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CW ‘90210’ Casts A New Surfer Girl To Flirt With The Guys

amalia zinser image

CW’s “90210” has hired a very cute new blonde to join the cast for their 2nd season,according to TV Guide. Her name is Amalia Zinser,and she will play a character named Ivy who is a surfer girl that will tempt the guys of 90210

Ivy is a tomboy who will end up flirting with both Dixon and Liam at the beach. She’s the quintessential California girl who is easy going,athletic,and full of fun. Ivy is set to make a first appearance on the show in October.

Amalia Zinser is a relative newcomer,but her acting credits include some guest starring roles on “Cold Case,” “Southland,” and “Cupid.” Read more »

Kelly Fights Strong Crush On Harry Wilson In New ‘90210’ Season

jennie garth image

According to Korbi Ghosh over at Zap2it, the new CW “90210” spoiler,is that Kelly Taylor played by Jennie Garth will Have a crush on Annie Wilson’s father, Harry Wilson.

Her old crush, Ryan Matthews is going to still be preoccupied with Naomi’s evil sister Jen Clark. Also it’s reported that Kelly will have a big time struggle with her attraction to Harry Wilson in the upcoming 2nd season.

Also Kelly Taylor’s former cokehead mother, Jackie Taylor played by Ann Gillespie, will be very,very sick and dying,and she will be trying to reconcile with her two daughters Read more »

CW’s ‘90210’ Casts A Creepy New Guy For Annie

zachary ray sherman image

90210 logo image

CW’s “90210” has casts another new guy for the show,and he could be around to cause Annie some trouble in season 2,according to E! online. They’ve cast Zachary Ray Sherman to play a character named Jasper Herman.

Who is Jasper Herman ? Well, he’s supposedly the nephew of the person that Annie killed with her car when she drove away,mad in season one.

Tristan Wilds who plays Dixon Wilson on the show, stated, “He’s the nephew of the guy that Annie hit, and you get to see how he encompasses himself into the relationships of Beverly Hills.”

Shenae Grimes gave a brief description of his character and what his intentions may be. Read more »

CW ‘90210’ Get Wild Wet And Bold In Their New Season 2 Promo

cw 90210 image

The CW has finally released it’s new promo for “90210’s” second season,and it looks to be Bigger, Better, Bolder,and Wetter. The promo (below) starts off showing Naomi and Adrianna hanging out again.

Then it shows a glimpse of Annie. Next, it cuts to girls in bikinis,diving into pools. Then we catch a scene which involves plenty of macking in the sand with Dixon.

It also introduces us to the new student who is a tennis pro,and supposedly the new hunk that all the girls go crazy over. It shows the girls druelling over him while he plays tennis. Read more »

Jenny Garth Set To Return For ‘90210’ 2nd Season

jenny garth image

According to ew.com, there were reports last month that raised doubts if Jenny Garth who plays Kelly Taylor on CW’s ‘90210’ would be reprising her veteran role on the series in its second season.

Well those reports have recently been squashed as Ausiello at ew reports that she has just signed her deal to return next season for multiple episodes. They report that she will reappear in episode 3 when Kelly gives Harry (Rob Estes) advice on how to deal with his situation with Annie (Shenae Grimes) who’s gone mad,apparently, after a big falling out with Naomi Clark (AnnaLynn McCord).

The new season of ‘90210″ returns to the CW on September 8,2009 at 7pm central time.

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More ‘90210’ Season 2 Spoilers Have Sprouted Up

90210 cast image

According to Zap2it, some new hot “90210” spoilers have been unleashed. The first one is that Annie Wilson played by Shenae Grimes is in for some more rough times at West Beverly.

The whole school will now hate her,and then to make things worse, it’s reported that her own brother Dixon will also start avoiding her when the new season starts. That’s not all. Naomi is supposed to start a new scandal about her that’s really bad.

Dixon (Tristan Wilds) and Silver (Jessica Stroup) might still be together at first,but it’s not going to last long. Dixon’s going to start dating an older woman who is a D.J. in her 20’s. She’s also obsessed with sports.

As for Naomi (AnnaLynne McCord), her sister Jen (Sara Foster) is going to continue to manipulate the situation. Read more »

Rumer Willis To Play a Lesbian On CW’s ‘90210’

rumer willis image

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E! online reports that Rumer Willis the daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis will be making a lesbian appearance on the 2nd season of CW’s “90210”,and apparently AnnaLynne McCord who plays Naomi Clark on the show, wants to do a lesbian scene with here.

She told them that she doesn’t actually know what Rumer’s storyline will be, but wouldn’t mind being apart of it. She stated, “This is what I foresee,” she said. “Naomi gets drunk, and she gets a little crazy. Liam’s watching. Naomi wants to experiment. And then a little lip-on-lip action with Rumer Willis can’t hurt anybody, right? How fabulous would that be. They totally need to make it happen!” Read more »

CW’s ‘90210’ Casts Trevor Donovan To Play Teddy

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Access Hollywood reports that the CW’s “90210” has recruited former “Days Of Our Lives” soap star Trevor Donovan to play a new character named Teddy. He will be a high school junior, charming tennis star, and son of a celebrity.

They have recently started filming for their new 2nd season. Trevor Donovan is also an ex-Abercrombie & Fitch model. He is the latest guy to be cast on the show, following Matt Lanter who plays bad boy Liam Court who currently has Naomi (AnnaLynne McCord) all caught up in a daze.

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90210’s AnnaLynne McCord Serves Up Some Spoilers

 annalynne mccord image

According to E! online’s spoiler session, AnnaLynne McCord who plays Naomi Clark on the CW’s 90210 stated that the cast just found out who Annie Wilson (Shenae Grimes) hit with her car . She couldn’t say who it was,but she said,”It’s really bad”.

Anna also said that in the upcoming second season, Naomi is over Liam and Annie. She will go through the first half of the season trying to prove that to herself,but she doesn’t think she’s really over him. “We’ll see that push and pull”. Matt Lanter who plays Liam on the show also chimed in with some “dish”. He said,”We’re going to get into his family life a little bit more. It’s 90210 so I’m sure there are going to be some new romances and some jealousy and backstabbing.” Read more »

Ethan Is Being Replaced On CW’s New ‘90210’

dustin milligan image

I just found this out. The character of Ethan played by Dustin Milligan will in fact not be returning to the show for it’s second season for reasons unknown at this time. However, he will be replaced by another guy who’s character will be named “Teddy”. He is described as being the new man in town,and is a tennis champion who is the son of a famous movie star. He also apparently has a past in West Beverly as he is described to be returning to the town.

Teddy is also supposed to have great charm that will cause the ladies of Beverly Hills, Erin Silver, Annie,and Naomi to get into catfights over him. My sources tell me. I’m personally really interested to see what Annie’s new personality will be in the second season after Naomi accused her of sleeping with Liam,and then stormed out of her house. Man, Annie was really pissed. I want to see what all that unfolds into.

Does anybody know why Dustin Milligan (Ethan) is leaving ? If so, please share.