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AMC Breaking Bad Released New Episode 1,Season 5 Spoiler Clip

AMC Breaking Bad released new episode 1,season 5 spoiler clip. Recently, AMC dropped this new,sneak peek,clip (below) for their upcoming “Breaking Bad” episode 1,and it looks pretty interesting as an excited Walter Jr., chit chats with Walter Sr. about the news that has broken out,and more. The episode is called,”Live Free or Die.”

In the new clip, Skyler and Walter Jr. arrive to see Walter Sr. sipping on a beverage. Jr. immediately asks Walter about the news. Then Walter tries to play his role in a subdued manner, which is not easy,considering he just blew up two humans, via a wheelchair. Read more »

Walking Dead Season 3 Tons Of New Spoilers & Clips Getting Revealed This Month

Walking Dead season 3 tons of new spoilers & clips getting revealed this month. According to Screenrant, the Walking Dead cast and crew are scheduled to show up at the upcoming 2012 Comic-Con show in San Diego, California to reveal new spoilers,details,and clips about the new season 3. They’re going to arrive on July 13th. That’s right, it’s the prophetic “Friday the 13th” date,and they’re gonna lay it all on us with new surprises.

Along with Walking Dead, other popular shows scheduled to show up are: Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Falling Skies,and more. Also, as previously reported, AMC is airing a special Walking Dead marathon this weekend,July 7th and 8th for seasons 1 and 2, where they will also drop new scenes from the upcoming season 3,so there’s going to be a lot going on in the next couple of weeks. Read more »

Walking Dead Season 3 Spoilers: No Safe Haven Available,Governor Villain Rules & More

No safe haven available,Governor villain rules & more in this new set of Walking Dead season 3 spoilers. Recently,Collider revealed that producer Glen Mazzara chatted with The Wrap,and revealed some interesting,new,spoiler teasers for the upcoming “Walking Dead” season 3.

First, he revealed that there will be no “safe haven in this world. I want to make that clear. At the end of our season 2 finale that farm is overtaken and that farm was that last safe haven, and there‚Äôs no safe haven in that world. I want to be very clear about that. No one is safe. There is no safe haven.” Also, Glen and the crew will be stuck under the new Governor villain’s thumb for the duration. Read more »

New Official ‘Breaking Bad’ Season 5 Trailer Spoiler Clip Revealed

New Official ‘Breaking Bad’ season 5 trailer spoiler clip revealed. Recently, AMC dropped the first,new,official trailer (below) for their upcoming “Breaking Bad” season 5,and it looks pretty wicked as it features Walter White, getting quite rough,and more.

In the new clip, Walter is seen all over a very uncomfortable-looking Skylar. I mean, she really looks freaked out by him. After that, it kicks into a flurry of different scenes that show bodies flying,guns being fired,and just a ton of extreme drama.

The clip caps off with Walter telling a very nervous gentlemen, “We’re done when I say we’re done” in a very harsh tone. Wow, I’d hate to be that guy, Read more »

Walking Dead Season 3 Spoiler: Little Carl Stops Acting Childish,Kicks Butt & More

Little Carl stops acting childish,kicks butt & more in this new Walking Dead season 3 spoiler set. Recently, Shockya revealed some new,very interesting spoilers for the upcoming AMC hit show “Walking Dead” season 3,and it involves little Carl putting away his childish ways of running off,and contributing to getting people killed.

Producer Glen Mazzara revealed that Carl’s increased irresponsibility has come to an end. He will no longer wander in and out of dangerous situations, or inadvertently contribute to the deaths of righteously annoyed characters. He didn’t reveal why Carl has the sudden change,but it will,somehow,happen.

Finally, Mazzara revealed that Carl may Read more »

New Breaking Bad Season 5 Teaser Spoiler Clip Released And Looks Wicked As Hell

New Breaking Bad season 5 teaser spoiler clip released and looks wicked as hell. Recently, AMC, dropped this new spoiler/teaser clip (below) for their upcoming season 5 of “Breaking Bad,” and it looks pretty damn intense and wicked as a huge explosion goes down. Once the dust clears, it appears that fast food chicken restaurant and a major meth distributor Gustavo Fing is a major goner as half his head is blown off,and he falls to the ground after pausing for a few seconds.

Then an angry Walter White reveals to his wife Skyler that he’s not in danger, because dammit, he is the danger. Needless to say, Skyler looks totally freaked out. It definitely looks like the new season is going to start off with quite a huge bang if all of this is in the first episode. Read more »

New Walking Dead Season 3 Official Pic Shows Merle Dixon Back In Sneaky Action

New Walking Dead season 3 official pic shows Merle Dixon back in sneaky action. Recently, AMC, dropped this new,official,photo from the upcoming “Walking Dead” season 3,and it features long-lost Merle Dixon back in action,and he definitely looks like he’s up to something sneaky as he appears to be trying to tell somebody to keep quite with “shhh” gesture.

As previously reported, Merle was spotted on the set the other day. We don’t know why he’s back. It could be a dream sequence or the real thing. Merle went missing back in the first season after being left for dead on top of a roof. He had to chop his hand out of handcuffs to avoid being eaten by vicious zombies. But that’s all we know of his fate for right now. Read more »

New Walking Dead Season 3 Set Photo Features Long Lost Merle Back In Action

New Walking Dead season 3 set photo features long lost Merle back in action. According to, this is a new set photo from the upcoming Walking Dead season 3,and it shows long lost character Merle Dixon back in action.

He’s played by actor Michael Rooker. If you’ll recall, Merle is Daryl’s brother,who was left for dead in the first season of the show,but they never revealed if he got killed are not. He appeared to have escaped by chopping his hand off to get out of a pair of handcuffs before the zombies could eat him. Read more »

Walking Dead Season 3 Spoiler: New ‘Governor’ Villain Arriving On The Scene

New ‘Governor’ villain arriving on the scene in this new “Walking Dead” season 3 spoiler. Recently, Collider revealed that the highly anticipated “Governor” villain will be arriving on the scene in the upcoming “Walking Dead” season 3,and he’ll be played by British actor David Morrissey. His acting credits include: State of Play, Meadowlands, and The Deal.

In the comic books, the Governor runs a settlement in Woodbury with a stern hand and serves as a very dastardly villain. Also, AMC has given Walking Dead season 3 a whopping 16 episodes instead of just 13,so that’s very good news.

In related news, AMC is going to reveal new season 3 spoiler clips on the weekend of July 7th and 8th, during a season 1 and 2 marathon Read more »

New Walking Dead Season 3 Photo Shows First Look At Rick With Gun Blazing

New Walking Dead season 3 photo shows first look at Rick with gun blazing. According to , this is a new,first look, photo at character Rick Grimes in “The Walking Dead” season 3,and he definitely is no Mr. nice guy in this photo as he’s spotted with that shotgun cocked,and ready to fire off.

Rick definitely won’t be trying to please people in season 3. Also, his marriage to Lori is going to continue to be on the rocks as they try and work through the Shane issues. The crew will also try,and make their way to the prison,so they can use it as a safe haven from the hungry walkers.

Of course, Michonne is showing up on the scene after rescuing Andrea at the end of season 2. Read more »