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New Big Brother Season 20 Power Of Veto Ceremony Results Revealed For August 27, 2018

Happy Monday fellow Big Brother fans. We’re back at you with a brand new report from this crazy Big Brother season 20 house. Today, was the culmination of Haleigh and Faysal’s eviction nomination on the block together. We’ve got a full report on what happened at the Power Of Veto Ceremony.

But first, let’s take you back a few days to get you all caught up. Angela who is this week’s HOH got together with her L6 alliance buddies late Thursday night, August 23, 2018, and they all collectively agreed that Faysal and Haleigh should get thrown on the eviction chopping block together this week. Read more »

New Big Brother Season 20 Power Of Veto Winner Revealed For August 26, 2018

Happy Sunday Big Brother Fans. It’s that time again to reveal to you guys what went down in yesterday’s Power Of Veto competition! But first, let’s get you guys up to speed on what took place earlier this week. Angela won the HOH comp this past Thursday night, August 23, 2018. Then she and her L6 alliance compadres got together and all collectively agreed that Haleigh and Faysal must be nominated for eviction together this week.

Meanwhile, stupid Faysal was still on cloud nine, thinking he did a great thing by getting his own alliance member Scottie evicted from the house with a unanimous vote of 6-0. Ugh, that still makes me cringe it’s so bad. Read more »

New Big Brother Season 20 Eviction Nominees Revealed For August 25, 2018

Happy Saturday fellow Big Brother Fans. We are back at you with another report from the Big Brother season 25 crazy house. This one will be in reference to one of the most anticipated eviction nomination ceremonies. Before we get into the results of that, let’s get you people who aren’t up-to-date in the know.

This past Thursday night, August 23, 2018, Angela won the Head Of Household competition. Then later on that night, she had a big meeting with all of her L6 alliance buddies to confirm who should go on the chopping block this week as well as who should be the main target. Read more »

New Big Brother Season 20 Head Of Household Winner Revealed For August 24, 2018

Happy Friday fellow Big Brother fans. As most of you know by now, poor Scottie did indeed unfortunately get evicted from the show last night, August 23, 2018 with a unanimous vote of 6-0. What’s worse, was that it was at the hand of his own alliance member and official fulltime moron Faysal. And if that weren’t enough,this Faysal fool was actually bragging and thanking the L6 alliance people for helping him do it! Unbelievable.

We’ll get into more of that later though. The new Head of Household competition took place right after Scottie made his exit and did his Julie Chen interview. The HOH comp was a physical one that lasted about an hour or so after the live eviction show ended. Read more »

New Big Brother Season 20 POV Ceremony Results Revealed For August 21, 2018

Happy Tuesday fellow Big Brother fans. It finally happened yesterday, August 20, 2018. The Power Of Veto Ceremony that would reveal who the final eviction nominees are for this week. Before we let you know the results of that, we want to give you guys who aren’t up to speed a brief update of all the crazy events that led up to yesterday’s Power Of Veto Ceremony.

The current Head of Household and official house idiot Faysal got manipulated by JC into thinking that his only other ally Scottie was plotting to get him out so that he could steal his girl Haleigh away from him. Read more »

Big Brother Season 20 Haleigh Broke Down In Extreme Tears Again Yesterday August 19, 2018

Hey, again fellow “Big Brother Fans. The crazy events of Big Brother season 20 just kept on coming yesterday, August 19, 2018. This particular event that we’re reporting on this article involves Haleigh. Apparently, she was brought to extreme tears again over something that Scottie said about her! Later on, they would eventually talk about it and make up, but not before a lot of drama went down.

Apparently,Scottie had this idea or so he claims that he should totally separate from Haleigh at this point. So, he decided to tell Faysal that Haleigh is like Kaitlyn 2.0. He said to Faysal,”Just like Kaitlyn played you and Tyler. Read more »

Big Brother Season 20 Sam Tried To Make A Crazy Deal With Faysal Yesterday, August 19, 2018

Hey, fellow Big Brother fans. Man, do we have some news for you guys today. A lot of crazy things took place on the Big Brother season 20 live feeds yesterday, August 19, 2018. I mean every other hour, some new drama was taking place. It all started off early in the morning with Sam. She attempted to make one of the most outrageous, craziest deals I think I’ve ever seen in Big Brother history. No doubt about it.

It all took place at around 10:14 am pacific time, August 19, 2018. Sam dragged Faysal out to the backyard area to try to strike up this crazy deal. Read more »

New Big Brother Season 20 Power Of Veto Winner Revealed For August 19, 2018

Hey, fellow “Big Brother” fans. This is our big Power Of Veto news report. Let’s just go ahead and jump right into this. First, we’ll go ahead and get you guys up to speed on what took place before yesterday’s Power Of Veto competition.

As previously reported,Faysal won the HOH competition this past Thursday night, August 16, 2018. Then JC heavily manipulated Faysal into thinking that Scottie ,who was his only ally other than Haleigh, had this big, elaborate scheme to evict Faysal in an effort to snatch up Haleigh all for himself. As a result, the plan to nominate Scottie for eviction was in full effect. Read more »

Big Brother Season 20 Faysal Shafaat Did Something Extremely Shocking And Dumb August 17,2018

Hey fellow “Big Brother” fans. Some very crazy stuff took place in the Big Brother Season 20 house these past two days and it all culminated in a huge blunder by houseguest Faysal Shafaat. Just a brief recap, this past Thursday night, Faysal won the Head Of Household competition this past Thursday night,August 16, 2018.

After Faysal won, his possible eviction nominations discussions quickly got underway. As most of you know, Tyler, Angela, Kaycee, Brett, Sam and JC are all voting together now during these Live eviction nights which leaves only Faysal, Haleigh and Scottie to fend for themselves. Read more »

New Big Brother Season 20 HOH Winner Revealed For August 17, 2018

Hey, fellow “Big Brother” fans. Let’s just jump right into this. As most of you know, Angie Rockstar was evicted by a a vote of 5-1 against Kaycee in last night’s LIVE Big Brother season 20 eviction show, August 16, 2018. Then, all the remaining houseguests immediately battled it out for the next Head Of Household. This HOH competition was a straight up physical one. It was the one where they had to run back and forth across a slip and slide mat and fill up a large tank with liquid with just a small scooper. Read more »