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Robert Pattinson Spotted All Over A Giddy Kristen Stewart For New EW Mag Cover

    robert pattinson with Kriste stewart on entertainment weekly november 2011

Robert Pattinson spotted all over a giddy Kristen Stewart for new EW mag cover. Recently,the main Twilight Saga stars Robert Pattinson,Kristen Stewart,and Taylor Lautner got together to do a special photo shoot for Entertainment Weekly.

And as you can see, Taylor is clearly a 3rd wheel on this Twilight car as Rob and Kristen are deeply immersed in a loving embrace. Poor Taylor. He has to keep watching these two love birds go at it from the sidelines. He looks happy in this,though. Maybe he’s thinking about how much he’s getting paid. Read more »

Robert Pattinson Talked More About Always Being A Huge Kristen Stewart Fan & More

Robert Pattinson talked more about always being a huge Kristen Stewart fan & more. The Berlin press recently had a sitdown interview with Twilight Saga’s Robert Pattinson,and delivered more info about what went down during the big, Breaking Dawn wedding filming,and how he’s always been a huge fan of his co-star Kristen Stewart.

In the clip, Rob revealed,Kristen looked amazing when he saw her in the wedding dress for the first time,and they had to keep her hidden from all the paparazzi cameras. Next, he revealed that he’s a big fan of Kristen,and was before he met her. Read more »

Kris Humphries,Kim Kardashian Fought Crazy On ‘Kourtney and Kim Take New York’ Show

kourtney and kim take new york logo
Kris Humphries,Kim Kardashian fought crazy on ‘Kourtney and Kim Take New York’ show. Well, finally, the Kourtney and Kim Take New York season 2 finally premiered last night,and in a brief recap,it showed a ton of reasons why Kim and Kris Humphries marriage didn’t work out,and why they were probably pretty lucky to even make it the full 72 days that they did.

Apparently, Kris lashed out at Kim for just taking up too much closet space to the point where he just had one drawer. Then Kris just dumped all his clothes on the floor when Kim asked him to unpack and put his things away. He also just left the clothes on the floor for days. Read more »

Robert Pattinson Talked More Breaking Dawn Baby Drama,Sex,Happiest Moment & More

Robert Pattinson talked more Breaking Dawn baby drama,sex,happiest moment & more. The press recently chatted it up with Twilight’s main man Robert Pattinson,and he revealed a whole slew of inside details about the new Breaking Dawn flick,including the embarrassing sex scenes,baby drama,and more (video below).

In the clip, Rob reveals that Edward’s happy for about the first 20 minutes of the movie. Then after that, he struggles to try and piece himself together again after the whole baby drama breaks out. He thinks director Bill Condon chose the right balance of humor and drama for the flick. Read more »

Robert Pattinson Revealed New Breaking Dawn Embarrassing Orgasm Sex Faces & More

Robert Pattinson revealed new Breaking Dawn embarrassing orgasm sex faces & more. Espectacular TV recently caught up with twilight Saga star Robert Pattinson at a recent Breaking Dawn press junket,and revealed more info about the embarrassing,orgasm sex faces he had to make when filming the intense sex scenes.

He told them, they would have to stare into the camera, “doing orgasm faces and stuff and it becomes unbelievably embarrassing. But I think it ended up good at the end I think.” In other news,he also revealed that the scenes were sort of strange for him because they were something that’s a singular event,and everyone is expecting. Read more »

Bill & Cathi Alden Eliminated From ‘Amazing Race 19′ In Episode 10 Tonight

bill alden,cathi alden in amazing race 19
Bill & Cathi Alden eliminated from ‘Amazing Race 19′ in episode 10 tonight. Tonight’s show kicked off with scenes from last week when no one was eliminated. Then the teams had to drive to the Ford proving grounds,located elsewhere in Belgium to get their next clue. They also showed all the teams arriving at the pitstop as a continuation from last week’s episode.

After they reached the Ford proving grounds,they ran into a road block. In the Road Block, they had to test drive Ford’s new Mustang through a couple of wild testing maneuvers to get their next clue. After that, they had to head to the city of Gent to get their next clue.

After reaching Gent, the teams ran into their detours. Read more »

Vanessa Hudgens Spotted Gripping All Over Her New Boyfriend In Cali Yesterday

    vanessa hudgens gripping boyfriend austin tight

Vanessa Hudgens spotted gripping all over her new boyfriend in Cali yesterday. Hot movie starlet Vanessa Hudgens was recently spotted out yesterday afternoon in Venice,California,kicking with her new man Austin Butler,and she looks to be getting real close with him these days,showing major PDA by gripping him from behind. Vanessa looked hot as hell too in her tight jeans ensemble. Austin also got a handful of Nessa’s butt. You go,dude. I see you.

According to sources, the two love birds got lunch at the 26 Beach restaurant. Then they went bike riding down the boardwalk. In other news, Vanessa is getting her relaxation time in right now because after the new year, she’ll have to hit up the promotion trail,again, to promote her new “Journey 2: The Mysterious Island” flick. Read more »

New Starz ‘Spartacus Vengeance’ Season 2 Spoiler Trailer Clip Released Online

New Starz ‘Spartacus Vengeance’ season 2 spoiler trailer clip released online. Recently this new season 2,Spartacus Vengeance featurette trailer (below),showed up online,and features new behind the scenes footage,along with with short interview clips from the cast and crew.

In the clip,they reveal that season 2 will be about the separation of identity from the world of slaves into the world of free men. It’s also going to really explode with attacks,fights,and bigger battles. They also show a little feature on the new,main Spartacus star Liam Mcintyre. It shows him kicking some major butt. Read more »

Transformers 3 Rosie Huntington Whiteley Spotted Super Lingerie Sexy For GQ Russia

    sexy rosie huntington whiteley in gq russia magazine

Transformers 3 Rosie Huntington Whiteley spotted super lingerie sexy for GQ Russia. Recent Transfomers 3: Dark of the Moon starlet Rosie Huntington Whiteley recently posed for GQ Russie to show off more of her fabulous,sexy as hell,bod. She took a couple different,sexy,pics. This one,in particular,looked incredibly enticing as she sported a smoking,lingerie ensemble. Her spread appears in their December 2011 issue.

According to sources, the photo shoot was shot by photographer Simon Emmett. In related news,Rosie revealed to Harper’s Bazaar magazine that she used to be an ugly chick.WTF? No way. She said, “I was a bit of an Ugly Betty when I was 15.” If that’s true,she grew out of it in spades. Read more »

New Source Revealed New Batman 3,First 6 Minutes Viewing Details

New source revealed new Batman 3,first 6 minutes viewing details. As previously reported, the first six minutes of the new Dark Knight Rises is scheduled to air with Tom Cruise’s new action flick “Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol.” Now,according to Batman News,Paul Franklin,who is director Christopher Nolan’s VFX guy,revealed more detailed information about which type of IMAX theater to go to in order to see it,along with a new date.

He hopped on his Twitter account to reveal that it will now air on the December 21st showing,instead of the previously reported December 16th one. You’ll also need to go to an IMAX theater with a 70mm, 15-perf screen. Also, the first,full,movie trailer is scheduled to release before Christmas Day. Read more »