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New Hunger Games 3,Mockingjay Fourth Movie Trailer Hit The Net


New Avengers 2,Age Of Ultron Second Movie Trailer Clip Hit The Net Last Night


New Avengers 2,Age Of Ultron First Teaser Movie Trailer Released


New Hunger Games 3,Mockingjay Movie Clip Shows Destroyed District 12 Action


New Hunger Games 3,Mockingjay Movie Pic Shows Cressida & Castor Action


New One Tree Hill Season 9 Clip Features Full Cast Revealing On Set Antics & More

New One Tree Hill season 9 clip features full cast revealing on set antics & more. CW recently dropped this new,interesting,clip (below),which features the full cast of One Tree Hill season 9,gathered together for a Q&A session,and this particular segment, focused on the onset antics of little Jackson,who plays Jamie Scott on the show.

In the new clip,little Jackson revealed that Chad Michael Murry owed him $100 for the swear jar after just one rehearsal. However, Chad never paid him. Creator Mark Schwahn chimed in to reveal what type of scenes Jackson liked to do. Basically,most of this video was about little Jackson. Read more »

One Tree Hill Season 9 Spoiler: Julian To Blame Himself Hardcore For Baby’s Death & More

Julian to blame himself hardcore for baby’s death & more in this new One Tree Hill season 9 spoiler. Recently Hollywood Life,chatted it up with One Tree Hill,Julian,star Austin Nichols,and he revealed that Julian will definitely wallow in the blame for the tragic death of his baby Davis.

In the last episode 3, Julian forgot all about Davis,and left him in the car to suffocate. He was seen,being carried off on a stretcher,while Julian,watch from a far in astonishment. Austin told them, “It could happen with any parent. Julian really puts a lot of blame on himself for this thing that happens.” He went on to say, that this season is great,and it has allowed him to go to a different place that he hasn’t gone to before on the show. Read more »

Spartacus Vengeance Released New Episode 2 Wild Spoiler Clip

Spartacus Vengeance released new episode 2 wild spoiler clip. Starz recently dropped a new,sneak peek,clip (below) for the upcoming “Spartacus” episode 2,and it looks pretty wild as more crazy fights break out,coupled with lots of bloodshed,and more. The episode is called, “A Place in This World.”

In the clip, Oenomaus is seen,getting branded,and kicking some major but after he throws himself into the dangerous pits. Spartacus is seen,kicking some major butt,while Lucretia is spotted,getting ready to stab the hell out of somebody with a knife. Check it out,below.

Also, in this episode,Spartacus and his men will liberate a Roman villa Read more »

Robert Pattinson,Kristen Stewart Spotted Making Out In New Breaking Dawn BTS Clip

Robert Pattinson,Kristen Stewart spotted making out in new Breaking Dawn BTS clip. Recently Yahoo Movies released this new Breaking Dawn, “behind the scenes,” wedding clip footage (below),and it features the two mega stars Rob and Kristen,while they were on the set for the big wedding scene.

The new clip starts out,showing all the set people,prepping everything for the big Bella,isle walk with her father Charlie. Then director Bill Condon chimed in to talk about the scene. He said it took her a while to get down the isle. K-Stew looked beautiful in the dress. It also showed her joking around with crewmembers at one point. Read more »

Twilight’s Kristen Stewart Spotted Flipping Off Paparazzi Again Yesterday In Paris

Twilight’s Kristen Stewart spotted flipping off paparazzi again yesterday In Paris. According to a new report from Hollywood Life, Twilight Saga starlet Kristen Stewart was spotted flipping the middle finger for the 2nd time in Paris. The first time,it looked like she was just joking around with someone during her Vanity Fair photo shoot.

However,this second time around, she was seen,flipping off the paparazzi as she left the Hanawa Restaurant on January 31st. It sounds like she’s been quite trigger happy with that finger,while over there. Read more »

MTV Jersey Shore Snooki Reportedly Got Pregnant

MTV Jersey Shore Snooki reportedly got pregnant. According to Hollywood Life and their sources, crazy Jersey Shore starlet Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi,is rumored to be pregnant at age 24. Sources for Star mag told them, “She is pregnant and has only told her closest friends and some family.”

Snooki has also jumped on Twitter,hinting clues about a possible pregnancy. She wrote, “Late night craving.yogurt hits the fricken spot!” The Star source went on to reveal, they are having to redo the concept of her spin-off show because of her pregnancy. Read more »

Bachelor 2012 Ben Thanks Crazy Courtney For Skinny Dipping & Couldn’t Resist

Bachelor 2012 Ben thanks crazy Courtney for skinny dipping & couldn’t resist. According to the latest from Bachelor 2012 Ben Flajnik’s People.com blog, he reveals that he,apparently, couldn’t resist the temptation that Courtney served up to go skinny dipping in episode 5.

He said, “If I were in Puerto Rico with a beautiful woman I was dating and she wanted to skinny dip, I would be a fool to decline. I treated this situation the same way.” After that, he went on to say,he wasn’t thinking about the other women at the time,and about how it would make them feel. Read more »

Bachelor 2012 Courtney Robertson Reported To Be A Mega Cheater & More

Bachelor 2012 Courtney Robertson reported to be a mega cheater & more. According to a new report from Hollywood Life, that evil Courtney chick from the current season of ABC’s hit show The Bachelor is reported to be a big,fat,cheater.

They say there’s currently rumors going around that back in 2005,she dated Desperate Housewives star Jesse Metcalfe,and was cheating on him with another man. Then they went on to report that,of course, her dad Rick Robertson defends her,saying,”Anyone who knows and loves Courtney, or anyone who is a friend of hers, knows this story is completely wrong. It’s just not true at all.” Read more »

Don Cornelius Former Soul Train Host Reportedly Found Dead Today By Suicide

Don Cornelius former Soul Train host reportedly found Dead today by suicide. According to TMZ, former Soul Train host Don Cornelius was found dead earlier this morning from,what appears to be, suicide,according to the police. They say, the cops discovered his body at 4 AM pacific time today,and that he died from a gunshot wound to the head.

They believe the wound was self-inflicted. After they found Don,he was taken to the hospital,where he was officially pronounced dead. The popular Soul Train,live music show, changed the landscape of television when it debuted in 1971,and it ran until 2006. Read more »

Pretty Little Liars Released 3,New Episode 19,Season 2 Spoiler Clips

Pretty Little Liars released 3,new episode 19,season 2 spoiler clips. ABC Family recently dropped 3,new,sneak peek,clips (below) for the upcoming “Pretty Little Liars” episode 19,and a couple of them look pretty intense. The episode is called, “The Naked Truth.”

In the first clip, Ashley tries to ask Hanna who framed her ,but she says,she can’t give a name. She also tells Hanna that she will crush anyone that tries to hurt her. In the 2nd clip, Hanna’s mother Ashley is spotted in the principal’s office to try and keep Hanna from getting expelled from school over the nude photo text. Read more »