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New Deadpool First Red Band Movie Trailer Hit The Net


New Batman V Superman Movie Pic Shows More Superman Stand Alone Action


New Hunger Games 4,Mockingjay Part 2 Second Movie Trailer Hit The Net,New footage


New Suicide Squad Movie Trailer Released From 2015 Comic Con,New Footage


New Batman V Superman IMAX 4th Movie Trailer Released Today,New Footage


New Scandal Season 2,Episode 12 Intense Spoilers & Clips Hit The Net

New Scandal season 2,episode 12 intense spoilers & clips hit the net. Last night, ABC dropped the new spoilers and sneak peek/spoiler clip (below) for their upcoming “Scandal” episode 12 of season 2. The episode is entitled, “Truth or Consequences,” and it looks very intense for Olivia as she gets screamed at,threatened,and more.

In the new “Truth or Consequences” episode, after discovering the truth about the rigged White House election, the “Gladiators in Suits” are going to realize that a quickly unraveling Olivia may not always wear the white hat. In the meantime, Mellie will get forced to take extreme measures to try and reel Fitz in. Read more »

New Grey’s Anatomy Season 9,Episode 12 Intense Spoilers & Clips Hit The Net

New Grey’s Anatomy season 9,episode 12 intense spoilers & clips hit the net. Last night, CW revealed the new spoilers and sneak peek/spoiler clip (below) for their upcoming “Grey’s Anatomy” episode 12 of season 9. The episode is entitled, “Walking on a Dream,” and it looks pretty drama-filled and intense as Arizona feels very strange, extreme pain from her missing,phantom limb,and more.

In the new “Walking on A Dream” episode, the Seattle Grace doctors are going to be majorly on edge when a new medical professional enters the hospital. Arizona will totally struggle with the emotional and physical pain of a phantom limb. Read more »

New Vampire Diaries Season 4,Episode 11 Intense Spoilers & Clips Hit The Net

New Vampire Diaries season 4,episode 11 intense spoilers & clips hit the net. Last night,CW dropped the new spoilers and sneak peek/spoiler clip (below) for their upcoming “Vampire Diaries” episode 11 of season 4. The episode is entitled, “Catch Me If You Can,” and it looks pretty wild and intense as Jeremy gets thrown out into the wild to slay vampires on his own,and more.

In the new “Catch Me If You Can” episode, Jeremy is going to be furious when Klaus tries to control him by putting Matt’s life in danger. Damon will coach Jeremy as he prepares to take on Klaus’ new vampires, but they will find that Kol has beaten them to it. Kol will also makes it clear that he will stop at nothing to convince everyone to give up the search for the cure. Read more »

New Bachelor 2013,Episode 3 Second Spoiler Clip Hit The Net

New Bachelor 2013,episode 3 second spoiler clip hit the net. Recently,ABC released this new,2nd,sneak peek/spoiler clip (below) for their upcoming Bachelor 2013,episode 3,and it looks pretty sweet and mushy as AshLee gets a birthday surprise from Sean Lowe,and more.

In the new clip, Sean and AshLee are on their 1 on 1 date,and AshLee starts rambling something about how she can’t shake Sean,and is always constantly thinking about their lovey dovey moments together. Sean,of course,thinks that’s really cool. And since it’s AshLee’s birthday,he goes and makes her a ding dong birthday cake. Read more »

New Superman,Man Of Steel Krypton,Flying Spoilers & More Revealed By Jor El Actor

New Superman,Man Of Steel Krypton,flying spoilers & more revealed by Jor El actor. Recently,Collider got to chat it up with “Superman: Man Of Steel” Jor-El star Russell Crowe,and he spilled some great ,new spoiler teasers that included wickedly fast flying action, a greater understanding of Krypton,and more.

To kick things off, Russell gave more details on how complex and complicated the new Man Of Steel flick actually is,stating, “It’s very complicated, it’s really complex. I don’t think anybody has really tried to get into the psychology of what it must be like to be Superman and what people would really respond like in a modern society if somebody like that just popped up.

I think Zack Snyder was given a great deal of responsibility because, Read more »

New Vanessa Hudgens,Selena Gomez 1st Spring Breakers Movie Trailer Released

New Vanessa Hudgens,Selena Gomez 1st Spring Breakers movie trailer released. Earlier today,this new,International,first movie trailer (below),hit the net for the new comedy flick “Spring Breakers,” featuring major starlets Vanessa Hudgens and Selena Gomez,along with Ashley Benson and Rachel Korine,getting into some majorly wild times after getting bailed out of jail by a rapping drug dealer. It looks pretty wild and crazy,for sure. Check it out,below.

The movie stars: James Franco, Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, Heather Morris, and Rachel Korine. In the new flick, four crazy,bad college girls, end up in jail after robbing a restaurant for Spring Break cash. Read more »

Robert Pattinson Spotted Landing In Australia Today For New ‘Rover’ Movie Filming

Robert Pattinson spotted landing in Australia today for new ‘Rover’ movie filming. Earlier today,January 17th, Twilight Saga mega star Robert Pattinson was spotted,landing over in the land down under,Australia, to film his new “Rover” flick. In this particular photo,Rob was seen,catching a flight from Melborne to Adelaide. He was sporting his usual,dark,casual attire as he made his way through the busy terminal.

In related news, it’s reported that Rob has broken things off with Kristen Stewart for the time being,and may want to break up with her for good after he gets back from Australia. He’s scheduled to shoot this film for two months. Read more »

Robert Pattinson Reportedly Wants To End Kristen Stewart Relationship For Good Now

Robert Pattinson reportedly wants to end Kristen Stewart relationship for good now. According to a new report from Hollywood Life and their sources, Twilight Saga mega stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are reportedly in a trail separation period with their relationship at the moment. However,the tone with Rob,is that he really wants to end it for good,because he never really,totally got over the whole cheating scandal that Kristen pulled last summer.

This also feeds fuel to the rumors that they just got back together for the big Breaking Dawn part 2 promotions,and now that it’s all over,so are they. Their sources told them, “Rob and Kristen are on a trial separation right now. For Kristen, it’s all or nothing. She’s ready for marriage, but Rob is over the relationship.” Also, Rob is currently in Australia for two months to film his new “Rover” flick,and it’s reported that there are no plans for him to see Kristen while he’s over there. Read more »

New ‘Once Upon A Time’ Season 2,Episode 12 Second Spoiler Clip Hit The Net

New ‘Once Upon A Time’ season 2,episode 12 second spoiler clip hit the net. Recently,ABC dropped this new,2nd,sneak peek/spoiler clip (below) for their upcoming “Once Upon A Time” episode 12 of season 2,and it looks pretty shocking as Regina’s evil mother Cora,pays her a visit to actually apologize for all the evil,vicious things she’s done to her,and more. The episode is titled, “In The Name of the Brother.”

In the new clip, evil Cora pays Regina a visit to try and apologize for all the evil wickedness she’s brought upon Regina’s life,but Regina isn’t buying it ,and demands that Cora come with her to tell all the townsfolk about how she framed her in the fake death of Jiminy Cricket. Read more »

New Gi Joe 2,Retaliation 2nd Japanese Movie Trailer Hit The Net With Tons Of Action

New Gi Joe 2,Retaliation 2nd Japanese movie trailer hit the net with tons of action. Recently, this new,2nd,Japanese movie trailer (below) for the upcoming,highly anticipated action flick “G.I. Joe 2: Retaliation,” hit the net,and it looks wicked awesome,serving up a plethora of new action scenes with characters Road Block,Storm Shadow,Jinx,Lady Jaye,Snake-Eyes,and more. They definitely don’t mess around in this one.

The movie stars: D.J. Cotrona, Byung-hun Lee, Adrianne Palicki, Ray Park, Jonathan Pryce, Ray Stevenson, Channing Tatum, Bruce Willis, and Dwayne Johnson. In the new flick, Zartan (who is last seen in disguise as the President of the United States) controls the U.S. Government, and frames all G.I. Joe operatives as traitors to the United States, exterminating most of them and leaving a small group of survivors. Read more »