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Smallville ‘Legion’ Episode Review

smallville legion episode pic

Review : Episode 11 of season 8 “Smallville : Legion”. The show was fantastic,and a real step up for Smallville this season as they were in my opinion getting beat out by “Supernatural” on almost every episode this season. But tonight they took the cake.

Tonight’s show brought in visitors from the future to save Clark from being killed by an attacker from the future which also lead to them helping Clark defeat Brainiac who had taken over Chloe’s body.Brainiac took over Chloe’s body because he new Clark wouldn’t kill him as long as he was in Chloe’s body.

The problem was that it appeared that killing Chloe would have been the only way to defeat him,but with the help of his cohorts from the future, Clark was able to find another way to defeat Brainiac.Meanwhile Davis was turned into a full blown “Doomsday” monster. Read more »

Ludacris Ft. T-Pain ‘One More Drink’ Music Video

ludacris ft t-pain one more drink pic

Ludacris has a new,funny song out called “One More Drink”. It also features hip hop artist,T-Pain. They teamed up recently on T-Pain’s album with a song called, “Chopped N Screwed” which I previously posted on here. They make a pretty good team as this song is no let down. I absolutely love it,and it’s funny as hell.It talks about having to many drinks and dating at the same time which leads you ending up with somebody you might not want to see the next morning.

“One More Drink” is off Luda’s current album entitled, “Theater Of The Mind” Read more »

‘The Unborn’ (2009) Movie Review

the unborn movie pic

In “The Unborn” Casey Beldon (Odette Yustman) starts to dream about and see strange visions about babies,and someone wanting to be born.She also starts having problems with her eye so when she goes to get it checked out,she is told that it is fine,but that she may also be a twin do to some characteristics picked up by the doctor. With confusion in her mind from never being told this,she asks her dad,Gordon Beldon (James Remar) about it,and he reveals to her that she would have had a twin brother,but he died in the womb do to him being choked by her umbilical cord. Read more »

CW’s The Game ‘The Negotiation Episode’ Review

cw's the game negotiation episode pic

On season 3 episode 10 of CW’s “The Game :The Negotiation Episode” Jason is upset because Kelly wants a million dollars out of the $50 million that Jason has in the bank from the divorce settlement. Derwin gets him to acknowledge that she could take half since that’s what she’s entitled to,and gets him to think that Kelly may indeed want him back. He also convinces him that he needs to try and fight for her like he did for Melanie.

Robin Givens makes her return to the show Read more »

T-Pain ft. Ludacris ‘Chopped N Screwed’ Music Video

t-pain chopped screwed pic

Ok, I totally love this new song from T-Pain ft. Ludacris called, “Chopped N Screwed”. Along with sounding good the message of the song has a very truthful tale of being burned by beautiful women which I’m sure most Fellas out there can relate to.If you’re one of the few who don’t,then God bless you. I also like Luda’s hilarious rap verse in the song proving that once again if you wanna hit, he’s the one you should get,get,get,get,lol!!! Also T-Pain’s unique sound and stylings keep me very much interested while watching the video. The scenes acted out in each scenario were excellent and conveyed the meaning of each verse quite well.And the chorus is the bomb diggidy. Read more »

‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’ (2008) Movie Review

the curious case of benjamin button pic

“The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” starts off with the woman he loved,Daisy (Cate Blanchett) dying of old age laid up in the hospital. Her daughter comes in,and she begins to tell her of a special man named Benjamin (Brad Pitt) who was born old,aged backwards, and died as an infant. The story tells how Benjamin’s biological mother died giving birth to him. Then his biological father,Thomas Button (Jason Flemyng) takes Benjamin and leaves him on a stairway with another family to take care of him. Read more »

‘Bedtime Stories’ (2008) Movie Review

bedtime stories movie pic

In Disney’s Bedtime Stories Adam Sandler plays Skeeter the son of a motel owner which was bought out by businessman, Barry Nottingham (Richard Griffiths) with a promise to make Skeeter a manager of the hotel one day if he showed some smarts. Now, 20 some odd years later, he’s running it alright as a janitor. Still with the hope alive in his heart he sticks it out thinking that one day Mr. Nottingham will make good on his promise,but it is not to be as he decides to make, Kendall (Guy Pearce) the manager for the new hotel he’s building. Then we jump to the kids and the bedtime stories. Skeeter is asked by Wendy, (Courtney Cox) his sister to help look after her kids alongside Jill ( Keri Russell) while she is away in Phoenix,AZ to look for a new teaching job. Read more »

ABC’s New ‘True Beauty’ Reality TV Show Preview

    abc true beauty tv show pic

Ashton Kutcher and Tyra Banks have a new show coming out called, “True Beauty” which premiers on Monday January 5,2009.The show is about contestants who are chosen to live together in a fancy house and go through a series of challenges to see who is the most beautiful. The catch is, the contestants think they’re only being judged on their outer appearance,but in fact they are also being judged on their inner beauty as well. Read more »

Robin Thicke ft Pharrell ‘Wanna Love You Girl’ Music Video

robin thicke wanna love you girl video pic

Ok, I’ve got some more Robin Thicke music for you.I had to do this piece because this is like my favorite song now. It’s called, “Wanna Love You Girl” and it features Pharrell from the “Neptunes”.It’s crazy because I just discovered this song a couple of weeks ago,but apparently it came out like a year or so ago on his older album,”The Evolution of Robin Thicke” which was released on February 9,2007. I love this song because it combines the smooth hip hop beats of the ” Neptunes” with the stylish,original singing of Robin Thicke. The video is kind of orignal as well. It makes me feel like I want to be on an island or somethin. Read more »

‘Yes Man’ (2008) Movie Review

yes man movie pic

“Yes Man” was crazy funny ! It stars Jim Carrey as Carl Allen, a guy that basically says “No” to everything because of issues that he has after his divorce from his wife three years prior. He works at a bank as a loan officer who declines almost every loan,and comes up with silly but very hilarious excuses as to why he can’t go out when his friends, Peter (Bradley Cooper) and Rooney (Danny Masterson) ask him to,or any other opportunity that arises. All his excuses eventually lead to the proverbial answer which is,”No”. Then finally one day after realizing he needs a bit of a change to his life he decides to attend a self help seminar that an old friend named, Nick (John Michael Higgins) had introduced to him earlier. Read more »