone on the set loved her. he can’t wait to see her in Breaking Dawn. Read more »

Video: Kristen Stewart Gives More Twilight Breaking Dawn Wedding,Bella Vampire Info

kristen stewart talks surreal breaking dawn wedding image

Kristen Stewart gives more Twilight Breaking Dawn wedding,Bella vampire Info in this new video (below). MTV news recently caught up to Twilight Saga beauty Kristen Stewart at the recent 2011 Comic-Con event,and she revealed new details about the surreal Breaking Dawn wedding,Bella becoming a vampire,and more.

In the clip, Kristen talked about the Breaking Dawn wedding,and revealed that it definitely felt like a real ceremony. She went on to say that it was fun playing a vampire,but she’s not a vampire in part 1 of Breaking Dawn,so that definitely comes in part 2. Read more »

Robert Pattinson Spotted Cali Club Partying Until Early Morning Other Night

Robert Pattinson spotted Cali club partying until early morning other night.

According to Hollywood Life, Twilight Saga mega star Robert Pattinson was recently spotted out two nights ago,August 3rd in Los Angeles,California.They say Rob went to one of the Los Angeles hotspots Soho House with a couple of friends to see the screening of a new movie called, Bellflower.

At one point,he got really impressed by one of the props from the film. It was a 1972 Buick Skylark,which was displayed in the parking lot. The rear of the car had flamethrowers that shot 30 feet in the air. After Rob took a closer look at the car,he headed inside the club to party with his friends until 2:30 in the morning. It’s sounds like he had a blast. Read more »

Big Brother 13 Eliminated Brendon Tonight & Kalia Won Hoh For Week 5

Big Brother 13 eliminated Brendon tonight & Kalia won Hoh for week 5.

In tonight’s live eviction show,they showed past scenes from this week. Then Julie Chen came on to deliver a brief recap,and showed more house footage from this week. Brendon revealed that it was a no-brainer to save Rachel instead of himself. Of course, Daniele was elated to be able to get rid of Brendon.

Rachel cried and sobbed some more in the Diary room and to Brendon. Rachel also expressed how sad she was that Brendon was leaving. It made me nauseous. Jeff couldn’t stand the thought of having to deal with Rachel. Rachel and Brendon tried to plot a plan to get votes from the newbies to keep Brendon in. Porsche said she would vote for Brendon to please Rachel. Then they tried to squeeze a vote out of Adam by promising him safety in the coming weeks. Read more »

So You Think You Can Dance 2011 Elimiated Ricky & Caitlynn Tonight

caitlynn lawson,so you think you can dance image
ricky jaime,so you think you can dance image

So You Think You Can Dance 2011 eliminated Ricky & Caitlynn tonight.

Tonight’s elimination show kicked off with a dance routine from the final six dancers. Then hostess Cat Deeley hit the stage to intro the judges,and talk a bit. After that, Sasha did a solo dance,followed by Caitlynn and Melanie to lead into the first break.

After the break, they showed scenes from “National Dance Day.” Then Tadd hit the stage for his solo,followed by Marko and Ricky to lead into another break. After the break,past dancers Kent & Lauren performed a special dance routine, choreographed by Travis Wall. Then Cat recapped Sasha,Caitlynn,and Melanie’s performances from last night. Read more »

Big Brother 13 Rachel Spotted Having A Major Breakdown Before Eviction Tonight

    rachel breaks down on big brother 13 image

Big Brother 13 Rachel spotted having a major breakdown before eviction tonight.

Earlier today on the Big Brother 13 live feeds,while Brendon and Rachel were talking to Shelly about how disappointing this week was for them,Rachel,all of a sudden, started having another emotional breakdown. She went on a rant,claiming,that everyone hates her,including Shelly. Shelly told her that is not true,and that she’s putting these negative thoughts in her own mind.

After that,Rachel replied with, ” I hate myself.” Now,I’m the first one to admit that I love seeing Rachel breakdown,but when she starts saying she hates herself,I think it’s getting too serious. I really think she needs some professional help dealing with her emotions. She’s got some real problems. Read more »

Video: Candice Talks Vampire Diaries Season 3 Tyler,Caroline Dating Spoilers & More

candice accola  with think hero,2011 comic con image
Candice talks Vampire Diaries season 3 Tyler,Caroline dating spoilers & more in this new video (below). Think Hero recently caught up to Vampire Diaries,Caroline Forbes starlet Candice Accola at the recent 2011 Comic-Con event,and she revealed season 3 spoiler teasers,including a possible Tyler,Caroline hookup,and more.

In the clip, Candice joked and had fun,talking about Vampire Diaries’ hot guys for a little bit. Then they talked about the show. Candice revealed that she’s proud to play her Caroline character. She really relates to her. Then they got into some Caroline,Tyler,season 3 spoilers. She said she couldn’t reveal if they are going to get together because they’ve only shot one episode. Read more »

New 2013 Superman,Man Of Steel Movie Photo Shows Henry Cavill In Superman Costume

    henry cavill as superman in 2013 man of steel image

New 2013 Superman,Man Of Steel movie photo shows Henry Cavill in Superman costume.

Warner Bros. Pictures recently released the very first photo of new Superman star Henry Cavill,suited up in full Superman costume for their upcoming “Superman: Man Of Steel” movie,which is due out on June 14,2013.

The movie is directed by Zack Snyder,and also stars: Amy Adams as Lois Lane, Laurence Fishburne as Perry White,Kevin Costner as Jonathan Kent,Russel Crowe as Jor-El,Diane Lane as Martha Kent,and Michael Shannon as General Zod. Read more »

Anne Hathaway Spotted Roaming Batman 3,Dark Knight Rises Set For Catwoman Filming

    anne hathaway on batman 3 new york set image

Anne Hathaway spotted roaming Batman 3,Dark Knight Rises set for Catwoman filming.

Yesterday afternoon, movie starlet Anne Hathaway finally made her way onto the set of the upcoming “Batman 3: The Dark Knight Rises” to take on her role as Selina Kyle aka Catwoman. She looked cute in her casual jean shorts and colorful shirt ensemble.

According to sources, Anne made her way to the Batman 3 set yesterday afternoon in New York,and roamed around for a little bit,while paparazzi snapped photos. Anna also talked with the press,and revealed that she went after the iconic Catwoman role because it was the best role and director Chris Nolan was willing to meet with her. Read more »