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True Blood Alex Skarsgard Seen Posing With Co-Stars Anna & Stephen

True Blood Alex Skarsgard seen posing with co-stars Anna & Stephen. Stars of HBO’s hit vampire TV show “True Blood,” Anna Paquin,Stephen Moyer,and Alex Skarsgard were recently spotted posing together at the Four Seasons hotel in Beverly Hills,California. According to sources, they were there for a True Blood press conference.

Alex plays vampire character Eric Northman, Anna plays character Sookie Stackhouse,and last,but definitely not least, Stephen plays vampire character Bill Compton. The show is currently getting hotter and hotter with each passing day and every highly entertaining episode. Read more »

True Blood Anna Paquin Spotted Lookin Cute At Los Angeles Salon

True Blood Anna Paquin spotted lookin cute at Los Angeles salon. The “True Blood,” Sookie starlet Anna Paquin was spotted out three days ago,lookin pretty damn cute at a Los Angeles,California salon. She sported a black top and tight jean shorts as the awaiting paparazzi took their snap shots. According to sources, she was spotted heading to the Los Angeles,California salon,and again as she made her way to her car.

It’s also reported that Joe Manganiello revealed some more spoilers for the 3rd season of “True Blood,” and they involve Sookie and the werewolf Alcide. Read more »

True Blood’s Anna Paquin Spotted Kickin It In Santa Monica,CA

True Blood’s Anna Paquin spotted kickin it in Santa Monica,CA. The HBO, “True Blood,” Sookie hottie Anna Paquin was recently spotted hangin out and kickin it in Santa Monica, California two days ago. Anna looked cute in her dark ensemble,along with some cool sun glasses. According to sources, she went shopping to spend some of her “True Blood” money.

She also made a stop at the Beverly Hills salon. It was quite the money-spending day for the True Blood starlet. Read more »

True Blood’s Anna Paquin Spotted Hangin With Mom In West Hollywood

True Blood’s Anna Paquin spotted hangin with mom in West Hollywood. The HBO “True Blood” Sookie hottie Anna Paquin was recently spotted hangin out with her mother Mary Paquin in West Hollywood yesterday afternoon. Anna dressed pretty casual in a sort of dark ensemble,along with some cool sun glasses.

According to sources, they went to Hugo’s Restaurant for a midday meal. Anna also recently talked about working with her fiance Stephen Moyer on “True Blood” with Self magazine,and revealed that it’s quite a luxury to get to work with the person she loves. Read more »

True Blood’s Anna Paquin Talks More Season 3 Spoilers In New Clip

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True Blood’s Anna Paquin talks more season 3 spoilers in new clip. E! Online recently caught up to Anna Paquin last week to talk about “True Blood” season 3,and she revealed more interesting details about the emotional nature of the cast in season 3,along with shooting scenes with real live wolves on the set (video below).

In the clip (below), Anna talked about Sookie’s relationship with Eric. She said that Sookie is a bit intrigued with him,and is curious as to why he’s so interested in her. Then she gave details on season 3. She stated, “I think the emotional stakes have gotten higher. Everyone is sort of in more intense and perilous situations both as far as their emotional well being and their physical well being. Read more »

HBO Released New ‘True Blood’ Season 3 Poster Featuring A Sexy Sookie

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HBO released new ‘True Blood’ season 3 poster featuring a sexy Sookie. While gearing up for the new season 3 of their hit vampire show “True Blood,” HBO released another poster. It features a sexy-posing Anna Paquin as character Sookie Stackhouse. She’s wearing a little silk skirt,while gazing intensely at the camera with a dark woodsy background that’s featured quite a bit on the show. Read more »

Anna Paquin & Joe Give ‘True Blood’ Season 3 Spoilers & More In New Clip

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Anna Paquin & Joe give new ‘True Blood’ season 3 spoilers & more in new clip. The new,anticipated season 3 of HBO’s hot vampire show “True Blood” is fastly approaching with a release date of June 13,which is this Sunday. So, now, spoilers are popping up all over the place. We’ve got a new one in the clip (below). It features Anna Paquin who plays the strong-willed, mind reader Sookie Stackhouse and Joe Manganiello who plays the new werewolf character Alcide.

They talked about a lot of things from werewolf spoilers,onset chemistry,to Anna’s Oscar award,and more. In the clip (below), Anna introduces herself and Joe. Joe goes onto talk a little bit about his new Alcide character Alcide, saying, “I’ve now been initiated into the brotherhood of the socks. So, running around in broad daylight with a well-placed sock while kids are coming home from school is, I guess par for the course around here.” Read more »

True Blood’s Anna Paquin Explained Why She Revealed She Is Bisexual

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True Blood’s Anna Paquin explained why she revealed she is bisexual. According to, Anna Paquin who plays character Sookie Stackhouse on HBO’s hit show “True Blood” recently told Zap2it why she decided to come out of the closet,and reveal that she is bi-sexual earlier this year.

She said she doesn’t really talk about it much,but it was something she cared about,stating, “I’m not someone who endlessly talks about her personal life for no reason, but obviously, as someone who identifies as bisexual, those are issues I really care about — and frankly, I don’t see why everyone doesn’t care about them. Read more »

True Blood’s Anna Paquin Seen Out To Dinner With co-star Stephen Moyer

True Blood’s Anna Paquin seen out to dinner with co-star Stephen Moyer. Anna Paquin who plays the little, short, hottie Snookie Stackhouse on HBO’s hit show “True Blood” was recently spotted out to dinner last night with her co-star Stephen Moyer. Stephen plays the vampire Bill Compton on the show. Anna and Stephen are also currently engaged,so they are lovers both onscreen and off.

They were photographed heading to the local eatery last night as they past by the awaiting paparazzi so they could take their money-making snap shots. Read more »

True Blood’s Anna Paquin Spotted Shoppin It Up In Los Angeles

True Blood’s Anna Paquin spotted shoppin it up in Los Angeles. Anna Paquin who is the blonde little Sookie Stackhouse hottie on HBO’s hit vampire show “True Blood,” was recently spotted out in Los Angeles,California two days ago getting her “shopping” on with her future daughter-in-law Lilac. Anna and Lilac headed over to a nearby Albertsons to do a little balloon shopping. However, the winds were strong that day,and that made it difficult for the ladies to get those balloons into the car.

In other Anna Paquin news, the new “True Blood” season 2 DVD just got released yesterday Read more »