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New Twilight Breaking Dawn Special Scene Teased By Ashley Greene,New Clip

New Twilight Breaking Dawn special scene teased by Ashley Greene,new clip. Recently, MTV News chatted it up with the lovely Twilight Saga, Alice Cullen,cutie Ashley Greene and she took the time to tease a special ending credit scene that will be featured in Breaking Dawn part 2. She really acted like she didn’t know too much about it,but did confirm it exists (video below).

In the new clip, Ashley started off joking about the special scene by saying that Kellan Lutz is probably in it. Then went on to say, “I did hear they are doing something very special at the end ’cause we are ending out the saga. I don’t know about the scene.” Check it out,below. Read more »

Breaking Dawn 2 Ashley Greene Kisses,Has Freaky Sex With Another Girl,New Clip

Breaking Dawn 2 Ashley Greene kisses,has freaky sex with another girl,new clip. Recently, Twilight Saga,Alice Cullen,hottie Ashley Greene starred in a new indie flick called “Butter” with bigtime movie star Olivia Wilde. In it, Olivia, plays a prostitute, and Ashley plays the daughter of one of her clients, who is quite intrigued by Olivia’s character.

In the flick, Ashley rambles on and on with Olivia until they finally start talking about sex and money. Ashley is so cute as she’s highly intrigued by Olivia’s character. Then the next thing we see, is Ashley receiving oral from Olivia. After that, they ended up passionately kissing to cap off the scene. It’s very hot indeed. Check it out,below. Read more »

Robert Pattinson Got Comforting Support From Costar Ashley Greene After Cheating Scandal

Robert Pattinson got comforting support from costar Ashley Greene after cheating scandal. According to a new report from Hollywood Life and their sources, Twilight Saga main man Robert Pattinson got some very comforting support from his beautiful Alice Cullen cutie co-star Ashley Greene after news broke,revealing Kristen Stewart’s big cheating scandal.

Sources for Touch mag claim, Ashley ” texted him and told him she was sorry about everything. It was sweet of her.” In related news,it’s also been reported that Ashley may take over full responsibilities for promoting Breaking Dawn part 2 with Rob, now that he and K-Stew are on the rocks. Last year, Ashley did do that for a couple of appearances. Read more »

Kristen Stewart May Get Replaced By Ashley Greene As Main Breaking Dawn 2 Promo Girl

Kristen Stewart may get replaced by Ashley Greene as main Breaking Dawn 2 promo girl. According to Hollywood Life and their sources, it’s reported that Twilight Saga leading lady Kristen Stewart may get replaced by Alice Cullen hottie Ashley Greene as Robert Pattinson’s main Breaking Dawn part 2 promo girl if she’s unable to mend things with Rob in the upcoming weeks.

However, the studio executives are very hopeful that they can,but it’s ultimately up to the damaged couple to work things out. Sources for Page Six told them, “The studio’s holding out to see if they get back together. But I don’t think anyone is banking on that happening. At this point, the press strategy would have been mapped out. It’s usually very organized, but at this time, it’s undecided.” Read more »

New Twilight Breaking Dawn 2 Emotional Ending Details Revealed,New Clip

New Twilight Breaking Dawn 2 emotional ending details revealed,new clip. Recently, Entertainment Tonight, chatted it up with Twilight Saga, Alice Cullen, hottie Ashley Greene while she’s promoting her new,badass-looking flick, “The Apparition,” and she talked a little about Breaking Dawn part 2 and it being an emotional ending,and more (video below).

In the new clip, Ashley started off talking about her new,awesome-looking horror flick “The Apparition.” Then they finally got around to Twilight Breaking Dawn 2 talk near the end,and she revealed that she’s excited for everyone to see it. She’s pretty sad that’s it’s all ending,but happy that they got to end out the franchise,because not a lot of people get to do that. Read more »

Breaking Dawn 2 Ashley Greene’s New Apparition Thriller Movie Trailer Released Online

     apparition movie poster image

Breaking Dawn 2 Ashley Green’s new Apparition thriller movie trailer released online. Recently, Warner Bros. Pictures finally released the very first movie trailer (below) for their new thriller flick “The Apparition,” and it looks pretty wicked.

It also features Twilight Saga,Alice Cullen,star Ashley Greene,screaming for her life,multiple times in it. She doesn’t have any vampire powers in this flick,and is very vulnerable to this crazy spirit that’s roaming the Earth. The movie stars: Ashley Greene, Sebastian Stan, Tom Felton, Julianna Guill, Luke Pasqualino, and Suzanne Ford.

In the new movie, frightening events start to occur,and young couple Kelly (Ashley Greene) and Ben, discover they are being haunted by a presence that was Read more »

Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 Reshoots Already Said Goodbye To Ashley Greene

Twilight Breaking Dawn part 2 reshoots already said goodbye to Ashley Greene. As previously reported Twilight Saga,Alice Cullen star Ashley Greene,recently joined main stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart on the Breaking Dawn part 2 reshoot set this past Sunday,April 29th.

Now, has new,exclusive photos of Ashley,returning back to Los Angeles from the rehoots yesterday afternoon,May 1st. So,that was pretty quick work for her.

Ashley was spotted in some very,casual black attire as pap cams snapped many photos of her exiting LAX. She must have just flown up there,read a few lines Read more »

Robert Pattinson,Kristen Stewart Joined By Ashley Greene For Breaking Dawn 2 Reshoots

Robert Pattinson,Kristen Stewart joined by Ashley Greene for Breaking Dawn 2 reshoots. As previously reported,Twilight Saga main stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart,hit up the Vancouver,Canada set to film new Breaking Dawn part 2 reshoots.

Now, has new photos of Alice Cullen starlet Ashley Greene,hitting up the set two days ago,April 29th to film the reshoots as well. She looked gorgeous as she was photographed at the Vancouver International Airport.

She sported some sexy,tight jeans and a great big smile as the pap cams started snapping away. There’s still no word on how long they’ll be filming the reshoots,but they’ll need to wrap it up pretty quickly Read more »

Robert Pattinson Spotted With A Hot Ashley Greene At 2012 People’s Choice Awards

    robert pattinson with ashley greene at 2012 people's choice awards

Robert Pattinson spotted with a hot Ashley Greene at 2012 People’s Choice Awards. As previously reported, Twilight mega star Robert Pattinson was spotted out at the 2012,38th Annual People’s Choice Awards last night in Los Angeles,California. However,so was another Twilight star Ashley Greene,and let me just say,she looked absolutely hot in this very tight,black,dress,ensemble. She really is in great shape these days as her figure-flattering dress displayed.

Ashley was also one of the ones to present Rob his award when he accepted it for his ‘Water For Elephants” won “Favorite Drama Movie.” In this photo,they were seen,posing together backstage. Rob gave a nice,short,speech,which you can view in the video,below. Read more »

Twilight’s Ashley Greene Spotted Cute On The Set Of Her New ‘Pan Am’ TV Show Gig

    ashley greene on pan am set

Twilight’s Ashley Greene spotted cute on the set of her new ‘Pan Am’ TV show gig. Twilight Saga,Alice Cullen hottie Ashley Greene was recently spotted out on the set of her new ABC TV show,gig “Pan Am.” She sported a cute 1960’s chic outfit,and looked cute as hell. The outfit consisted of a pencil skirt,black top,and pearl necklaces.

According to sources,she filmed these scenes over in New York City on November 28th. Ashley is scheduled to appear in three episodes for the show. Her first appearance is scheduled for the December 4th airing,which is tomorrow. Read more »