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New Video: Justin Timberlake,Lady Gaga Did Funny ‘Threeway’ SNL Skit

justin timberlake,lady gaga in snl skit image
Justin Timberlake,Lady Gaga did funny ‘threeway’ SNL skit in this new video (below). This past Saturday night, Justin Timberlake returned to the Saturday Night Live stage,along with mega music star Lady Gaga to do another,hilarious digital short with Andy Samberg called “Threeway.” Besides it being very funny,I really liked the beat of the song.

In the clip,Justin and Adam started singing about a girl they met at a “Payless.” When they finally get over to her house,the girl played by Lady Gaga,sings she wants the both of them. Then Adam and Andy sing about the golden rule of it not being gay if it’s a threeway. Read more »