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New Celebrity Big Brother POV Winner Revealed For February 14-16, 2018

Hey, “Big Brother” fans. We’re back at you with another report from inside the house. As previously reported, Ariadna won HOH this week and had no problems at all when she decided to throw Shannon Elizabeth and James Maslow on the chopping block. Of course being the very intense player she is, Shannon totally broke down into tears shortly after when she gave her rant to the group that she thought was her new alliance.

This past Wednesday, February 14, 2018, they played for the coveted Power Of Veto, and the winner turned out to be James which means Shannon is officially fried. However, Shannon has appeared to bounce back from her extreme breakdown and has been trying to round up votes. Read more »

New ‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Storyline Teasers Revealed For February 16, 2018 Episode

Hey, “Bold And The Beautiful” fans. We saw some interesting moments in today’s February 15, 2018 episode. It looks like Liam will finally see Steffy again after she called him up to come to join her for the baby ultrasound appointment. It was so obvious that Steffy was just holding out all dear hope that this moment will bring their family back together.

Hope continuing her noble ways, encouraged Liam to join Steffy. He’s still giving Hope that look though like he could definitely see himself running off with her. We saw Maya wanting to get all up in Katie’s business in regards to her new connection with Thorne. We’re glad they didn’t give that storyline a ton of attention. Read more »

New ‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Storyline Teasers Revealed For February 15, 2018 Episode

Happy Wednesday and Valentine’s Day “Bold And The Beautiful” fans. Today’s February 14, 2018 episode took a very interesting turn with the whole Hope and Liam situation. Hope decided to actually vouch for Steffy’s sincerity and get her back together with Liam. However, it looks like her efforts might actually work in reverse since Liam is still giving her that look. I don’t know. We’ll see.

The Steffy and Hope confrontation got pretty heavy there for a second until Hope told Steffy she would back off of Liam and give them a chance to work things out for their baby. I’m still questioning how long they’re going to allow Steffy to carry this baby. Let’s just say I wouldn’t be surprised if the producers and writers had Steffy lose this baby at some point. Read more »

Celebrity Big Brother Shannon Totally Broke Down And Lashed Out Yesterday February 13, 2018

Hey, Big Brother fans. We’ve got news of the first big breakdown on Celebrity Big Brother! It all went down around 5:39 pm Pacific time, February 13,2018 on the live feeds. This is when the nomination ceremony ended. As previously reported, Ariadna won HOH. Then she plotted with Ross, Brandi and Marissa to ultimately nominate Shannon and James for eviction.

After the nomination ceremony yesterday, Shannon obviously didn’t take the news very well at all. She was spotted laying up in her bed. Brandi made her way in to talk with Shannon first. Shannon said to Brandi, “I thought you were afraid of Omarosa.” Brandi replied with, ” We were, but after we talked about it. Honestly, she is going to be easier to beat than you are James. That’s the truth. She has asthma. She’s not going to be good at the physical stuff. If I have any chance at all to make a little more money, I could beat her before I could beat anyone of you.” Read more »

New Celebrity Big Brother HOH Winner Revealed For February 13, 2018

Hey, Big Brother Fans. Last night, they almost gave us a crazy “backdoor Shannon” live eviction, but Keshia ruined it with her super lame breast milk situation. After the live show, we did get to find out who the new HOH was via the live feeds.

It turns out that the beauty pageant contestant girl Ariadna GutiĆ©rrez pulled out the victory. So, she is our new HOH for this round. It appears that the plans are still to attempt to backdoor poor Shannon with a backup plan to get rid of James if Shannon happens to win the Power Of Veto. Read more »

New ‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Storyline Teasers Revealed For February 14, 2018 Episode

Hey, “Bold And The Beautiful” fans. We saw some very interesting drama take place between Steffy and Hope in today’s February 13, 2018 episode. Hope straight up demanded Steffy to tell her how she could cheat on their dear, precious Liam. Then we we saw Steffy straight up ask Hope if she’s looking to move in on Liam during this very vulnerable time. It’s pretty much everything we could’ve hoped for in a scene like this.

We also saw Thorne step up his play for Katie, and she seemed pretty receptive to it. However, we did see a moment where Katie was thinking about her moments with Wyatt. So,it appears that she is feeling some regret over the end of that relationship. Read more »

New ‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Storyline Teasers Revealed For February 13, 2018 Episode

Happy Monday, “Bold And The Beautiful” fans. Well, they gave us way more of Brooke and Ridge than we could ever ask for in today’s February 12,2018 episode. Unfortunately, they do have another storyline coming up this week, but we don’t expect to see a lot of them. At least, that’s what we hope.

Katie and Wyatt’s scene was quite interesting especially since Wyatt decided to be all cryptic in his breakup with Katie. He never even tried to confront her about the Thorne kiss. That was disappointing. I guess he just didn’t think it was even worth it. Whatever the case, it looks like they’re done for good. We’re pretty sure Katie will move into Thorne’s bed now. Read more »

Celebrity Big Brother Eviction Nominees Revealed For February 11, 2018

Hey, Big Brother Fans. As previously reported, the HOH competition for the very first Celebrity edition of Big Brother took place a couple of hours after the live eviction show this past Friday night. The celebrity tv show host Ross Matthews was the one who pulled out the HOH victory.

Then yesterday, Saturday, February 10,2018, Ross made his nominations for who he wanted to see get evicted. According to the folks over at Big Brother Network and the footage on the live feeds, the nominees are Omarosa and Keshia. However, some new developments occurred yesterday and late last night that could cause this whole thing to get flipped yet again. Read more »

Celebrity Big Brother New HOH Revealed For February 10, 2018

Alright guys. So, last night we saw our first Celebrity Big Brother blindside with the huge vote flip that Shannon Elizabeth delivered to Omarosa and Keshia. After the live show airing, there was definitely some confrontations that took place on the live feeds along with an HOH competition to decide who gets the next HOH.

According to Big Brother Network, Ross Matthews won the second HOH crown. So, it looks like Shannon and her new alliance will be safe this week. It’s believed that the second HOH comp may have been the spin-and-bowl challenge. Whatever it was, it led to Omarosa getting injured from getting hit with a ball. At one point, she even had to go to the hospital! Read more »

New ‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Storyline Teasers Revealed For February 12, 2018 Episode

Happy Friday “Bold And The Beautiful” fans. Today’s week-ending February 9,2018 episode finally gave us that kissing moment between Katie and Thorne that we knew was just yearning to happen. What we didn’t expect was to see it happen right in front of Wyatt! So, we thought that was a little intriguing. Unfortunately, that turned out to pretty much be the only interesting moment of today’s installment.

All the other scenes just featured more of this overtold Brooke and Ridge wedding storyline. And they really lost me when they showed Brooke talking to that supposed Stephanie Forester ghost. I was thinking, “You guys woudn’t have to resort to such awful scenes if you would just stop shoving this Brooke and Ridge storylines down our throats.” Please, let’s move on producers! Read more »