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Gregory Itzin To Return To Fox’s ’24’ As Charles Logan

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Gregory Itzin is set to return to Fox’s “24,” as Charles Logan for multiple episodes in its new, upcoming season 8,according to Michael Ausiello over at EW. They report that Logan will resurface towards the end of Day 8 when Cherry Jones’ President reluctantly gets her disgraced predecessor to help out with an escalating diplomatic crisis.

The executive producer Howard Gordon told them, that the opportunity to watch Jones and Itzin have a head-to-head run-in “was simply too compelling to pass up.”

The Charles Logan character appeared for the last time in season 6, after he almost got stabbed to death by his former wife, Martha. Jon Cassar who was the executive producer at the time said that he did everything he could not to kill him,and left it open for him to come back. Read more »

Fox’s 24 Casts T.J. Ramini For Recurring Role

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Fox’s 24 has recently cast former Desperate Housewives actor T.J. Ramini to play Tarin Karoush who is an associate of the Middle Eastern leader played by a Anil Kapoor who is a new regular cast member of the show.

T.J. also played Yaniv on ABC’s Desperate Housewives. He was an Israeli boot camp instructor who got Gabby into shape in the last season. He also played DC Zain Nadir in “The Bill” which is a U.K. cop drama.Fox’s “24” will be entering into it’s upcoming 8th season on January 17,2010.

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Fox’s ’24’ TV Show Casts Another New Cast Member

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Fox’s hit real time drama show “24” has hired another new cast member for it’s upcoming eighth season. His name is Clayne Crawford. He’s been in such productions as “A Walk To Remember Me”,”Swimfan”, “A Love Song For Bobby Long”,and “The Great Raid”.

Clayne will now play a bad boy in “24” who is from Dana Walsh’s (Katee Sackhoff) past. Sackhoff, who previously starred in “Battlestar Galactica” plays an expert data analyst at CTU with a secret past. She’s also involved with Freddie Prinze Jr.’s character Davis Cole.

Clayne Crawford also just got done wrapping up filming for the sequel to “Smokin Aces” which is entitled “Smokin Aces : Blowback”.

Battlestar Galactica’s Katee Sackhoff To Join Fox’s ’24’

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Katee Sackhoff who starred on “Battlestar Galactica” as Kara “Starbuck” has recently signed on to co-star in Fox’s hit show, “24”. She will play Dana Walsh who is a smart,competent, data analyst expert at CTU who has a secret past involving CTU agent Davis Cole played by new cast member Freddie Prinze Jr. This is reported to be the final major casting for the show’s upcoming 8th season which is currently in production.

Apparently Katee Sackhoff was close to signing on to “24” a week ago,but pulled out to explore another lucrative offer from a cable network. I guess that must not have worked out, because she started talking to Fox again about “24”,and signed on, on Monday June 8,2009. Read more »

Freddie Prinze Jr. Hops on Fox ’24’ Show Bandwagon

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Freddie Prinze Jr. just got employed again by snagging a regular role in the long running Fox tv show, “24” which as of Wednesday (5-27-09) started filming for it’s upcoming 8th season. According to reports, Freddie will play the character of Davis Cole who is a recently returned Marine that runs the CTU Field Ops. He also wants to follow in the footsteps of Kiefer Sutherland’s character, Jack Bauer.

Also there will be other new cast members joining the show which include : Anil Kapoor who will play a Middle East leader, Chris Diamantopoulos-the president’s new chief of staff, and John Boyd will play a CTU systems analyst. They will all be regulars. However, two other newcomers that they are bringing on, which include : Jennifer Westfeldt and Nazneen Contractor will play recurring roles. Jennifer will play a journalist,while Nazneen will play Kapoor’s daughter.