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New ‘Wolfman’ Movie Clip Features Benicio & More Wild, Unseen Footage

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New ‘Wolfman’ movie clip features Benicio & more wild, unseen footage. Universal Pictures released a brand new featurette clip for their action,horror remake of “The Wolfman” movie. It features interview clips with the star of the movie, Benicio Del Toro,along with more unseen footage and it looks pretty wild. The movie also stars: Anthony Hopkins, Emily Blunt, Hugo Weaving, and Art Malik.

The clip (below) starts out showing more footage from the movie. Then Benicio Del Toro chimes in and says, “We’re updating the classic horror movie. The story is based on the original,but its little turns and twists. Read more »

Universal Pictures Releases 2nd Del Toro ‘Wolfman’ Movie Trailer

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Universal Pictures releases 2nd Benicio Del Toro “The Wolfman” movie trailer (below). The new movie trailer was released two days ago,and delivers more “roaring” action scenes from the movie. It also stars : Anthony Hopkins, Emily Blunt, Hugo Weaving, and Art Malik.

This 2nd “Wolfman” movie trailer features more awesome werewolf transformations,dialogue from the film,along with more werewolf attack scenes. Read more »

MGM Picks Their Three Stooges

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MGM Studios and the Farrelly brothers is finaly getting their main cast for the “Three Stooges” movie remake together. They’ve recently signed Sean Penn to play Larry, and they are currently in negotiations with Jim Carry to play Curly. Carrey is also willing to put on 40 pounds to meet the physical characteristics of Curly. MGM also want to get Benicio Del Toro to play Moe. The movie will be a comedy built around the antics of Moe Howard,Larry Fine, and Jerome “Curly” Howard played in the old Columbia Pictures shorts.
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A Plan to do a “Three Stooges” movie started over 10 years ago , and the Farrelly Brothers went through two other studios, Columbia and Warner Bros before finally settling with MGM. They will start producing the film in the fall of 2009 , and will look to have a release date set sometime in 2010.

I’ve never pictured Jim Carrey being fat ,and Sean Penn playing a funny stooge so it should be pretty interesting to see what happens with this project.