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Margaret Cho,Jennifer Grey To Compete On ‘Dancing With The Stars’ 11

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Margaret Cho,Jennifer Grey to compete on ‘Dancing With The Stars’ 11. According to E! online, comedian Margaret Cho and former Dirty Dancing movie star Jennifer Grey are all set to compete on the upcoming “Dancing With The Stars” season 11.

They say that their sources confirm they will indeed be on the show this season,and dancing pro Derek Hough will be returning as well. He will reportedly be paired up with the former Dirty Dancing star Jennifer Grey. Margaret Cho’s pro dancer partner is currently being kept a secret. Read more »

Sarah Palin’s Daughter To Compete On ‘Dancing With The Stars’ 11

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Sarah Palin’s daughter to compete on ‘Dancing With The Stars’ 11. According to E! online, Sarah Palin’s 19 year old daughter Bristol Palin is officially confirmed to compete on the upcoming “Dancing With The Stars” 11th season,which is scheduled to premiere next month.

They say that there are also reports flying around that David Hasselhoff,The Hills’ Audrina Patridge,Jersey Shore star Mike the Situation,and R&B star Brandy might also be apart of the new season 11 line up. They revealed that the rumors of Kirstie Alley and any Bachelor or Bachelorette castmembers appearing on the show,look to be false at the moment unless they do some last minute switch ups. Read more »

Jennifer Aniston To Play Courteney Cox’s Shrink On Cougar Town

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Jennifer Aniston to play Courteney Cox’s shrink on Cougar Town. According to Entertainment Weekly, it’s official that Jennifer Aniston will appear on season 2 of Cougar Town with her old “Friends” star Courteney Cox,and she’ll be playing her shrink. They say that ABC recently confirmed the news,and that Jennifer will appear on the show’s season 2 premiere episode.

Bill Lawrence who is the producer revealed that Jennifer will Play Couteney’s shrink named Bonnie. He stated, “She’s going to play Courteney’s shrink named Bonnie. Kind of a get-too-involved-in-her-life-type of therapist. Those guys are so close in real life they kind of do that for each other anyway. Bonnie has the life Jules wishes she has.” Read more »

Bree Falls For New Handyman & More On Desperate Housewives Season 7

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Bree falls for new handyman & more on Desperate Housewives season 7. According to Entertainment Weekly, Desperate Housewives character Bree played by Marcia Cross is going to develop a crush on a new handyman played by former 90’s “Beverly Hills” 90210 alum Brian Austin Greene. Bob Daly who is the executive producer of the show, revealed that Bree’s attraction to him will be instant. Read more »

Ali Finally Picked Her Man In The Bachelorette 6 Finale Show

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Ali finally picked her man in the Bachelorette 6 finale show. The season finale show of the Bachelorette season 6 kicked off with scenes from the season. Then they showed a little video montage of her experiences with the two final guys Chris L and Roberto while Ali expressed how she feels about the two of them. Next, Roberto came to meet Ali’s family. They had dinner. Then Roberto talked 1 on 1 with Ali’s brother and sister. Afterwards, Ali’s mother talked 1 on 1 with Roberto. She really liked him and said he’s doing everything right.

After the break, Roberto talked 1 on 1 with Ali’s father. After their talk, Ali’s father gave him a smile and his blessing. Then Roberto danced and had a good time with Ali’s family. Ali and Roberto capped it off by spending some time alone and kissing. After the break, Chris L went to meet Ali’s family. They sat down and talked. Then had dinner. Next, Chris talked with Ali’s brother and sister. They really liked him as well. After the break, Chris talked 1 on 1 with Ali’s father. It went well,and he gave Chris his blessing. Then Chris and Ali went swimming together,talked,and kissed some more. Read more »

Frank Dumped Ali For Old Girlfriend In Bachelorette 6 Episode 9

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Frank dumped Ali for old girlfriend in Bachelorette 6 episode 9. Tonight’s show kicked off with future scenes from the show. Then they showed footage of the last three guy’s thoughts on moving forward with Ali. Chris L and Roberto had very positive feelings,but Frank said that he realized he still had feelings for his ex-girlfriend and needed to go see her before he spent anymore time with Ali. Apparently, Frank broke up with his ex-girlfriend just before he went on the show.

After the break, Frank went to go see his ex-girlfriend named Nicole. Nicole said she wanted to get back with him,and he reciprocated. So,basically he said he was still in love with Nicole and wanted to go back with her. After that, he said he had to go to Tahiti to meet Ali and break the news to her. Read more »

The Bachelorette 6 Eliminated Kirk In Episode 8

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The Bachelorette 6 eliminated Kirk in episode 8. Tonight’s episode kicked off with previous scenes from the show. Then Ali went to spend 1 on 1 time with Roberto. They ended up playing baseball,and they appeared to have a lot of fun. Afterwards, they talked and kissed some more. After the break,Ali talked with Roberto’s family at dinner. She talked 1 on 1 with his father. Roberto’s family liked her,and gave Roberto their blessings for Ali. Ali ended up dancing with his family as well.

After the break, Ali went to hang out with Chris L,and appeared to have a good time with him. Then they sat and talked for awhile. Next,Ali finally met Chris’ family. They had dinner and talked some more. After the break, Ali talked 1 on 1 with Chris’ father. Chris’ father really liked her as well as the rest of his family. Read more »

‘The Bachelorette’ 6 Eliminated Ty In Episode 7

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‘The Bachelorette’ 6 eliminated Ty in episode 7. Tonight’s show kicked off with scenes from the show. Then the final five guys showed up in Lisbon, Portugal to meet Ali in their continuing trip around the world. Next, they revealed that Ali picked Roberto for another 1 on 1 date. They also revealed that there would be no roses given out on any of the 1 on 1 dates. Then Ali and Roberto went on their 1 on 1 date. They appeared to have fun,taking crazy pictures of each other, and dancing and kissing in public.

Meanwhile, they revealed that Ali selected Frank and Ty to go on a 2 on 1 date with her. They got back to Ali and Roberto’s date. They had a little pic nic,talked,and did more kissing to cap it off. After the break, they showed Frank and Ty’s 1 on 1 date with Ali. They took a helicopter ride. Then had dinner together. Later on, she talked 1 on 1 with Ty. Read more »

‘The Bachelorette’ 6 Eliminated Cheating Justin & Craig R In Episode 6



‘The Bachelorette’ 6 eliminated cheating Justin & Craig R in episode 6. Tonight’s show kicked off with past and future scenes from the show. Then the guys headed to Turkey to meet Ali in their ongoing trip around the world. Then Chris Harrison showed up and told Ali that something has come up. He called a past contestant named Jessie,so that she could tell Ali that Justin has a girlfriend named Jessica and she was staying there with her. Jessica got on the phone and told her he said he went on the show to get into the entertainment industry,and just wanted to make it to the top 3 so he could be well-known. Then she told him that he has another girlfriend besides her,which is why she called Ali. Basically, she found out that he’s really an extreme player and liar. Read more »

‘Desperate Housewives’ Reveals Four New Characters For Season 7

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‘Desperate Housewives’ reveals four new characters for season 7. According to Michael Ausiello over at “Entertainment Weekly,” ABC’s hit show “Desperate Housewives” is going to be adding four new interesting characters to the show for its upcoming season 7.

They will consist of a sweet old lady,a quirky 30-something year-old woman,a 12-year-old daughter,and a 30-year-old charming male who’s a playboy. ABC released a brief,full description of each character. The first character is named Maxine ,and she’s: A sweet lady in the 60-80 year-old age range. Maxine is Mike and Susan’s new neighbor in their apartment building, and she has an unusual job that brings in some additional income. Read more »