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Vanessa Hudgens Spotted Tight Jeans Sexy While Spending Money In Cali Yesterday

    vanessa hudgens in tight jeans in los angeles

Vanessa Hudgens spotted tight jeans sexy while spending money in Cali yesterday. Big time movie starlet Vanessa Hudgens was recently spotted,getting her “money spending” groove on in Los Angeles,California yesterday afternoon,and she looked exceptionally cute in her tight jeans ensemble. It looks like her workout regimens continue to keep her looking quite hot. She appeared to be pretty chill as the pap cams snapped photos.

According to sources, Vanessa hit up the town to go to a local restaurant for some eats. Afterwards,she went to the salon to get all dolled up,probably for her new man Austin Butler,who she was seen grabbing and feeling on last weekend. Read more »

Kris Humphries May Cause Kim Kardashian To Get Stuck Married To Him Forever

Kris Humphries may cause Kim Kardashian to get stuck married to him forever. Ok, maybe not forever,but for a really,really long time,according to an attorney named Vikki Ziegler that Hollywood Life has been chatting with. Apparently, Kris’ recent annulment filing has caused a great conflict,since Kim is trying to file for an actual divorce.

Vikki said if Kim doesn’t agree to do the annulment instead,that Kris could drag this thing out for quite a while. She stated, “Until a judge hears the evidence or unless Kim consents to the annulment, it can delay the case indefinitely.” So,yeah. I take my earlier correction back. He could actually drag this thing out forever. However,I don’t think that will actually happen. I mean, who wants to go through this forever? Geez. Read more »

Twilight’s Ashley Greene Spotted Cute On The Set Of Her New ‘Pan Am’ TV Show Gig

    ashley greene on pan am set

Twilight’s Ashley Greene spotted cute on the set of her new ‘Pan Am’ TV show gig. Twilight Saga,Alice Cullen hottie Ashley Greene was recently spotted out on the set of her new ABC TV show,gig “Pan Am.” She sported a cute 1960′s chic outfit,and looked cute as hell. The outfit consisted of a pencil skirt,black top,and pearl necklaces.

According to sources,she filmed these scenes over in New York City on November 28th. Ashley is scheduled to appear in three episodes for the show. Her first appearance is scheduled for the December 4th airing,which is tomorrow. Read more »

New Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 Fan Photo Features Vampire Bella Dripping Blood

    bella swan dripping blood in breaking dawn part 2

New Twilight Breaking Dawn part 2 fan photo features vampire Bella dripping blood. We just came across this new,freaky,fanmade, photo,and we thought it was so good that we just had to post it. It gives us our first,possible look at what the beautiful Kristen Stewart will look like after she starts gulping down some blood in the upcoming Breaking Dawn part 2 flick.

I think this very last flick is going to be so good that they should consider a Bella Vampire spin off,or something because I’m sure Kristen is going to rock in it. In related news, part 1 just recently came out,and is already approaching the $1 billion dollar mark in worldwide sales with over $500 million dollars in earnings so far. Read more »

Robert Pattinson Said Sex Is Really Weird And Should Respected

Robert Pattinson said sex is really weird and should respected. As recently reported, big time movie star Robert Pattinson chatted it up with BZ Berlin,and expressed a lot of surprising info about filming the movie,along with his thoughts on sex. Apparently, he has a lot of respect for it,and is even quite weirded out by it.

He told them that “sex is such a weird thing because it’s connected to so many emotions. It’s something really personal and that should be respected.” He also revealed to them that filming the flick,stressed him the hell out because he had to film for long hours,while wearing those annoying contact lenses that he never got used to. Read more »

Robert Said Glad To Be Done With Twilight Saga Because It Upset Him Every Day

Robert said glad to be done with Twilight Saga because it upset him every day. According to Hollywood Life,Twilight saga main fella Robert Pattinson recently chatted it up with BZ Belin,and revealed that he might not be as fond of the Twilight movie series as we thought. At least,not the filming part of it,anyways.

It apparently made him upset,everyday, because those contact lenses he had to wear,were,quite frankly, a bitch,and it took really long to shoot,too. He told them, “It took very long to shoot these films and I never imagined it would be this hard in the beginning. I mean, I sat in the make-up trailer for at least two hours before every shoot, had to put in those contacts that my eyes never got used to every time.” Read more »

The Walking Dead Season 2 Spoiler: Cool Michonne Character Arriving In Ep 13 & More

Cool Michonne character arriving in ep 13 & more in this new,awesome The Walking Dead season 2 spoiler. Hey guys. We just got a possible major Walking Dead scoop from comicbookmovie.com. They revealed that a castmember let some info slip on their blog,claiming they got cast to be one of the the jaw-less pet walkers for the Michonne character.

If this is true,that,apparently means Michonne should be on the show since the jaw-less walkers don’t really get around without her. The person also said, they will appear in episode 13,which will be the finale episode of season 2,so they’re probably saving this reveal as a cliffhanger or something. Read more »

Teen Wolf Season 2 Spoilers: New Werewolves & More Arriving On The Scene

New werewolves & more arriving on the scene & more in this new set of Teen Wolf,season 2 spoilers. TV Guide recently dropped a new set of spoilers for the upcoming,season 2, MTV hit show,and it looks like we’re getting new werewolves,hunters and more. They revealed that the filming is currently underway in Atlanta,GA.

The first character we have coming aboard,is Battlestar Galactica’s Michael Hogan, and he will play Allison’s grandfather,who is a lethal werewolf hunter with plans to draw her into the family business. Next, actor Stephen Lunsford will play a Beacon Hills High school student with a knack for photography and an eye for Scott’s girl. Read more »

One Tree Hill Season 9 Spoiler: Mysterious,Hot Chick Arriving For Finale Episode

anna colwell
Mysterious,hot chick arriving for finale episode in this new One Tree Hill season 9 spoiler. According to Spoiler TV, CW’s hot drama “One Tree Hill” is bringing on a mysterious hot chick named Frankie Parks and she’ll be played by actress Anna Colwell.

Unfortunately,there aren’t any details given about what she’ll be doing,or who she is. All we know is that she looks really hot,and sometimes,that’s pretty much all that’s required,lol!! She’s scheduled to appear in the finale episode 13. Read more »

The Walking Dead Season 2 Spoilers: Less Talking & More Action Is On The Way

norman reedus
Less talking & more action is on the way in this new The Walking Dead season 2 set of spoilers. Daemonstv recently chatted it up with Norman Reedus,who plays the intense character Daryl on the show,and he revealed that the 2nd half is about to get even crazier than the exciting first half of season 2.

Now, that’s pretty major,considering I was on the edge of my seat most of the time,during that intense first half. This show absolutely rocks. First, Norman told them that things are going to get even better in the upcoming episode 8.

Next, he revealed that,from here on out,there’s going to be a lot less talking. Read more »