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Kristen Stewart Reportedly Clinging To Robert Pattinson’s Past Gifts For Comfort

Kristen Stewart reportedly clinging to Robert Pattinson’s past gifts for comfort. According to a new report from Hollywood Life and their sources, Twilight Saga hottie Kristen Stewart is now clinging onto and even sleeping with gifts that Robert Pattinson has given her in the past for comfort during this trying time. In particular,it’s reported that she currently sleeps with an adorable teddy bear that Rob got fer her in the past.

Sources for radaronline claim, ” Kristen is latching on to all the things that she associates with Robert and now she can’t be without her stuffed animals. Over the years, Robert, who was a hopeless romantic, bought Kristen plushies whenever he saw one he thought she would love. She is obsessed with them and has them scattered all over her bed. Read more »

Kristen Stewart Reportedly Had Lonely,Sad Dinner After Toronto Film Festival Other Night

Kristen Stewart reportedly had lonely,sad dinner after Toronto Film Festival other night. According to a new report from Hollywood Life and their sources, Twilight Saga mega star Kristen Stewart was all smiles at the Toronto International Film Festival, promoting her new “On The Road” indie flick. However,afterwards she looked pretty sad as she had a lonely dinner at George Restaurant.

They said, K-Stew had a lonely dinner at the fancy George Restaurant this past Thursday,September 6th,and may have down a large selection of Canadian wine while eating,and looked sad when she exited.

Nevertheless, it’s also reported that she put on a strong first showing since the big cheating scandal. Read more »

Kristen Stewart Cheating Jokes Angered MTV Producers At Video Music Awards

Kristen Stewart cheating jokes angered MTV producers at Video Music Awards. As previously reported, funny man Kevin Hart ,cracked a few Kristen Stewart cheating scandal jokes when he hosted the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards this past Thursday night,September 6th.

Now, Hollywood Life an their sources are reporting that it ticked off MTV producers a little bit. However,they weren’t majorly upset as Robert Pattinson and the Twilight Saga crew hadn’t fully shown up yet at the time the jokes were mentioned.

Their sources claim, “MTV producers were at first mad that Kevin brought up Kristen Stewart and the incident, but it wasn’t a major issue with them because he didn’t harp on it and make it his material for the entire night. They were OK with things mostly because Kristen wasn’t there and the ‘Twilight’ gang hadn’t fully shown up by the time he mentioned things.” Read more »

Kristen Stewart Talked New Breaking Dawn 2 Movie Trailer Details & More,New Clip

Kristen Stewart talked new Breaking Dawn 2 movie trailer details & more,new clip. Recently, MTV news, caught up to the very fabulous Twilight Saga main lady Kristen Stewart at the Toronto International Film festival the other night,and they ended up talking about her new indie flick “On The Road,” and the new Breaking Dawn part 2 movie trailer that was just released at the 2012 MTV video Music Awards (video below).

In the clip, Kristen seemed to handle the questions great, despite everything that has gone down. She said she was happy to see all the fans show up to support her new movie,and that it was awesome.

Next,she jokingly talked about the new Breaking Dawn part 2 movie trailer Read more »

Kristen Stewart Spotted Getting Much Fan Love In Toronto After Cheating Scandal

Kristen Stewart spotted getting much fan love in Toronto after cheating scandal. As previously reported, Twilight Saga main girl Kristen Stewart finally made her first promo appearance since the big cheating scandal by hitting up the Toronto International Film Festival,and all her adoring fans made her feel very happy upon her arrival.

As you can see in the photo (above), the fans there,still adore her despite all the madness that has gone down over the past month and a half. It’s reported that Kristen really appreciated it,and signed autographs and took photos with them for nearly 40 minutes! Read more »

New Twilight Breaking Dawn 2 Longer Movie Trailer Released From Yahoo, More Footage

New Twilight Breaking Dawn 2 longer movie trailer released from Yahoo, more footage. Recently, Yahoo! Movies dropped this new longer version, Breaking Dawn part 2 movie trailer (below),and it looks wickedly awesome. It’s similar to the one MTV revealed at the 2012 Video Music Awards,except it offers more additional footage with the international vampires,showing off their great powers.

It also shows the great vampire action from Bella,kicking major but and catching animals out of the sky. This is by far, the best Bdawn 2 trailer that’s come out. Check it out,below. The movie stars: Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, Peter Facinelli, Ashley Greene, Kellan Lutz, Jackson Rathbone, Elizabeth Reaser, Nikki Reed, Billy Burke, Rami Malek, Maggie Grace, and Mackenzie Foy. Read more »

Big Brother 14 Shane & Jenn Nominated For Eviction Yesterday For Week 9

Big Brother 14 Shane & Jenn nominated for eviction yesterday for week 9. According to Big Brother Network and the live feeds, Big Brother season 14,week 9, held the eviction nominations yesterday afternoon,and reigning HoH Ian decided to nominate Shane and Jenn for eviction.

It’s reported that the previous night,awesome Dan was able to convince Ian not to put him on the chopping block even though Dan had just got done putting him up for eviction during the double-eviction live show. I still don’t know how Dan manages to do it,but he does. Dan told Ian, that Jenn would be the target this week. Whether that holds true,remains to be seen. Read more »

Kristen Stewart Bought Beautiful New $4 Million House After Scandal,New Photos

Kristen Stewart bought beautiful new $4 million house after scandal,new photos. According to Hollywood Life and their sources, Twilight Saga main chick Kristen Stewart just recently dished out a cool 4.8 million dollars on a beautiful new house on Latigo Beach after reportedly getting booted from the L.A. house that she and Robert Pattinson once shared before her whole cheating scandal broke out.

K-Stew’s new house reportedly features 5-bedrooms, 4.5-baths,3 stories,5,800-square-feet, thick landscaping, an oval-shaped guest house, hardwood floors, frosted glass accents, minty green accent walls, and poured-in-place concrete. It sounds and looks really nice,and it should for that much cash. Read more »

New Iron Man 3 Movie Bringing On Radioactive Man,New Details

wang xueqi image

New Iron Man 3 movie bringing on Radioactive Man,new details. According to a new report from Shockya.com, the big Iron Man 3 flick is bringing on actor Wang Xueqi to play Radioactive Man. He is reportedly replacing actor Andy Lau. Apparently, Andy decided to drop out of the flick.

Radioactive man’s real name is Chen Lu,and he’s described as being a nuclear physicist and a communist agent who first came to be back in the 1963 from creators Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. Radioactive Man is also known for his allegiance to Mandarin.

Currently, there are no official plot/synopsis details for the film Read more »

Vanessa Hudgens,Selena Gomez Spotted Arriving In Toronto Together For Spring Breakers

Vanessa Hudgens,Selena Gomez spotted arriving in Toronto together for Spring Breakers. Yesterday afternoon,mega starlets Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens buddied up again to travel to Toronto,Canada to continue promoting their new,wild and crazy flick “Spring Breakers.” They were both casually dressed,and looked ultra cool in their sunglasses as they made their way through the busy airport terminal.

According to sources, Nessa’s main man Austin Butler joined her as well,so Selena was more like a third wheel,lol!! The two stars are there to hit up the big Toronto International Film Festival to do more “Spring Breakers” promotions. Read more »